HandcraftedCph is local, handmade jewellery, thought as a playful mix of graphic design, traditional craftsmanship and tendencies from the streets of Copenhagen.

The brand is focused around simple, raw and well-thought designs – in sterling silver and gold. Earrings, rings, cuffs and simple bracelets – that are made to be worn, and will change and get a unique look as you use them.

Handcrafted is constructed in a small workshop at Vesterbro – Copenhagen. The outset is to capture a look that is both spirited, unique and goes well with your everyday attire.

Handcrafted work in pure materials, as to avoid the risk of allergies. In order to keep the prices reasonable the base is of the 925/- sterling silver, gold-plated silver is between 18-24 carats depending on the look.

The idea behind the project, is to construct a reasonably priced product, made by hand in Copenhagen. And to construct individual design ideas and unique products through interaction with the costumer.

Anders Forup 

Email: forup.anders@gmail.com

Grundtvigsvej 16, 2th
1864 Frederiksberg C