Ticket’s are available right here: CPHmade Gentlemen’s Evening Tickets. GO GET ‘EM!

How are you all enjoying the summer so far?

We’ve been on holiday for the last couple of weeks, so a proper update from the CPHmade project is definitely in order.

For quite some time we’ve been working hard of the distribution of the CPHmade Guided Tours, and as we previously wrote we’ve recently teamed up with some of the most refined and famous hotels in Copenhagen. But not only have our minds and efforts led us to CPHmade Guided Tours, we have also had the time to put our hands in some other quite interesting projects.

An Evening for the modern man

As some of you may remember, we have been active at design fairs such as Defining Scandinavia, and we have also hosted a CPHmade Market Day, where we have displayed the diversity and high quality of products made in Copenhagen  We’ve decided to continue on this path, and we’re absolutely thrilled to reveal that we will host a Gentlemen’s Evening this September.
We have assembled some of the most refined, delicate and sophisticated goods for the modern man, which are all produced by fantastic manufacturers right here in Copenhagen.

This exclusive shopping event will take place in marvelous surroundings as we have teamed up with the renowned Danish furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son.
Carl Hansen & Son produces some of the most famous Danish furniture designs, including the classic Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner, the Safari Chair by Kaare Klint only to name a few. Designs and products like these really states and defines Copenhagen as a nation with proud traditions of unique craftsmanship.
In their newly opened flagship store on Bredgade 21, Carl Hansen & Son have established a quite impressive shop and showroom, where you can experience a significant part of Danish furniture design‘s legacy.

At CPHmade we believe that this particular showroom makes the perfect fit for our Gentlemen’s Evening, and alongside Danish furniture classics from Carl Hansen & Son, you’ll stumble upon unique products like handcrafted alpine skis, high-end loudspeakers, exclusive leather goods and everything in between.
Experience the quality and products from fast-forward moving craftsmen like Leather Projects, Graae Copenhagen, Sögreni Bikes and many more.
Everyone is welcome, but this evening the selection of products are specially inclined for men.
Make sure to ensure yourself admittance to this exclusive evening, and enjoy complimentary glass(es) of bubbles while being tempted by this evening’s many indispensable goods.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

CPHmade Gentlemen’s Evening
Bredgade 21, 1260 København K
3rd of September from 18.00 till 22.00.

Ticket’s are available right here: CPHmade Gentlemen’s Evening Tickets. GO GET ‘EM!