Fundi Carpentery was established in 2012 by carpenter Jacob Winther.

Why did you choose to start Fundi furniture?

Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned. I like working with my hands and my creativity. To follow my products from concept to completion. I do not compromise on the quality on what I provide. As a master in my own house I live out my ambition to achieve the perfect solution every time, and give every piece of wood I work with maximum attention. And so was my grandfather, whom I have always looked up to as a carpenter. The profession is passed down causing it to provide even more sense to me.

Where do you find inspiration for your furniture?

From where I get my inspiration? Well … my big furniture idols are Danish designers such as Hans J. Wegner and Finn Juhl. Their designs are loved all over the world and still stand to this day, because they managed to get the functionality and beauty to meet at a higher level. But inspiration can come from anywhere in the world around me. Traditionally, the ideas also from the directions given by my customers.

 Why work with wood?

I’m a fan of wood. It’s great to work with such a living material – and it requires both knowledge and care to select the right piece of wood for each piece of furniture. The furniture I make is supposed to bring joy to the buyer for many years – perhaps even be passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, the materials’ quality and durability are essential.

Have customers something to say?

Yes! My customers are my best partners. The vast majority of furniture from Fundi is actually done in close cooperation with the customer. It makes no sense to work in the dark to make furniture that nobody wants to own. The best moment for me is when I deliver a piece of furniture that makes the customer really happy. It is this joy that makes me continue.

When you invest in a piece of furniture from Fundi, you get a piece of handmade designs that have received my dedicated attention from sketch to final oil strokes.

Fundi Møbelsnedkeri
Gunnekær 70
Dk – 2610 Rødovre

Tel: +45 2674 4816


Blog Features

A new design era has begun!


In Denmark we are allowed to change professional direction hence a new design generation has developed.

– more than ever before people start living the dream, instead going for the usual ‘just a job’ focus!

We are so happy in Denmark – or at least that’s how we are known to most people visiting Denmark. I don’t know whether it’s really true, but from the reaction I’m getting when I tell the tourists visiting our store, about the possibilities we are given in Denmark they truly envy the Danes at large. To them we are not just happy, but lucky and rich in so many ways.

Our kids get a free education of own choice and should they reconsider during the studies or after. It’s possible to take another ‘prepaid’ education. Even later in life, it common that people makes a rather ambitious carrier change.

Between our more than 100 members we have lots of stories about huge carrier changes. Like when somebody quit the job in a law firm just to start a company making soap! Schoolteacher’s do-over, getting new educations to become furniture designers or jewelers rather late in life.

Or like Jacob from Fundi Furniture – from carpenter to rock solid furniture creator.

The story from all of them are alike – they all just took the giant and bold step risking everything.


Take the skilled and passionate owner of Fundi Furniture. I went for a visit just a few weeks back – I went to see the new workshop! First and foremost the shear size of the workshop and all the gear told a story about passionate believing in both product and skills. About being all in – playing with own money – taking the risk. Fundi Furniture was established in 2012, and Jacob never looked back since. And why should he, customers stand in line because they admire his design and craft – and in contrast to what most other furniture stores offers, here you also can visit and follow your own piece of furniture coming to life.

Attention to detail, respect for the traditional craft, new combinations in material and meticulous – are just some of the words people link to the work of Jacob Fundi.

The three pieces showcased here also show respect for the Scandinavian design heritage, and how to take a classical chair or bench into the twenty-first century. Enjoy also the combination of the classical 60’ties wooden cabinet with so much well thought detail inside the cabinet.

All Fundi furniture designs are made by order and ideas for customization is welcome.

You can find more about Fundi furniture here

Link to website here

Instagram @fundisnedkeri

Weekend Fair

Time to start making plans for the weekend!
We recommend you to go to Forum, Copenhagen the venue for the lifestyle fairs “Gør din bolig bedre” and “Liv & Stil” extending over the weekend.

Among many other merchants the CPHmade members Fundi Møbelsnedkeri, Droobski and SilleKnotte will be there to show you their latest news.

The fair will be from October 17th to the 19th

Opening hours:

Friday 13.00-18.00
Saturday and Sunday 10.00-17.00