For Holding Up The Trousers

For Holding Up The Trousers offers belts and suspenders handmade with quality materials. The inspiration comes mainly from old pictures and movies that showcase the late 19th century Americana. Rough craftsmanship is emphasized in order to deliver a hardwearing and honest product that will last you a long time. The materials used are sourced from suppliers who are known to deliver quality components. For Holding Up The Trousers’ products comes in heavy cardboard boxes and accompanied by ceramic buttons, all of which is handmade in Denmark.

The belts and suspenders are marked with the number 3715. The number is stamped with a device that was left behind at the farm I grew up on in the most western part of Denmark. 3715 was the number used to mark the pigs before they were sent off to the slaughterhouse. Now it’s used on the cows, in belt and suspender form.

For Holding Up The Trousers
Uplandsgade 72
DK – 2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 2264 9091

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Orderly Disorder

Work spaces at different scales can be quite photogenic. When zoomed in close enough, even the most organized system will exhibit departures from order. The following is a collage of candid shots from CPHmade members: Butchers & Bicycles, SØREN SKIFTER, Andersen & Berner, Sort Slips Hvidt Slips, Emdal Colorknit and For Holding Up The Trousers.











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Everyone’s favorite visual diary “Instagram” serves as social media platform that basically allows anyone to become a photographer. Designed and developed in San Francisco, Instagram has truely taken the world by storm and the popular mobile-app engages over 100 million active users a month, who all share photo documentation of adventures, meals and plenty of embarrassing moments in between.
In a CPHmade matter, we have spent hours and hours of geeking out on photos of craftsmanship in the making, production tools etc. Instagram has become one of our favorite social media platforms, so we decided to share some of the people on Instagram we find inspiring in our latest monthly feature, Five Instagram Accounts We Like This Month.
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Morten from the Copenhagen-based brand For Holding Up the Trousers, lets you in behind the scenes of his small production of gentlemen’s accessories such as suspenders, belts etc.

We have a thing for motorbikes at the CPHmade office. So when we learned that our friends at Wrenchmonkees was on Instagram, we spent hours of hours browsing through their photos.
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Pomme des Garcons is a relatively new blog about food.
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The universe of the brothers Chris and Kirk Bray is definitely worth a look. Through their small company Billykirk, the two brothers crafts high quality products in leather and canvas, build to last. Through Billykirks photo’s, you’ll become acquainted with an americana of living life!

Jeppe Dencker’s photo feed is an absolute delight to browse through. We have spent hours of browsing through his photos, giving us a chance to get behind his way of crafting.
Jeppe’s company, Leather Projects, is really something else and their impressive leather designs definitely makes this brand “one to watch” in the near future.

Keep your pants on!


New collection from For Holding Up the Trousers

Our member “For Holding Up the Trousers” (F.H.U.T.T) is experiencing great success at the moment. The Copenhagen-based brand that offers suspenders, belts and other goods for holding up the trousers, has gained quite a lot of success, and is now distributed through some of the finest shops around the world.

For Holding Up The Trousers is now represented in Asia, USA and of course Europe. The great success of course equals an increasing demand, and now F.H.U.T.T is ready with parts of their new collection for spring/summer.

for holding up the trousers new collection 2013 spring/summer

The new collection still centres on high quality materials, such as vegetable tanned leather, ceramic buttons and durable elastic bands. The belts for Holding Up the Trousers now also features hand stitched branding in the belts. This particular detail states and defines what F.H.U.T.T is all about; superb quality and individual interpretations of traditional craftsmanship.

The new collection also features a new interesting product, the Danish Civil Defence Blanket. Founder of F.H.U.T.T, Morten Vestergaard Kristensen, got his hands on a dead stock of blankets used for the Danish civil defence, and crafted a leather carrier for the blanket. The blanket is absolutely perfect for picnics and chill summer evenings. We’re really excited for the new collection to hit the stores all over the world! Stay tuned, you never know when you’ll need something For Holding Up The Trousers!

The sun works in mysterious ways…

What is going on here? Well for Morten, that is the great young man behind the Copenhagen company ‘For Holding Up The Trousers’, the answer leads to common sense. This is a sustainable way to change and play with color, letting the sun do the trick on both apparel and suspenders. This ‘production’ method leads to a range of great and very unique products.

Keep your trousers on!

Supenders are back! In fact they were never out of style! For Holding Up The Trousers is the latest fascinating manufacture we proudly want to promote, since the product range is made right here in the heart of Copenhagen.

Morten, the founder of ‘For Holding Up The Trousers’, has put several cool surprises into the product. For more information on this new cool member of the CPHmade family and the product range – click below.