November seems to be the month of the man (Movember, anyone?) – hence we decided to do a range of blogs finally focusing on THE MAN. We will dig in deeper, and look at some of the new male trends between our honoured craftsmen and “regular” cool men alike.




We will do a range of blogs the next couple of month, where we scratch the surface and risk our reputation as celebrators of craftsmanship, to bring credit to the male species living, breathing and creating from a base in Copenhagen.


Men are not quite what they used to be, men are changing, and sometimes you have to wonder what happened. The Stone Age is in the past and we’ve moved on, but it’s obvious to most that the male species has softened quite significantly over the last few decades. The man has had to adapt to a whole new role, and perhaps we act the part a little too well?






Being a man should be all about being a man, and not just what’s expected of the GF or wife. Cool male behaviour seems like the perfect ideal, something women love – at least in the beginning. Just the other day I saw an Instagram comment from a woman on a cool picture of Steve McQueen, full of dirt from a bike ride. The comment said ‘I want one of those, mine has softened and the t-shirt doesn’t fit any longer’. Although her own selfies showed me that her t-shirt didn’t fit either, I kind of liked her statement – Pointing to the fact that some men are getting sloppy, lazy, and simply forgetting about themselves.





Like everything else in life, we need to find the right balance.


Therefore we decided to dig up some cool brothers as an inspiration to all the men out there who actually want to make an effort. And since we are lucky enough to be surrounded by cool craftsmen, this is our focus in Movember – sorry, I meant November!


Let’s head to Østerbro, Copenhagen to visit a group of guys who take themselves very seriously, but also strive to bring new energy and inspiration to the man of 2016. Let’s talk about Carl’s Barber Shop, their staff and of course, their customers.





This is a third generation barbershop in Copenhagen, and visiting Carl’s Barber Shop is like stepping into a time machine and arrive back in the fifties – the cool fifties that is!


The staff is übercool, true to themselves and down to earth with a passion and dedication to take the man back to where he belongs. As the desired male – who is man enough to have his own opinions – also about his look.


Yes, we know that appearance is superficial, but we also know that all judgement starts here!


Whether it’s hair or grooming nothing is contemporary here, everything is done slowly with a skillset and extreme service level that do not apply to most experiences on retail level in Denmark. Carl’s Barber Shop delivers far beyond expectations and I haven’t even gotten a haircut or a trim of the beard yet!


Apart from the staff you are also met by a range of cool customers, waiting for the monthly upgrade of cool-factor. First question for a new customer is not: Do you have a reservation? But: How would you prefer to start out? – Meaning, would you like to have a whiskey, a cognac, a beer or a BLACK coffee.


The music frames the experience and not two minutes into the visit, you just know that you don’t want to leave; you just want to stay in this time capsule a little bit longer.




Customers from age 6 to 93 love to come here, not just because of the cartoons, gear level or social acceptance. They visit Carl’s Barber Shop because they have an opinion on their own appearance and they never leave without scheduling a new appointment.


The photographer (Jonas – and I met with Troels, partner and staff at Carl’s – I immediately felt in the hands of a real man, even though he is 20-30 years younger than yours truly.


Troels, who is a passionate craftsman and eager to promote his trade, is truly happy about the renewed focus on men’s hair and grooming. Although the passionate clan of customers is still fairly little, it’s growing from day to day. The profession is developing, and inspiration is no longer a US phenomenon. If you Google ‘barbershop’, you will see a very cool business starting to blossom.





Standing on the shoulders of cool vintage barbers from the past, Carl’s Barber Shop manages to integrade and mix the heritage through three generations with the new take on techniques and styling. The team at Carl’s might be a younger generation, but they deliver the proud story with a very steady hand.


Customers as well as staff present a variety of styles, but all very well thought out in every detail. Tattoos are telling the story of most of the customers and staff, a library of experiences between many generations – and there is a reason for each and every tattoo.


An older guy is getting his beard upgraded; he seems to enjoy every minute of his treatment. So did we – and so should you!


Carl’s Barber Shop really is worth a visit – not just to get your appearance upgraded, but also to be reminded what a real man’s world looks and smells like!


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