Emdal Colorknit, SMK, knit, copenhagen

The very productive textile artist Signe Emdal always seem to have something exciting in store for us, and on the 22th march Signe has something interesting to show us all. Signes company Emdal Colorknit has been involved in a very interesting collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark. Emdal Colorknit has crafted and designed two stunning scarves for the forthcoming exhibtion “Flowers and World Views” on display at the National Gallerry of Denmark.
The exhibition focuses on flower paintings from the 17th and 18th century, and centres on the newly restored Gottorfer Codex. The Gottorfer Codex is a flower album that contains over 1200 impressive flower portraits from the aforementioned centuries. The flower portraits from the album presents the audience to the different interpretations of flower-portraits and the views on the world between the 17th and 18th century.
The scarves by Emdal Colorknit reflects Signe Emdal’s indvidiual interpretations of the Gottorfer Codex. The results of these interpretations are two amazing scarves that compliments the colorfuld flower portraits in a beautiful way!

The Scarves are available on Emdal Colorknits webshop from the 22th.

Emdal Colorknit would like to invite YOU to the opening of the exhibition on the 22th of march on the National Gallery of Denmark. The exhibition opens at 17:00, and is open until 20:00.

The exhibition is on display from the 22th to the 20th October.

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