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1:1 was founded in 2005 as an alternative to the conventional studio
The name 1:1 stems from the vision of a new architectural form, where the digital world and analog building tradition meet – without borders between architect who designs and the workmen who builds. Our skills combine the two worlds through the use of new digital production methods. We offer a coherent, transparent and optimized building process – one step from idea to finished product.

1:1 combines architectural services and digital fabrication workshop under one roof
We do all tasks within construction environment – from interior to construction. We offer tailor-made solutions with a focus on architectural quality and common sense at competitive prices. We have a special interest in the city as a phenomenon and your home’s countless creation opportunities.

1:1 makes innovative use of the industry’s potentials and use cutting edge CNC technology in the development of the first digital production house in Denmark
The workshop in Nørrebro is a daily pivot, and it houses cnc factory – our in-house production unit. Here digital drawings are translated directly into reality on our CNC machine. Here you can have your architect-designed house delivered as a complete assembly system or have your own specific order produced. We have a penchant for having material between your hands and outlines and experimenting in all kinds of materials and environments in 1:1 at our workshop in the basement.

1:1 is internationally based, with close collaborator in London
Our partner in London FACIT delivers and develops cutting edge software and hardware for digital production houses. In close cooperation with FACIT we have set ourselves a common goal: To do away with construction industry standards and introduce the innovative standard house – a tailormade building system.

1:1 participates in competitions with a network of qualified architects
A special selection of qualified architects provide the framework for our competitive business. Here we discuss the the architectual future and devise visions for tomorrow’s world. This is where we gather inspiration for our work and keep abreast of tomorrow’s technologies and architectural potentials.

1:1 shares a common academic background from the School of Architecture, where the foundation stone was laid
Through abroad in e.g. Arizona and New York as well as site and architectural experience in Denmark (notably Henning Larsen, 3XN, Søren Robert Lund, Claus Bjarrum) architecture was put into perspective and our ambition to do things differently grounded. Today Nicholas teaches at School of Architecture, which still inspires us to think about new opportunities in a rapidly growing construction industry.

Architects Innovation Digital fabrication
Griffenfeldsgade 20
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Blog Features

“Rock the Shack” – featuring two of our members!

New must-have book alert! “Rock the Shack” – the newest release by Gestalten on architectural design of “cabins, cocoons and hide-outs” –  is out now and it features two of our members! Find out who they are below.

Rock the Shack CPHmade Griffenshop Eentileen architecture design houses cocoons

Written and edited by S. Ehmann and S. Borges, ”Rock the Shack” is presenting to us everything “from weekend homes to get-away cabins” and is an unspoken invitation to relaxation out in the nature. It is simultaneously a collection of the most basic to the finest, yet most compelling, furnished cabins, cottages and shelters, tree houses and even cocoons, crafted by the most talented architects. The book is focused on unique geographic locations, that compile individual, distinct places, put under the light by the exceptional furnishing they come together with.

Featured in the book you will find the ”Mormor kaffebord” (En.: ”Grandma’s coffee table”) and the ”Pendel 1” lamp, designed by Griffenshop, and Eentileen’s unconventional construction-concepts of houses.

For a closer insight on the book’s content, here is a link to the book.

Gestalten has also released a new book on Scandinvian Homes, Interiors & Design, called ”Northern Delights”, in which Eentileen and Griffenshop are featured again. Read more about the book here.