Customs From Jamesville

1666 København

Owner of Customs From Jamesville, Mr. James Roper-Caldbeck:

“I have a small shop in Copenhagen building custom bikes for all you guys who love the ‘Old School’ look. These bikes are built using mostly Harley Davidsons from the 1930’s to the 1960’s.

We also do restoration, maintenance, and repairs. To list some of our specialities: traditional bobber and chopper design, fabrication of small parts Harley Davidson electrics and brake re-build. I also offer a small range of leather goods for your big twin. And lastly i have t-shirts sweatshirts and hoodies for sale at my online store. If you need help big or small, then just email or call.”

Customs From Jamesville
DK – 1666 Copenhagen
Tel: +45 2094 9043
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Jamesville is not just about motorcycles…

We captured Jamesville bullletin board on this photo – and we saw both tattoos, cars and girls. Not sure though what the ‘Lokum’ in the upper left is all about – some store maybe?



Beautiful bikes built for ugly guys – meet Jamesville

If not before then make sure that you meet Jamesville at the CPHmade Market Day on Nov 17 – read more on this site.

The Castle Run on May 12 – pre 1984 bikes only


Customs from Jamesville together with Krenkerup Brewery is co-hosting this week-end’s vintage customs classic bike show – for pre 1984 bikes only.

Read all about it on www.thecastlerun.blogspot.com

Wish I could have joined in /Asger