The weekend is soon to be over, and to give you a refreshing start on the week to come – we’re ready with another edition of Craftsmanship Abroad.

This week’s Craftsmanship Abroad brings us to the making of an extraordinary instrument. The Steinway piano.
Many of you out there may be familiar with the Steinway Piano, who is synonymous with extremely high quality.
Steinway and Sons is a german-american manufacturer, and was founded by the German Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg in 1853. Ever since, Steinway and Sons have strived to build the best piano possible, and many would agree that they have succeeded.
I the video below, Steinway and Sons gives us an insight of the production of a Steinway, which turns out to be quite admirable.
The old saying “why fix something that ain’t broken” is definitely entitled to describe the production technique of these fantastic pianos.
Even though we live in a digitalized world, with machines and robots assuming skilled peoples work, Steinway and Sons believe that their high-end pianos are best build and assembled by skilled craftspeople.Thus, many parts of the manufacturing process have remained unchanged for generations.
While viewing this video, you might think for a second that the voice-over seems quite old. The language and style of narrating seems like something you’ve would have heard decades ago. And your’e absolutely right. The audio from this video is grabbed from a factory tour decades ago by Heinrich Steinweg’s grandson, John H. Steinway.
Step inside a way of unique production, where quality and craftsmanship is absolutely key, and become acquainted with a work process that haven’t got out of style for the last couple decades – and probably won’t for the next ones.

[youtubevideo url=jAInt7hIZlU]