In this week’s Craftsmanship Abroad, we’ve stumbled upon an amazing knife maker from Brooklyn, New York.

Joel Bukiewicz is his name, and his passion for crafting high quality knives came while doing some soul-searching. Holding a masters degree of fine arts in fiction writing, Mr. Bukiewicz naturally expected himself to make it as a writer, but the reality turned out a little different.
Making it is as writer was no joke, and Mr. Bukiewicz struggled to make a living out of writing. Thus, he decided to take a complete break from writing, and threw him self at numerous variants of crafting processes. He discovered a need for creating, crafting and “fixing” all kinds of things, but eventually he fell hard for the craftsmanship of knife making.
Today, Mr. Bukiewicz crafts the most amazing knives for personal use, as well as professional purposes.
In the video below, we invite you to step inside the mind Joel Bukiewicz, and learn a thing or two about turning craftsmanship and skill into a pure form of art.

[vimeovideo url=31455885]