It’s official. Copenhagen is the most livable city in 2013.
The renowned lifestyle magazine Monocle has yet again(!) named Copenhagen the most livable city in the world. In a close competition between 24 other cities around the world, Copenhagen ran off with the prestigious title.
MONOCLE emphasizes Copenhagen as a vibrant city with a green mindset, and a population who is proud of their city and more than happy to show the world its qualities. Besides Copenhagen’s status as a “Bike City”, our beloved capital has really put itself on the map by offering numerous variants of cultural festivals and experiences in the city’s urban space. I suppose we don’t need to remind you about the existence of renowned festivals like CPH:PIX, Copenhagen Cooking and the huge draw Distortion, right?
All in all, it sure has been a great year for Copenhagen. The achievement of 15 Michelin Stars spread on 13 restaurants, international acknowledgement of the TV smash hit “Borgen” and astonishing, architectural developments of new city areas in Copenhagen isn’t too bad, is it?

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IT sure isn’t. Copenhagen is a great city to live in, but what can Copenhagen do to maintain the title as the most livable city in the world? Fortunately for the global environment, cities all over the world are adapting our bicycle culture and green mindset, but what can we do to remain a unique city?

In a recently published interview in the Danish newspaper Politiken, Monocle’s editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé, reveals that Monocle’s future “most livable” cities are rated by their ability to create and retain jobs within craftsmanship.
This particular statement is what CPHmade is all about, and for a year and a half we have united 80 of the very best craftsmen from Copenhagen in a network where we make it easier for craftsmen to focus on their job, passion and craftsmanship. Thus has the CPHmade project made Copenhagen’s ready to claim the title as Monocle’s Most Livable City 2014.