New member: Emma Sivell aka Sivellink has a huge Copenhagen crush.

The illustrations she has developed into prints are from her online sketchbook “An Icon a Day”. Images of Copenhagen architecture, iconic neon signs, Copenhagen animals and characters.

Emma says:

“I had been out of the design industry for more than 5 years. I had no portfolio and no client base. I started the “icon a day” project at the end of 2013 to build on both. I wanted to show myself and others what an ex textile print designer could do. When you start a project like this it needs to be something you love and the work needs to come from the heart. In the beginning it’s you alone in the evenings just working with the belief things can change…..if it isn’t something you enjoy, you have a passion for…you simply won’t keep going.

I love design rich, colourful, “drop-dead” gorgeous Copenhagen and she became my sketchbook subject.

The response was amazing, both from the new clients I had craved and from my followers on the sketchbook blog. 
Almost too good…..and as a result, sometimes the blog gets neglected.

It became apparent quite quickly that there was an interest in prints so I teamed up with a great local print company to produce the work. It’s perfect because not only do I get to see all my prints off the press, but I also get to support a family run local business. We have spent the last 6 months building my collection of Copenhagen prints and the start of Sivellink”.