Cold & Heggem – Danish design 2012

At Cold & Heggem we design glasses in wood and genuine horn. Materials superior in lightness and character to steel and plastic; the standard materials used in industrial design. We customize, shape and craft the frame to suit your face and your desires. We also have a collection we can tailor for you personally, or use as a reference when developing your personal design.

Why Cold & Heggem

A wood frame is a unique design object with a quite different feel than a frame of steel or plastic. The delicate silver tone of ash veneer, the depth of smoked oak tree or the simple raw surface of birch veneer give quite different and tangible aesthetic qualities than artificial materials. A frame made of wood and horn feels light and comfortable to wear, and the frames can be adjusted just as easily as with metal and plastic glasses. The frames contain no allergens and are made of sustainable materials having minimum negative impact on the environment.

Who are we

The glasses are designed and handmade by Rasmus Cold, design graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Rasmus developed the idea of handmade wood frames as early as 2004, and since then he has acquired an exclusive understanding of the craft. During the past eight years, Rasmus has tested the materials, developed the strength of the frames and designed glasses for satisfied customers in his studio at Pistolstræde in the heart of copenhagen.

How to get a pair…

Make an appointment, or simply drop by our studio. Here you can see and feel our designs and we can understand your wishes. From this point we can begin the design process, if you choose to get a pair of Cold & Heggem glasses.

When the frame is ready you need to insert the right glass. This is done at your own optician, and the process of adjustment is quite uncomplicated for wood as well as horn frames. We can also insert the glass in our studio if you bring it from the optician, or we can recommend opticians that we collaborate with.

Cold & Heggem
Pistolstræde 6
DK- 1102 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 2681 8051