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Claydies is a collaboration between us: Karen Kjældgård-Larsen and Tine Broksø. We work with ceramics, arts and crafts and design, and often we let the different fields interact. We are situated in Copenhagen NV.

We make products based on our wishes and ideals. Our work is conceptual, and it is primarily the concept that decides the outcome of the project.

We use topics far away from the traditional ceramic workfield to emphasize the story about the ceramic piece. Like when we did a fashion-show wearing ceramic bowls, presenting hair-styles, upside down on our heads.

The whole tradition of making handmade objects, and the art of the handicraft, is also of great interest to us. Often we explore different methods and old traditions in the arts and crafts field. The goal is then to give a specific working-method new life, and to make objects that let us reflect on our history.

Our conceptual approach has made it possible for us to work together within one artistic identity, and our co-operation, dialogue and common goal define the foundation of Claydies.


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Butterfly Christmas Hearts

Christmas butterfly hearts

Folding Christmas hearts is a popular December activity and now we see them in an updated version here as Butterfly Hearts is introduced by Claydies who have collaborated with Hagedornhagen. The Christmas heart holds a special place in our Danish Christmas preparations to this day however the tradition goes all the way back to a very well known Dane loved in all the world for his special fairy tales.. Christmas butterfly hearts

Once upon a Christmas Heart

Once upon a time the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Anderson folded the very first Christmas heart. Fifty years later the interlaced Christmas heart was woven in the Danish kindergardens as folding the hearts was said to stimulate the creative abilities in children. Thus the Christmas heart became commonly known. The folding of the hearts has become a Christmas tradition we cherish to do with the family ever since. The little secret of the Christmas heart is the woven basket. Not only for decoration but also for hiding little treats as you hang them on the tree.

butterfly  Christmas hearts

Butterfly Hearts are eight pretty butterfly motives woven into the traditional Christmas heart. The series combines the joy of making Christmas decorations with small symbols of the Danish summer.

The double handles are designed as the backdrop for the fragile feelers on the butterflies – a detail appreciated as you can hang the Christmas hearts both ways on the branches.

The Butterfly Hearts will make for a nice hostess gift or just a good time with the family fumbling the paerinto Butterfly Christmas hearts.

One sheet is eight templates with four different levels of difficulty so everyone can play along. And luckily for some of us instructions to follow are included if you are not a talented Christmas Hearts weaver already.

Christmas butterfly hearts

One sheet with 8 Butterfly Hearts is kr 125,- and you can get them here.