Oh don’t we not all love Christmas, no fuss just happy days tucked in blankets and family. In Denmark we are tough to be happy and forgiving – especial around Christmas time.

We really strive to deliver on expectations and expectations are high! Fantastic food and marvelous bakery, prefect presents, tree and decoration just to name a few. We entertain our guests with near to overwhelming energy and the kids are nearly behaving.
We make lists and organize Christmas shopping – or at least I have heard than thats what we do. We compare and brag through our energetic behavior and for some odd reason we all carry round a bad conscience about being behind and ineffective.

This is why more and more retailers offer a wide range of services these days. Everything from shopping assistance to gift rapping. The other day I was even introduced to a Christmas delivery, by Santa on Christmas Night! Thats new to me.
Unfortunately we don’t really know Santa, but we too decided too offer some Christmas relief. In our newly open store in Copenhagen we have made it easy to buy the perfect present even for Granny that otherwise don’t really have any reel Christmas wishes other than sweet grandchildren.

We mixed from the wide variety of Scandinavian made products – thus made it possible to find the perfect gift from 100 danish kronerSo if you need to find something extraordinary for Christmas don’t hesitate to visit us in our store, or write to us for further information. And if you have the contact information to Santa please share.

Happy December

You can find all giftbags in our webshop – here

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