Simple, honest and tasty!

Would you like to discover that your feet leave the ground, just a moment?
When you taste the chocolate from Chocolate-Hex, you have the chance of that happening!
Now it’s “only” a piece of chocolate …

My name is Tina Møller. My company, Chocolate-Hex is a small dedicated company where I produce hand-made chocolates. The chocolate is produced in my beautiful workshop in Husum where I have host production and shop.

Featuring a combination of ingredients in Chocolate-Hex’ products that you can not get elsewhere, with a strong, tasty but not very sweet taste. I have hand-picked my raw materials from various suppliers to get the right flavor of my chocolates, both in the classical and the like have different ingredients than the usual.

It’s my many years of creative work, not just in chocolate production but also in theater and commercials, which underlies the workmanship and aesthetic in my chocolate.
The result is a filled chocolate which is personal and unconventional with lots of flavor and a great love for the very experience it is to work with good chocolate.

I would like to mesmerize people so they come back to enjoy my chocolates. That’s partly why my company is called Chocolate-Hex!

Chokolade Hex

Islevhusvej 33
2700 Brønshøj