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Wrenchmonkees #68


#monkee68 is the name and it’s ready to find an owner that will treasure and cherish this iconic bike as if it was forever!



wrenchmonkees in CPH

The guys from Wrenchmonkees need no introduction nor does the cafe bike category or their contribution to the cool category.

They managed to put a very affordable bike together without compromising on monkees quality and coolness. This beast is even ready for the danish roads – which should tell you that the specifics are stamped with the highest level of quality assurance that the market offers.

This bike is an in between build meaning build between customer orders. I could call this a  very limited edition! There is only this one.

We have touched it, been giving it a test ride and truly hope to – at least – have the t-shirt very soon

If you like it, tell us – if you don’t try to tell them :-)

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5 Instagram accounts we’re enjoying this month

Everyone’s favorite visual diary “Instagram” serves as social media platform that basically allows anyone to become a photographer. Designed and developed in San Francisco, Instagram has truely taken the world by storm and the popular mobile-app engages over 100 million active users a month, who all share photo documentation of adventures, meals and plenty of embarrassing moments in between.
In a CPHmade matter, we have spent hours and hours of geeking out on photos of craftsmanship in the making, production tools etc. Instagram has become one of our favorite social media platforms, so we decided to share some of the people on Instagram we find inspiring in our latest monthly feature, Five Instagram Accounts We Like This Month.
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Morten from the Copenhagen-based brand For Holding Up the Trousers, lets you in behind the scenes of his small production of gentlemen’s accessories such as suspenders, belts etc.

We have a thing for motorbikes at the CPHmade office. So when we learned that our friends at Wrenchmonkees was on Instagram, we spent hours of hours browsing through their photos.
If you have a thing or two for hand-build motorbikes, you should definitely check out the feed from Wrenchmonkees.

Pomme des Garcons is a relatively new blog about food.
Luckily for us they’ve joined Instagram, offering us a wide spectrum of absolutely mouthwatering snapshots of delicious food.

The universe of the brothers Chris and Kirk Bray is definitely worth a look. Through their small company Billykirk, the two brothers crafts high quality products in leather and canvas, build to last. Through Billykirks photo’s, you’ll become acquainted with an americana of living life!

Jeppe Dencker’s photo feed is an absolute delight to browse through. We have spent hours of browsing through his photos, giving us a chance to get behind his way of crafting.
Jeppe’s company, Leather Projects, is really something else and their impressive leather designs definitely makes this brand “one to watch” in the near future.

Iron and Demin Power Meet 31 Jan – 3 Feb


CPHmade member Wrenchmonkees garage are putting together their own little tradeshow during the Copenhagen Fashion Week this winter. Summing up fellow Iron&Denim lovers from Indigofera, Rooktown, Eat Dust and CPHmade member For Holding Up The Trousers, the WM A.C. label will be displayed in it’s rightful environment.

During the 4 days craftsmen will be working on their respective products. Everybody is invited to join the show – free of charge! Come grab a beer, eat some food and get pit access to the founders and craftsmen behind this selected group of hardwearing brands.

Wrenchmonkees at Uplandsgade 72, Copenhagen S

Read the full program at

Wrenchmonkees customised motorcycle for Yamaha

In garages all over the world owners dream of creating their very own customised motorcycle. Yamaha seeks to enable this by asking talented bike customisers to provide inspirational ideas on how to transform modern Yamaha models into what they have entitled ‘Yard Built specials.’

The first custom builder to take up our challenge is Danish special builder Wrenchmonkees. We think that Wrenchmonkees has done a great job! Congrats!




Easy Rider version 2012

Andreas from Wrenchmonkees on his new bike – a rebuilt, custom-made and sooo cool version of an original Honda Gold Wing 1977.

Too bad you can see’t Andreas smile on his face when I met him the same day he rode his bike for the very first time.

Yee ha – happy ride Andreas this coming week to France and back. /asger