Henrik Vibskov & Friends from Copenhagen


In the CPHmade network we’re blessed with all sorts of talent, spread out on a wide range of proud craftsmen. The talent these craftsmen are representing has led them to produce exciting products and participate in quirky and interesting collaborations. In the forthcoming weeks, we’ll look into some of these collaborations, where CPHmade members have been involved.
This week we’ve kept our eyes peeled on 3 local craftsmen who all have been creatively involved with one of the most acknowledged and awarded Danish designers.
Known for collections like “The Land of the Black Carrots”, “Big Wet Shiny Boobies” and “The Human Laundry Service”, Mr. Vibskov has been known for his sharp attention to details and craftsmanship for over a decade now, and is definitely one of the best-known Danish designers around the globe.

He is probably one of the best-known designers on the Danish fashion and art scene. Known for his unique, sculptural and avant-gardistic approach to art and fashion, Mr. Henrik Vibskov has produced more than twenty (!) collections for men, since he graduated from the renowned art-collage Central Saint Martins in 2001. His clothes and art installations are exhibited and distributed in thoroughly selected stores and galleries around the globe.
Mr. Henrik Vibskov’s unique style and quirky mindset has gained great, international recognition and today, Henrik Vibskov is the only Scandinavian designer represented at Men’s Fashion Week in the fashion capital, Paris.
His shows are notoriously known to be quite a different experience, than you’d usually expect from a fashion show, presenting the audience with an explosion of colors, asymmetrical objects and quirky show pieces.
As it turns out, some of the members the CPHmade network have contributed to Mr. Vibskov’s unique universe, and we’re about to reveal whom.

Emdal Colorknit

The talented Ms. Emdal has helped out Henrik Vibskov numerous times. Her signature, the ultra fine knitting of the finest wool materials have contributed to a strong definition and profiling of Mr. Vibskov’s vibrant knit designs.
Ms. Emdal herself is also well known for working with a quite colorful palette in her fantastic knit designs.
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Andersen & Berner

The proud hatter, Mr. Stig Andersen, is usually known to be quite a busy man during fashion week, and on several occasions, Mr. Stig Andersen has helped Mr. Vibskov on crafting unique showpieces for his collections, and this summer’s Copenhagen Fashion Week was no different, and you can see some Mr. Vibskov’s designs hand crafted by Andersen & Berner.
The quite quirky, unusual and eye-catching hats are crafted from the proudest traditions of craftsmanship. If you don’t quite find the hats matching your particular taste, may we suggest that you sneaked a peek in our web-shop, where you can find a more “ordinary” selection, and Buy Andersen & Berner Hats.


Mr.diverse mana man of many talents, and besides fashion he is also strongly involved in art. He has been involved in several art projects, i.e. The Fringe Project, which he established in collaboration with the artist Andreas Emenius.
His approach to art is synonymous with his approach to fashion; quirky, sculpturous.
In one of his art exhbitions, Basic Instincts, our good friends from WoodCouture helped out Mr. Vibskov by doing what they do best: creating astonishing shapes and silhouettes in all sorts of wood.

Pots, pans and Woodcouture


The productive wood wizards, Petter and Sigurd from Woodcouture are hosting a quite quirky and unusual event during the food festival “Copenhagen Cooking”.
Woodcouture is quite known for their playful approach to their craftsmanship, and through their work processes, Sigurd and Petter are constantly exploring the borders between astonishing architecture and creative craftsmanship.

If you sneak a peek inside Woodcouture’s workshop, you’ll usually find Petter and Sigurd being very busy with crafting all sorts unique furniture designs, skis and snowboards, art installations and much more. BUT, at the time of writing this, Copenhagen Cooking 2013 is in full swing – and that means CHANGES. Throughout the week, Copenhagen has been turned into a gastronomic playground for cooks and foodies. In this matter, Woodcouture has kindly been invited to cook andhost a kitchen in their usual workshop, combining a carpentry with a kitchen. With this crazy combination of groceries, food and power-tools, we bet that you have about a hundred questions you’d like answered. Are you able to cut potatoes for french fries out by a buzz saw? Would it be possible to use a power drill as a whisker for your sauce?

If you, like us, are very interested in getting some answers and tastings(!), we’d highly suggest that you’d make your way to Woodcouture workshop, on Prags Boulevard 43.
Make this quirky event a part of your weekend-plan, and enjoy a refreshingly experimental approach to cooking, where a playful mind determines the direction of cooking.

The workshop kitchen
12.00 – 18.00 // Saturday 31.8.14 – Sunday 1.9.14
Prags Boulevard 43
2300 Copenhagen S

A Visit from Italy

On a Sunny Wednesday in April, we hosted a small event for our friends from South Tyrol on Nørrebro Bryghus. South Tyrol Marketing sent a group of tour operators to Copenhagen to experience what our capital has to offer, and after visits at renowned restaurants like NOMA and Geranium, the busy delegation from South Tyrol paid CPHmade a visit on Nørrebro Bryghus.
Right after spending some time on telling about the CPHmade project, Casper from Nørrebro bryghus showed the delegation around in their charming facilities.

After a small, delicious tasting of what the well-known brewery has to offer, our friends from South Tyrol was about to become acquainted with craftsmanship they did not think they would experience in Copenhagen: handmade SKIS.
We introduced the delegation to Petter and Sigurd from our member WoodCouture, and they held a small presentation about their angle on craftsmanship. Furthermore the two wood-architects presented an intrigued audience to the “Telemark Sticks”, which is a handcrafted pair of skis – build for speed and fun. Go see for your selves!
[youtubevideo url=Ep8trxnhBL0]

Shortly after, we wished our friends from Italy a safe trip home and accompanied them to their bus.

See more photos from the event right here

WoodCoture introducing the Telemark Sticks

Exciting news from our ski architects from WoodCouture!

The always productive guys from WoodCouture, Sigurd and Petter, are constantly exploring the borders between architecture and craftsmanship, pushing the craftsmen to create everything from custom-made skis to astonishing furniture.
WoodCouture has been rather busy this winter, delivering lots of custom-made skis to a lot of intrigued customers, but with almost every hour spent on creating skis for other people; Petter decided to design a pair of skis for himself. With the usual quality from WoodCouture, Petter decided to design a couple of fast skis called “telemark sticks”. The skis are crafted and designed with the purpose of getting more “fun” (read: speed) out of relatively flat ski areas, and as Petter says: “if your mountain is only a hill, you need to design your skis accordingly.
With the sole purpose of showing you all the quirky, yet clean ski design and how well the skis perform, WoodCouture created this video. Enjoy!
[youtubevideo url=Ep8trxnhBL0]

Copenhagen – your new ski resort!

Amager Bakke, Amager SKI, SKI-resort

Amager Bakke Rising

In the more industrial part of Copenhagen, Amager, we’re about to see some extremely interesting changes. The Copenhagen Municipality is planning to build a brand new Waste-into-Energy plant that will be state of the art, within waste management and energy production. The new plant is called Amager Bakke (Amager Hill), and will be an architectural landmark in the cityscape of Copenhagen, designed by the renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of the architect studio BIG (BJARKE INGELS GROUP).

When the mountain won’t come to Copenhagen – you build one!

In Denmark we’re enclosed by countries that have proud traditions within ski-resorts. Both Sweden & Norway attracts a lot of ski-tourists every winter, and skiing holidays are also really popular among Danes. But in the future, ski enthusiastic Danes might not have to travel abroad to satisfy their need to ski. They just have to go to the new energy plant on Amager. You see, the design of Amager Bakke has quite a playful approach to it, without undermining the purpose of the new energy plant. The roof of Amager Bakke will be turned into a ski slope of varying skill levels for the citizens of Copenhagen, and its visitors.

At CPHmade we’re really excited about the recognition of environmental concerns and a sustainable mindset, but also find it quite ironic that we’re about to open up a ski slope in a very flat capital like Copenhagen.

What might even be more ironic is that Copenhagen actually has had a manufacturer of skis for several years. A very good one.The Copenhagen go-to guys within handcrafted skis are Petter Brandberg and Sigurd Elling from WoodCouture. The little company basically does everything in wood, from custom-made furniture to oh well, skis. WoodCouture is driven by a passion for high quality, and a constant focus on function and user experience. All products are handmade, from the initial drawings to the crafting of the product.

In about four years, when Amager Bakke is supposed to open, and you need new skis to show off, do not forget about WoodCouture. Check out what WoodCouture is all about right here.

[vimeovideo url=51989023]

Handmade skis in the most flat country in the world!

Petter and Sigurd behind examples of their handmade skis. It takes extreme passion and courage to start producing skis in pancake flat Denmark – but hey here at CPHmade we just love passionate people.

All the best to WoodCouture and the two men behind it.