Calendergirl 2016 – Toril Baekmark

victorian calender 2016

Everything these days are so digital – even you are sitting reading this! Digital is all around us!

We kind of forgot the great good old ways – who need it anyway? Well we all do!

The printed monthly calender have been a tradition for generations and it will keep being part of many homes in decades to come.

But we are past most of the traditional pages in the calender! Most of us would like the calender to complement our decor and colors – and we are not easy to please, because we take our home and decorations very serious.

Copenhagen and perhaps Denmarks best offer on a decorative wall calender 2016 is the comtempory calender made by Toril Baekmark. Her famous and icon work found the way to theather poster, porcelin and much more.

Toril Bækmark is Copenhagen-based creative design illustrator. Toril graduated from the Danish School of Art and Design in 1996, where she specialized in illustration and poster design. During her education Toril had the opportunity to study abroad, and travelled to Poland where she spent six months on the Warsaw Art Academy. Ever since, Toril Bækmark has been practicing her passion, illustrating!

Toril has composed this calender in tune with the seasons and present a calender full of beautiful handmade illustrations which excibit a flower full univers with just the right organic touch.

Taking the details into consideration Toril Baekmark made sure that the 2016 version of her calender would allow the owner to make small notes of their own, without moving focus from the lovely work.

The Calender is offset printet on thick quality paper, making the Calender illustrations last almost a lifetime. The wire make it easy to hang without damaging the calender pages.

size: 30X49cm

You can buy yours here.

Meet CPHmade members at Graphic Design NOW!

graphic design

This coming Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm

CPHmade members Toril Bækmark and Hamide will both be present:

Graphic Design NOW! is Trapholt’s new festival for graphic design. Here 30 of Denmark’s most talented graphic designers exhibit and sell their works.

Graphic Design NOW! originated from the idea that Denmark is missing a place that gathers and displays what is happening on the graphic design stage right now.

It will be a weekend filled with graphic activities and the opportunity to find that special design for your wall.

Talentet Fair Lady – Toril Baekmark

Toril Baekmark created yet another lovely poster – here to promote the theater piece My Fair Lady by Lerner and Loewe’s. During the latest 2-3 years Toril Baekmark really stepped into the scene of very creative artist taking old illustration techniques into kind hands and stepping up expression. We haven’t seen the play, but to us it looks more than promising just by looking at the poster. Beautiful work! As an extra bonus the colors and feel fits perfect with the sunny spring feeling that Copenhagen and Denmark provides right now.

made in denmark illustration

12 FLOWERS Calender

12 flowers

The neat line of Toril Bækmarks hand is on display in her poetic calendar 12 FLOWERS. And although we are nineteen days into 2015 it is not to late to get the calendar to go with the new year. We have yet to spend the remaining 95 % of the year – and with that enjoy her powerful yet delicate illustrations that adorn the calendar. Each month is a sensual depiction of a new flower that will set the mood throughout the year.

12 FLOWERS by Toril Bækmark has a price of kr 350,-  and you can get it right here in our webshop.


Fall is upon us

A/W 2014 interior trends

billede8Here at CPHmade we have been through some of this falls’ living magazines to find out the best trends for your home this season.


This fall the neon is out and instead the more dusty colors are sneaking into the scandinavian homes to make time for relaxing. While pastels are for spring these colors are darker but with a muted color tone.


Colors like blue or burgundy are especially gaining grounds this season. Calming yet stylish in the home, creating a comfortable focus for the eye this color palette makes a great stress-free atmosphere in the room. The cool tones blends in nicely with furniture in wood that will bring warmth to the room.


If you dare you could try to decorate an entire room in one color scheme, as if inspired by a Wes Anderson film. The trick here is to keep focus on the purpose of doing so – making a stylish room where the colors help quiet the place instead of making it messy and untidy. A tone in tone color palette will help ease the eye to a peaceful atmosphere inside while the fall-storms are raging outside.


We still see a lot of inspiration from the 30’s Art Deco with marble and metal. Elegant and luxurious like a fancy hotel with lots of gold, crystals and heavy fabrics like velvet. Creating small still lebens is popular and the combinations of the dusty darker color scheme goes really well with metals as well as pottery and glass in the hues. Marble is still popular but you can also substitute it with elements in concrete to gain a rough contrast to the soft fabrics and shiny metals.


Concrete is also a factor in the urban jungle and goes beautifully with all sorts of wood. These years we see a rise in urban gardening – getting nature into the city. Now people are taking it a step further and letting nature into their home.


Most people already have a few limp potted plants in the home, but a new trend is to give the plants more space new pottery and integrate them more in the home.

billede1Creating a little green corner in the homes and maybe to home-grow chillies or herbs is not only nursing to look at, it is also a possibility to take charge of some of the foods we eat. This is a trend as sustainable as they get.

Though plants might be more of a ‘spring-thing’ don’t forget that you can also grow a small Christmas tree in a pot inside prolonging the joy of the winter’s feast.
If you haven’t got green fingers also try incorporating nature into your home with soft shades of watercolor arts or prints for the walls.


Photos from BoBedre, Boligmagasinet, Vogue Living, Elle Decorations, BoligLiv,  Copenhanger, Kortkartellet, Ditte Fisher, Nygårds Maria Bengtsson, Toril Bækmark Illustration, Justina Blakeney, Shelterness, Drobski, Flügger and Sadolin.

Co-labs is the positive approach!


Paul Smith is doing it. Daniel Frost is doing it. Sergei Sviatchenko is too.

Riding on the back of other strong brands new names and constellation see the light of day. We are welcoming these cooperations like never before – perhaps because today it’s acceptable to tell about the fact that we grow stronger by working together. Everybody seams to benefit whether brand, designer or consumer. Movements has surfaced applauding that super brands step down and respectfully leave a presumably well-oiled brand platform to other artists and designers. As part of the formula to any success is acknowledgement, and by participating in collaborations partners can support each other in getting the message out. Co-labs are not the latest thing but a well-documented approach to aim for a certain perception and position.


Close to our passionate Copenhagen hearts, is Rasmus Leman, for whom the electronic music scene and business is familiar territory and core to his passion. Rasmus is not just MD of the Record Company Gartenhaus. He is becoming a business angel in the community. Lately Rasmus teamed up with another great personality – Thomas Dieckmann – together they recently started an alternative record company called Kompliké.

This latest invention by the two gents was build on getting the details right – ‘we are not just talking about the music – we are talking about 360 degree stewardship on both artist and consumer perception.


Vital part of the visual identity concept for Komplikè was to look upstream, going against the raw urban sound portrait, which over the last decade framed the electronic culture. Rasmus and Thomas wanted a softer and more sophisticated touch. After searching the wide Copenhagen art entourage they discovered Toril Bækmark. Toril was spot on and loyal to the same focus as Thomas and Rasmus – hence a partnership matured. Toril was found perfect because of both elegance in stroke and minimalistic compositions. The co-lab created a beautiful result! Today Komplikè can pride themselves with a one of the kind logo – sophisticated, esthetic and one striking nominator.


The final result talks for it self, and so does the striking road from first draft to final result. Rasmus and Thomas got more than just a Logo – they got a female touch full of sense and sensibility all thanks to Toril Bækmarks composition.


CPHmade Print Department

TorilbB copy

Webshop update!

We’ve just opened up our department for PRINTS in the CPHmade webshop!

We’ve recently gathered the work of some of Copenhagen’s most talented illustrators in our webshop. So why not head over to our PRINTS department, and browse through printed graphics from renowned illustrators like Toril Bækmark, Nygårds Maria Bengtsson and SEEYOULATER.


Prices start at 13.20 EUR, and we bet that we’ll definitely have something for everyone!

Pay the CPHmade Print store a visit right here.

No Weekend Plans? We got you covered!

If you haven’t got plans for this weekend yet, why not start off by attending a new eye catching exhibition opening?
Our two members, Toril Bækmark and Nygårds Maria Bengtsson are participating in a new exhibition in the gallery “CMYKkld”.

CMYKkld is celebrating 7 years as a gallery, and to celebrate in a proper way they have invited 30 illustrators to participate in an exhibition, which opens tonight and runs until the 8th of June.
The exhibition is called “Med Næb og Klør”, and through the exhibition you can experience the skilful works of CPHmade members Toril Bækmark, Nygårds Maria Bengtsson and 28 other talented illustrators.
The whole thing takes place at CMYKkld on Jægersborggade 51, and you are all invited to the opening of the exhibition tonight! Besides illustrations, you can also experience live music and animations during the night.

Read more about the “Med Næb og Klør” opening.

Jægersborggade 51
2200 Copenhagen N

Norlie Spring/Summer 2013

Our dear member, the talented illustrator Toril Bækmark has news to share with you all. As some of you may know, the beautiful illustrations from Toril Bækmark has led her to working with everything from theatres, international fashion magazines, and designing artwork for children’s clothes. Ms Bækmark seems to have quite the talent when it comes to designing the artwork of children’s clothes, as she was yet again asked to do the artwork for the well-known fashion brand for children, Norlie, Spring/summer collection 2013.
Check out the idealistic artwork by Toril Bækmark on Norlie’s webshop, and if you like the artwork from Toril Bækmark, you should check out our selection of illustrations from the talented illustrator here Toril Bækmark prints


Invitation to ‘Lysets Dag’ with Toril Bækmark

Ms Toril Bækmark har recently joined the design network ‘It’s all about.’

Toril will show her unique works in watercolor and black ink at the ‘Lysets Dag’:

It’s all about..

Tuesday 29 January from 7-8.30pm

Rosenvængets Allé 6




The CPHmade partner logo – now used by Toril Bækmark

We are proud that our members are happy to have joined our network. Only ‘complain’ about Toril Bækmark’s fine text is that we are actually now close to 70 members.

CPHmade member Toril Bækmark in cooperation with Norlie

Norlie is Danish designed kids clothing, at its very best.

This  year they have used many of Toril Bækmark’s drawings as artwork for their baby boy and kids boy collection fall / winter 2012-13. See more on