The CPHmade guide to Crafts Fair Copenhagen 2013

The late summer in Copenhagen means fairs and fashion. As Copenhagen recently finished up on Copenhagen Fashion Week, Defining Scandinavia it’s time for yet another fair. This time it’s open for everyone, and the admittance is FREE of charge.

If you didn’t find the time to visit the Defining Scandinavia, we’ve got good news for you! The annual event the Crafts Fair in Copenhagen is  just around the corner, and tomorrow, Thursday, you can experience contemporary design in cosy, classic surroundings on Vor Frue Plads.
Throughout the exhibition, you’ll find some of the most talented craftsmen Denmark has to offer and, of course CPHmade is strongly represented.
As 7 (!!!) CPHmade members are represented at this fair, we’ve made things easy for you, and made a little guide of “Must-see” stands on the fair.

We’ll start off in in the jewellery section, where you can meet Emquies-Holstein, Karina Hunn and Mads Heindorf.

Emquies Holstein

The goldsmith duo Emquies-Holstein, who have gained quite some attention from Danish fashion magazines lately, have brought a variety of their fantastic jewellery to this fair.
Jewellery from Emquies-Holstein is craftsmanship at an extremely high level, and all the astonishing pieces from Emquies-Holstein has that luxurious feeling you’d want in a piece of jewellery.

Hunn Jewellery

The never not-workking jewellery designer, Karina Hunnerup, is also ready to show you examples of her hard work on Crafts Fair 2013.

Hunn crafts and designs jewellery from a poetic, and graphically light point of view. Every piece designed by Ms. Hunnerup is crafted in hand, and is the result of endless hours of refining precious stones into perfectly shaped accessories.

Make sure to find your way to Hunn Jewellery’s stand on the CRAFTS Fair.

Mads Heindorf

To those of you who may not now the jewellery designer Mads Heindorf, we can assure you that he is the real deal.

Mr. Heindorf is blessed with an unique talent for designing raw, yet sophisticated jewellery for both men and women. He creates his very own collections, and is constantly exploring and seeking the very best, and he usually combines eye-catching details with rough surfaces to create a fine balance and contrast between the sophisticated and raw look.

In the ceramics section, we suggest you that you’ll find your way to the stands of Tina Maria Bentsen, Signe Schjøth and Signe Emdal.

Tina Marie Bentsen

The busy ceramist Tina Marie Bentsen, who was also participating at Defining Scandinavia, is ready to present her creations at the Crafts Fair 2013.

Ms. Bentsen is usually known for her clean and minimal designs, with quirky details. But Ms. Bentsen’s designs are not all crafted from the “usual” shapes you’d expect of ceramics. For instance she’s quite famous for her three dimensional cloud-mobile, which we have a keen eye on.
if you’re not able to visit the Crafts Fair, check out our selection of Tina Maria Bentsen products in our WEBSHOP.

Signe Schjøth

Ms. Signe Schjøth used to work as an acknowledged ceramic artist at major exhibitions, and her creations exudes a playful imagination.
Ms. Schjøth’s talent, and artistically visual approach to ceramic designs, is one of the main reasons her works of art are exhibited in venues like The National Arts Foundation. Make sure to find your way to Ms. Schjøth’s stand.

In the accessories department, CPHmade is represented by Monomade and Emdal Colorknit.


May we strongly suggest that you make your way to Monomade’s stand.
Monomade is a Copenhagen-based interior design company, who seek to combine simplicity and elegancy with a with contemporary design. The results are simple, geometric shapes crafted in exquisite materials by hand.
If you can’t make it to the Crafts Fair – you can check our selection, where you can buy Monomade products.

Emdal Colorknit

Finally, we most definitely recommend that you find your way to Signe Emdal’s stand as well. Emdal Colorknit is an absolute expert when it comes to transforming digitally created visuals into the most fantastic knitted scarves you can imagine.
Most recently, Emdal Colorknit collaborated with the National Gallery of Denmark on a special edition of the “Wearable Hug”, and now Emdal Colorknit is ready with a new collection of stunning scarves, which she is ready to show you on the Crafts Fair.

Defining Scandinavia 2013

In less than 24 hours, the design fair Defining Scandinavia will open up their doors.
Tomorrow at 10.00, Defining Scandinavia is ready to open up their universe of home accessories and interior design, where you can experience and discover some of the very best Scandinavia has to offer at the moment. As CPHmade promote and distribute some of the finest craftsmen from Copenhagen, we’re pleased to inform you that three members of our network have found their way in to this exclusive design fair in Copenhagen.

For starters, you can meet the vibrant, socio economic project Place de Bleu on stand #87.
The company who is probably best known for their eye-catching pillow designs, the “Prima Bleu” collection, is ready to show you some of their other fantastic lines. From their stand on Designing Scandinavia, Place de Bleu is ready to introduce you to their collections “Belle Bleu” and “Petit Bleu”.
Belle Bleu is Place de Bleu’s accessory collection. In this collection, you’ll find the accessories like tablet and laptop covers, necklaces, tea and coffee cosies, tote bags and much more.
Petit Bleu is Place it the collection inclined for the “petites” ones. in the collection you’ll find accessories like knitted bonnets and socks, blankets and much more.
To give you an idea of what Place de Bleu is doing for this season,they have just finished up on their new catalogue for this season. You can see Place de Bleu’s new collection right HERE

Next, you should find your way to stand #35, where you will find the ceramist Tina Marie Bentsen.
Ms. Bentsen is known for her clean and minimal ceramics designs, with a twist.
In her range of products you’ll find indispensable home and kitchen accessories, with a twist to it.
Tina Marie Bentsen is also quite known for designing unusual ceramic products, like a three dimensional cloud used as a mobile.
At Designing Scandinavia, Ms. Bentsen have brought a lot of new products, which she very much are looking forward to showing you.

Finally, you should find you way to Ditte Fischer‘s stand.

Ceramics by Ditte Fischer need no further introduction.
Ms. Fischers ability to combine quirky shapes in ceramics with vibrant colours is absolutely second to none. This particular ability has made Ditte Fischer’s fantastic designs known all over the world. Besides a handful of shops in Denmark and Copenhagen, you can usually acquire Ms. Fischer’s designs in famous and renowned museum shops MoMa New York and Louvre in Paris. But tomorrow on you can find her designs at Defining Scandinavia.

What? Defining Scandinavia
When? August 8th – 11th // OPENING HOURS 10.00 – 18.00
Where? Øksnehallen – Halmtorvet 11 COPENHAGEN V

Tina Marie Bentsen having success at Defining Scandinavia

Tina Marie Bentsen Cheramics having success at the CPHmade exhibition stand during Defining Scandinavia last week-end. Several new dealers at a result.

We congratulate!

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