Get by with a little help from your friends

We never get tired of people helping each other out, in fact that’s one of the main reasons why we founded CPHmade. So naturally, we were pleased to learn about two CPHmade members helping each other out.

Our good friend from Plain Crafts, Søren Ulrich has just finished up on building the new interior for one of Copenhagen’s most popular cafés; The Coffee Collective in Jægersborggade.
You can already see furniture by Plain Crafts, such as tables and stools at Coffee Collective’s café on Godthåbsvej, and now you can also find the creations of Søren Ulrich’s creations at the Coffee Collective’s cosy café in Jægersborggade. From what the photos reveals, you’re in for a treat. Go check it out for yourself, and get one of the best cups of coffee’s in Copenhagen.
The new, improved and updated café re-opened on the 8th of March.

Photos via Plain Crafts Instagram

Member News Monday

It’s time for another Member News Monday, with a short briefing of the latest news.

Make your one cream puffs, become a world-class barista and a new line of pillows from Place de Bleu, is what this edition of Member News Monday is about.

• RO Chokolade – Make your own “Flødebolle” (Translates as: Cream Puff)
The chocolatier from Jægersborggade, Mr. Rasmus Olsen, is hosting one of his popular courses where you can make your own batch of the scandinavian cakes “flødeboller”.
Every participant create a batch of ten delicious “flødeboller”, and the best looking batch win a special prize on the day.
Throughout the course, you are most welcome to ask any question you may have concerning chocolate.
The one-hour course takes place this thursday (4th of July) 18 o’clock in RO Chokolade’s workshop on Jægersborggade 25.
Admission is 200 DKK, and you can sign up via mail by sending RO-Chokolade an email.

• The hardworking interior designers from Place de Bleu is ready with yet a new line of stunning pillows. The new line has been titled “Gatsby”, and is the result of a recently held competition on Place de Bleu’s Facebook page. CPHmade would like to congratulate you on the little newborn!

Your Weekend Guide #2

Weekend is slowly approaching us, and of course we’re ready with possible ways to spend your weekend.

Black Coffee Brew Down at The Coffee Collective – 21/6 from 19.00 on Godthåbsvej 34B 2000 Frederiksberg

You’ll start the weekend off by attending a quite unusual contest on friday. The good friends of CPHmade, The Coffee Collective is hosting a Black Coffee Brew Down in their facilities on Godthåbsvej. The way towards success is pretty simple. You show up at The Coffee Collective on Godthåbsvej. You pay an entry fee of 20 DKK. You brew the best cup of coffee with the mystic sort of coffee provided, and run of with the prize.

Summer Bazar at Place de Bleu – 22/6 from 10.00 – 16.00, Blågårds Plads 4 2200 CPH N

After a rough night where you’ve been celebrating your title as the best black coffee brewer in town, you want to chillax and cure a possible hangover. You head to Blågårds Plads, enjoy a good kebab – and suddenly you discover a bunch of people around Blågårds Plads no. 4. You decide to check out, what all the fuzz is about. You are happy to discover that the ongoing event is a Summer Bazaar from one of you favorite interior design brands, Place de Bleu.
You quickly become aware why Place de Bleu is hosting a Summer Bazar. As it turns out the hardworking women from Place de Bleu are combining their third birthday as a social economic business with a stock sale of some of their fantastic products, with reductions up to 50 % off on samples and prototypes of pillows and bags. Further more, Place de Bleu offers 25 % off on all new goods in their charming shop, but also offers a 25% off their Prima Bleu Collection in their webshop.
You shop till you drop, you congratulate the kind women from Place de Bleu on their birthday, and head home to relax.

Henrik Vibskov – Neck Plus Ultra, GL. Strand – Gammel Strand 48 1202 CPH K

After grabbing yourself some bargains from Place de Bleu, you feel inspired and wish to be inspired by visual arts. You have heard from a friend’s friend that the new exhibition from the Danish multi artist Henrik Vibskov is one to watch, so you decide to head out to the gallery Gl. Strand, which currently exhibits Mr. Vibskov’s exhibition “Neck Plus Ultra”.
You are overwhelmed by the quirky and playful universe of Mr. Vibskov, and his impressive installations puts a smile on your face, making you ready for yet another week.

Have a good one everyone!

Coffee Collective and Rasmus Gamrath did it again

Barista 2013 - Rasmus / Coffee Collective at Torvehallerne

We’re very happy and proud to say that yesterday Rasmus Gamrath, manager of Coffee Collectives coffee shop in Torvehallerne, won the Danish Barista Championship!

The presentation was centered around Rasmus’ experiences of engaging customers in atypical setting of a Food Market (Torvehallerne), where people come for gastronomic experiences and not necessarily just coffee. In the past year and a half Rasmus has done an outstanding job in engaging people who never experienced really great quality coffee before. He used those experiences as a basis for his presentation.

The four sensory judges were served a single origin espresso from the Kieni coop in Nyeri, Kenya. This is an amazingly aromatic and lively cup with clear black currant aromas. Those aromas also shined through in his cappuccinos, which becomes almost candy-like. His signature drink included a filter brew of a lighter roast of the Kieni (brewed on Kalita Wave), tonic water and the Kieni espresso – showcasing how the flavour is altered through different impressions beforehand.

Go taste – best coffee around

Coffe Collective *to go*

The Coffee Collective: Copenhagen’s best coffee 2012

At the annual appointment ‘Best places in Copenhagen’ by the users of the city website AOK, CPHmade member The Coffee Collective won the ‘Best coffee’ category last Friday.

We are in no way surprised, but hurry to pass on the wonderful news anyway – and congratulate our CC friends.


The news (in Danish only):