The adventures of an Englishman and a Sogreni bicycle

On her blog, Heathers husband Guy shares the story of his holiday romance with a Sogreni bicycle in Copenhagen this summer and how he returned there in December to bring his new bike home.

We bring the entire article her – and even CPHmade is being mentioned at the very end of the article:

“That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest”, wrote the American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau, a thought that could be written for those of us who have always been excited by cycling as a combination of transport, adventure and cutting edge design. Let us enter the rarified world of Sogreni bicycles in Copenhagen, where the artist’s materials are steel, brass and leather and where the wait for your new hand-built bicycle is part of the pleasure.

The week before Christmas, I found myself catching planes, trains and automobiles to Copenhagen, Denmark, to collect my bespoke Sogreni Young Shatterhand bicycle, a mere six months after my fitting with Soren Sogreni in his eclectic shop on Sankt Peders Stræde.

As everyone knows Copenhagen is truly a green city surrounded by water and parks, with climate-friendly citizens to match. Holding the title of European Green Capital of 2014, the city is not resting on its green credentials, but aims to become the world’s first CO2 neutral capital by 2025. In Copenhagen, sustainability and cycling are an integral part of the vibe and there is even a Cycling Embassy that advises the world on how cycling can be integrated into daily life.

Bikes are simply everywhere and used by all ages from the Royal Family downwards. Indeed Crown Prince Frederik is the only Royal to have completed an ironman triathlon, consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a 26.2-mile marathon, raced without a break. Useful but not essential preparation for taking one of the children out in a Christiana type cargo bike – a three wheeled design that can be configured in many combinations and is as popular with families as it is for delivering the post.

Having been to Copenhagen many times it was not long before I became aware of Soren Sogreni and his bicycles. Like a moth drawn to a candle I finally tracked him down to his shop when on holiday this August, finding myself chatting about engineering and Classic British cars and particularly the Bristol marque.  I immediately liked him as haute couture is not my thing and Soren is well known for his  T-shirt-and-shorts appearance. I had done my research and knew exactly what I wanted so the ordering process took very little time and soon I was back at our apartment dizzy with the caffine overload and the excitment of my purchase.

The months of waiting for my bike to be made was not a problem, indeed it was part of the excitement, given the time invested in deciding on the type and specification of the bicycle. A Sogreni hand-built bicycle is not something to be rushed or to rush on in an unseemly and sweaty manner. Like a Bentley motor car there is speed enough, but such a vehicle is not about writing or graphics and there certainly won’t be any lycra or writing on this rider.

If anything the delay helped me appreciate the skill and workmanship that went into the creation of this new and custom built machine. My new bicycle was the result of numerous manufacturing processes and logistics involving craftsmen from across Europe but with life, character and soul breathed into it by the Sogreni magician and mechanic, Peter, who I met on my return visit to the workshop in Copenhagen.

This Sogreni design is a build of distinction and rightly recognised by the luxury Danish brand, Georg Jensen who commissioned twenty identical bikes from Sogreni. The internationally renowned Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to the north of Copenhagen for many years displayed another Sogreni classic bicycle design, named the Louisiana, which you can still order.

So how did my bicycle get its name of Young Shatterhand? As Soren Sogreni explained to me, Old Shatterhand is a fictional character in the Western novels of German writer Karl May (1842–1912). He is the German friend and blood brother of Winnetou, the fictional chief of the Mescalero tribe of the Apache, a story that was made into a Euro-western of the same name in 1964, starring Lex Barker. The story of Old shatterhand entertained  Soren Sogreni as a youngster so he decided to name not one but two bicycles after this fictional character. They are the Old Shatterhand and Young Shatterhand. Quirky? You bet!

In Copenhagen you are as likely to see a very stylish lady or gent in the latest fashions riding their Sogreni bicycle through the Latin quarter as a mum cycling with her children in the ‘burbs. Being Copenhagen there is even a Cycle Chic website with an eclectic view on cycling and cyclists that promises to be lycra and granola free and promotes, amongst other things, the slow cycling movement. It also shows the amount of kilometres cycled by Copenhageners today. Incredible and for all you UK cyclists NOBODY jumps red lights … There really is no need people!

For visitors and residents alike, Copenhagen has recently introduced the Bycyklen smart bike for hire, which you will see in numerous public places around the city. It represents the latest generation of urban electric bikes, with no-puncture tyres, built in lights, touchscreen computing and GPS navigation, all in a stylish and durable design. Once you have set up your account, you can pay by the hour or have a monthly account and the web site will tell you how many bikes are available at the nearest docking station. Now how cool is that?

So back to my journey to collect my Sogreni bicycle. While some might ask why a bespoke bicycle is necessary I am hoping that my hand built machine will transform the everyday journey to work into a joyful progression. My Young Shatterhand includes leather handles, a carrying rack, an enclosed gearbox, a drum brake for the front wheel and painted rimmed mountain bike wheels – as well as a magestic brown leather sprung Brooks saddle. A bike beautifully designed by Soren Sogreni and lovingly constructed and fitted to me by Peter just in time for Christmas.

This is a bike that has kept me awake at nights, a bike I think is perfect for my today and my tomorrow and a bike that I will never sell. I believe that Henry David Thoreau would have approved.

If you go: Sogreni Bicycles, Sankt Peders Stræde 30A, 1453 Copenhagen K, Denmark. You can try out a Sogreni bike on the summer bike tours run by CPHMade – read about it on the Sogreni blog here.

The adventures of an Englishman and a Sogreni bicycle in Copenhagen

Happiness on wheels – Worlds most healthy city

We hear it time and time again – the Copenhagen residents are among the happiest in the world – but why are we happy? A new question arises as Copenhagen now has been named the worlds most healthy city according to this list by CNN – Worlds most healthy city.
Now we ask ourselves: Is health happiness? Could there be a cohesion with the list of the top healthiest cities in the world and our happiness? Or will it all come down to Copenhagen’s love for bicycles?


Short work hours, relaxed atmosphere, lots of bicycles and trust among fellowmen – that seems to be the recipe for one of the worlds healthiest cities.

CNN has named Copenhagen as one of the worlds healthiest cities. Among the reasons CNN mentions that only 2 % of employees in Copenhagen work more than 40 hours a week. This means time for family, friends, voluntary work, sports and other hobbies. The city ripes with experiences and offers and it is easy to access the city. With restaurants and grocery shopping all in a bike- or walkable distance it contributes to a relaxed atmosphere and this all help keep stress levels low and the health on top.

Bicycles keep us healthy – the Copenhagen way

The government harvest praise from CNN for their effort to implement policies for the nature to be closer to the people of Copenhagen to raise the quality of life in the city.
So how far is it to the beach or park? In Copenhagen it will be less than 15 minutes on foot within 2015. And although that is a short walk and although the metro will take you directly to the beach Amager Strand there is one way of transportation there is truly unique (and as a bonus both healthy and environmentally friendly) to Copenhagen – the bicycle.

CNN highlights the Copenhagen bike-lanes and the fact that half the Copenhagen commuters bike to work or school on an every day basis. The bicycle lanes makes it easy for the residents to adopt a healthful lifestyle, simply because the bike is the easiest choice and the infrastructure of the city makes it easy and safe to go by bike – as opposed to many other cities.

Copenhagen made bicycles – handmade

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Staying active doesn’t have to be a chore and passionate enthusiasts in Copenhagen know this and keeps developing new methods to optimize the bike ride.

Butchers & Bicycles are already praised around the world for their cargo bike that has reinvented the classic cargo bike made for transportation. It is truly unique for the handling features and safety details and they bring the joy of biking into the cargo bikes that usually are rather heavy and unhandy to ride. Butchers & Bicycles’ cargo bike allows you to bring your children safely around without taking the joy of the bicycle ride out of the equation. The quality of this bike is exquisite and it is like happiness on wheels.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Meanwhile Copenhagen based Cykelmageren makes quality bikes built to meet every customers’ need. They aspire to make the joy of a new bicycle last longer with their custom-made bicycle to have long time happy customers.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

At Recycles they go all in on the making Copenhagen an environmentally healthy place while looking cool. They combine recycling with bicycles by reusing old quality frames and many other parts from old bicycles to make edgy vintage bicycles.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Biking is not considered a luxury many places. That’s because they haven’t seen the Sögreni bicycles. It oozes design and quality and it goes very well to a suit which in Copenhagen isn’t an obstacle to get to work by bike. The design is so perfectly tailored to the customer yet it is handmade and it is almost considered a piece of art.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Not only is biking healthy but Incita Bicycle Division is also a social-economic enterprise that also helps the people behind the bikes. This means that they employ and educate people who are on the edge of the labor market, through employment or development programs to bring people closer to getting back to the normal labour market.

In the end health is also about trust. Do you trust in people? 96 % of the Copenhagen residents states that they have someone they trust if they at one point will need it. Enterprises like Incita and others like them are a great factor in keeping people happy and the over all social conciseness among the Copenhagen residents adds to their health.


In the end we must conclude that the residents of Copenhagen loves their bicycles and whether they influence one another or not – the bicycle keeps the people here both happy and healthy.

The CNN list – Worlds most healthy city:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Okinawa, Japan
3. Monte Carlo, Monaco
4. Vancouver, Canada
5. Melbourne, Australia
6. New York, USA
7. Jonkoping, Sweden
8. Havana, Cuba
9. Singapore, Singapore
10. Napa, USA

Get ready for CPHmade Guided Tours – now on bicycle!


Now last year we launched our CPHmade Guided Tours – all 20+ different tours are walking tours and we will keep on walking this year as well. No change!

But we now also offer a CPHmade Guided Tour on bicycles. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from May-August you have the chance to join a 2-hour ride around the city.

All you have to do is to show up by 10.00am latest at our member Sögreni Bikes in central Copenhagen. Sögreni will get your rental bike ready and CPHmade will then take you for a spin around the city. Whilst we are still about craftsmanship, this tour will also introduce you to a few of the city-s more traditional sights. So if you want a bit of everything, this is your tour.

Ticket price, incl rental bike is 40 Euros – or 299,00 kroner.Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 16.30.58

Introducing CPHmade Monthly Auctions

Ebay meets CPHmade!

The month of May turns out to be quite a busy month for us at CPHmade.
As you may recall, we recently launched CPHmade Guided Tours, and we also initiated a FACEBOOK CONTEST to celebrate 600 likes on Facebook.

To make our business even more busy, we just launched a new initiative on the CPHmade blog: CPHmade Monthly Auctions.
We have started off series a monthly auctions where you can grab yourselves a bargain on different kinds of products crafted in Copenhagen.
This month we are offering you the chance of getting a pair of superbly designed bike pedals from the legendary bike manufacturer Søren Sögreni.
The pedals are absolutely ideal for spicing up your bike for the spring season!
Like all products from Sögreni, these bike pedals are crafted by hand in the highest quality possible.
The pedals are crafted from the finest copper and solid steel, which makes this construction extremely durable and basically superior to rust.
With a starting bid as low as 8$, you should stop by our online auction on Ebay, and stay tuned for more Copenhagen produced goods to be auctioned off the forthcoming months.

CPHmade Guided Tours – Inner City Tour recap

Our latest project, CPHmade Guided Tours, finally started off yesterday.

For our very first tour, we welcomed guests from France, Belgium, India, Singapore and Rumania. We started off by meeting at Sögreni Bikes on Sankt Peders Stræde. Søren Sögreni welcomed us by giving an introduction to his principles within his craftsmanship, and showed us around in his workshop.

Next we walked to Studiestræde, where we met with Anne-Mette from Schönwerk.
Anne-Mette showed us around in the charming little combined shop/workspace, and answered all kinds of questions from the curious audience.

Last but not least, we walked to Skindergade where we visited Sort Slips Hvidt Slips.
We were welcomed by Victoria, one half of the Sort Slips Hvidt Slips duo, who showed us around in their unique universe of home accessories and eye-catching couture!

We even have more photos from the tour, which are available right here!

All in all a great success, and we are very much looking forward to seeing some of you guys out there!


Embrace spring with a new bike from Sögreni Bikes


Our member Sögreni Bikes is really experiencing how spring equals a need for a new bicycle to enjoy the weather in.

Many Copenhageners’ may recognize Sögreni bikes on the cycle paths. The bikes from Sögreni are classic and simple, and only the best materials are used in the process. Sögreni offers a 25-year warranty on the bike frames used in the bike designs, and this particular detail states Sögreni as a bike designer that’s really all about the quality.
The rumour of the recognizable and durable design has spread to a lot of different cities around the world, and now Sögreni Bikes are ready to ship a Sögreni Classic to Stockholm in Sweden, and a Young Shatterhand to Freiburg in Germany.

Is your bike ready for spring?

If you’re in need of accessories for your bike, make sure to check out our selection of Sögreni accessories. We offer the beautiful Sögreni Bell, astonishing bike lights and durable bike pedals and much more.

The Sögreni bicycle bell does more than the job

When you need to ‘warn’ you fellow bicycle friends on the road you ring the bell. But with a Sögreni bell you also mange to twist a few heads – simply because it looks so good.

Buy it in our webshop…

Søren Sögreni himself – only slightly stylished

Søren Sögreni outside his bikeshop in Sankt Peders Stræde.

You have to pay him a visit!

One of the most purchased but never used bicycles in the world

This Sögreni bike is a quiet bicycle, very elegant and modern in its design and without much fuss. The Sögreni Classic is practically a work of art, and this is the Louisiana model (named for the Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark, which chose to exhibit it as an example of the best contemporary Danish design).

This is probably one of the most purchased but never used bicycles in the world.

Check it in Sankt Peders Stræde 30A, Cph K.

Bike Installation

Sögreni bikes is in the mind of the Swedish much more than solid craftsmanship. It’s categorized as art! Fortunately you don’t have to go to Sweden to see the range, design thoughts and excellent skills that is put into every bike delivered. Go’ visit Sögreni right here in the heart of Copenhagen. Enjoy, Brian/CPHmade