Recycles in Japanse

Our very good friends Mikkel and Claus from Recycles are now on their road to fame in Japan.

Though we are not quite sure what the articles actually says about Recycles we assume that it is very positive. Because the Recycles concept, the guys, their bikes and their service are all good. We guess that the Japanese found out and hence wanted to spread the word.

We are happy for Recycles and we are happy that we are partners with Mikkel and Claus on the Copenhagen Classico vintage race every year in June.

Happiness on wheels – Worlds most healthy city

We hear it time and time again – the Copenhagen residents are among the happiest in the world – but why are we happy? A new question arises as Copenhagen now has been named the worlds most healthy city according to this list by CNN – Worlds most healthy city.
Now we ask ourselves: Is health happiness? Could there be a cohesion with the list of the top healthiest cities in the world and our happiness? Or will it all come down to Copenhagen’s love for bicycles?


Short work hours, relaxed atmosphere, lots of bicycles and trust among fellowmen – that seems to be the recipe for one of the worlds healthiest cities.

CNN has named Copenhagen as one of the worlds healthiest cities. Among the reasons CNN mentions that only 2 % of employees in Copenhagen work more than 40 hours a week. This means time for family, friends, voluntary work, sports and other hobbies. The city ripes with experiences and offers and it is easy to access the city. With restaurants and grocery shopping all in a bike- or walkable distance it contributes to a relaxed atmosphere and this all help keep stress levels low and the health on top.

Bicycles keep us healthy – the Copenhagen way

The government harvest praise from CNN for their effort to implement policies for the nature to be closer to the people of Copenhagen to raise the quality of life in the city.
So how far is it to the beach or park? In Copenhagen it will be less than 15 minutes on foot within 2015. And although that is a short walk and although the metro will take you directly to the beach Amager Strand there is one way of transportation there is truly unique (and as a bonus both healthy and environmentally friendly) to Copenhagen – the bicycle.

CNN highlights the Copenhagen bike-lanes and the fact that half the Copenhagen commuters bike to work or school on an every day basis. The bicycle lanes makes it easy for the residents to adopt a healthful lifestyle, simply because the bike is the easiest choice and the infrastructure of the city makes it easy and safe to go by bike – as opposed to many other cities.

Copenhagen made bicycles – handmade

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Staying active doesn’t have to be a chore and passionate enthusiasts in Copenhagen know this and keeps developing new methods to optimize the bike ride.

Butchers & Bicycles are already praised around the world for their cargo bike that has reinvented the classic cargo bike made for transportation. It is truly unique for the handling features and safety details and they bring the joy of biking into the cargo bikes that usually are rather heavy and unhandy to ride. Butchers & Bicycles’ cargo bike allows you to bring your children safely around without taking the joy of the bicycle ride out of the equation. The quality of this bike is exquisite and it is like happiness on wheels.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Meanwhile Copenhagen based Cykelmageren makes quality bikes built to meet every customers’ need. They aspire to make the joy of a new bicycle last longer with their custom-made bicycle to have long time happy customers.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

At Recycles they go all in on the making Copenhagen an environmentally healthy place while looking cool. They combine recycling with bicycles by reusing old quality frames and many other parts from old bicycles to make edgy vintage bicycles.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Biking is not considered a luxury many places. That’s because they haven’t seen the Sögreni bicycles. It oozes design and quality and it goes very well to a suit which in Copenhagen isn’t an obstacle to get to work by bike. The design is so perfectly tailored to the customer yet it is handmade and it is almost considered a piece of art.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Not only is biking healthy but Incita Bicycle Division is also a social-economic enterprise that also helps the people behind the bikes. This means that they employ and educate people who are on the edge of the labor market, through employment or development programs to bring people closer to getting back to the normal labour market.

In the end health is also about trust. Do you trust in people? 96 % of the Copenhagen residents states that they have someone they trust if they at one point will need it. Enterprises like Incita and others like them are a great factor in keeping people happy and the over all social conciseness among the Copenhagen residents adds to their health.


In the end we must conclude that the residents of Copenhagen loves their bicycles and whether they influence one another or not – the bicycle keeps the people here both happy and healthy.

The CNN list – Worlds most healthy city:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Okinawa, Japan
3. Monte Carlo, Monaco
4. Vancouver, Canada
5. Melbourne, Australia
6. New York, USA
7. Jonkoping, Sweden
8. Havana, Cuba
9. Singapore, Singapore
10. Napa, USA

Beautiful – classic – in love

This Motobecane 1976 bike from our good friends at Recycle ( epitomizes the very essence of biking.

Just by looking at it you instinctively want to ride it – immediately, come rain or snow.

Go check it out yourself – or any to the other vintage bikes which Recycles has out for grabs. But be prepared to fall in love!


Copenhagen Classico vintage bike race a huge success

Last Sunday we gathered more than 150 enthusiastic people who all had polished their vintage/retro bike and dressed up for the occasion. We then set off for a 22km tour around the city with two stops – to drink coffee and champagne respectively. And of course to admire each others bikes and outfit.

In other words a very tough day which luckily came with good food & beverages at the finishing line.

See for yourself what a vintage race looks like.10403416_320259474795497_7576432751932315735_n


Henrik Storland from Recycles – featured in Euroman

Recycles is a company made up of two young men, called Henrik Storland and Claus Hjelm, who started their business on restoring and redesigning old bikes, led by their strong will to recreate the old bikes structure into a modern design, by recycling their usable parts.

Recycles CPHmade Henrik Storland Bikes Copenhagen

In 2012, they opened a workshop on Dybbølsgade 59, where you can find exemplars of very distinct bikes that have been given a brand new design. As part of their philosophy, Recycles are trying to preserve old bicycles frames, which are very robust even after they have been used a lot, and reuse them as much as possible to create new solid, simple and reliable pieces, with very special design, colors and sizes.
The March edition of the Danish magazine Euroman features Henrik Storland from Recycles, with an interview on what Henrik does and knows better: bicycles. He talks a little on bike habits and preferences and gives some insight and advice on bicycle design and quality.

Also featured in the article, there are Lasse Dahl, Kasper Kastoft Nielsen, Klaus Boberg Pedersen and Raphael Solholm. Read the full article and find out more about Henrik Storland on the March issue of Euroman.

Yet another cooperation between 2 CPHmade members…

… this time between Recycles and MultiTaske:

Recycles injects new life to vintage bikes-and this fits perfectly well with MultiTaske’s use of recycled bicycle tubes.

So now you can find MultiTaske’s WorkBag and FavoriteBag – among others – at Recycles at Vesterbro.


Luckily Recycles still ‘produces’ good old bikes….

Flandria is an iconic bicycle brand – made famous by great riders like Sean Kelly, Roger De Vlaeminck, Walter Godefroot and Joop Zoetemelk. The Flandria team was founded in Belgium back in 1959, and still going strong.

Whilst this bike is obviously a lady bike we are confident that both genders will fall in love with its beautiful curves and nostalgic details. Hurry to Recycles new shop in Vesterbro to check it out. Recycles gave it a brush up and added a personal touch. Henrik and Claus can give you the full story – so off you go :-)

Recycle’s new shop almost ready



Nice shop for very nice bikes – perfect fit! You will love just paying a visit.

So do pay Recycles a visit at Sturlasgade 14, Islands Brygge