Scandinavian Design and minimalism by Soeren Ulrich

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As Scandinavian Design is back on the pintarest – Accredited Danish designer Søren Ulrich, Plain Crafts aims to provide solid hardwood furniture with quality a mix between contemporary and traditional design. In response to our throwaway culture, the series of hand-built barstoolsbenchestablescoat racks and display units take inspiration from traditional, hardwearing Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork. Bypassing trends and opting instead for a classic, timeless look, Ulrich’s quiet, minimal style should sit comfortably in any setting. With this in mind his latest “Made in Copenhagen” series uses plain solid oak and simple structures across a matching range brought to us by our friends at Copenhagen retailer GOODS.

GOODS – is a cool mens retailer in the Østerbro area, and absolutely worth a visit. This is how they present themselves – Since our humble beginnings around the birth of the global financial crisis in August of 2008, Goods has gone from being a local destination shop at an off beat basement location to become an established men’s clothing store on the main street of Copenhagen´s Østerbro neighborhood. At Østerbrogade 44 Goods tends to a broad range of clientele; servicing both locals, tourists and Copenhageners of many ages and social stature, but all with a common and vested interest in quality and design.

The combination between the two is extraordinary

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Get by with a little help from your friends

We never get tired of people helping each other out, in fact that’s one of the main reasons why we founded CPHmade. So naturally, we were pleased to learn about two CPHmade members helping each other out.

Our good friend from Plain Crafts, Søren Ulrich has just finished up on building the new interior for one of Copenhagen’s most popular cafés; The Coffee Collective in Jægersborggade.
You can already see furniture by Plain Crafts, such as tables and stools at Coffee Collective’s café on Godthåbsvej, and now you can also find the creations of Søren Ulrich’s creations at the Coffee Collective’s cosy café in Jægersborggade. From what the photos reveals, you’re in for a treat. Go check it out for yourself, and get one of the best cups of coffee’s in Copenhagen.
The new, improved and updated café re-opened on the 8th of March.

Photos via Plain Crafts Instagram



A relatively new member of the CPHmade family, Plain Crafts, recently popped his head into our office with a bunch of fantastic photos. The photos are snapped in Søren Ulrich’s workshop on Esromgade, Nørrebro, and truly defines Mr. Ulrich as a first class furniture designer.

Furniture and wooden accessories by Søren Ulrich are crafted with utmost respect for materials and designed with a keen eye on minimalistic details.

As for now, you can experience Søren Ulrich’s products in the CPHmade SHOP in the Tivoli Gardens. Find a wide selection of stools, cutting boards, candlesticks and much more.

Let the inspiration begin: