Danish Design Heritage

Danish Design Heritage

A strong footprint in Scandinavian living.

Scandinavian design has through the last 50 years been gifted with numerous designers hence a vast number of Internationally recognized product designs that pride and caterpillar any living room and kitchen around the world.
Since back in the 1970’s Scandinavian design and living has been celebrated for clear lines and a true passion for a light color palette to match the dark month up north. Setting a standard for Scandinavian minimalism has been an aim for other International designers as well as architects. It seams like a vast majority on especially the Asian and Western markets have been embracing this phenomena for decades.
Today many new talents in the Northern region benefit from this design heritage whilst getting a proud education in more than just design and craft. In 2015 no designer nor maker would not benefit from being the next in line from Denmark’s Arne Jacobsen, Sweden’s Bruno Matsson, Finland’s Alva Alto or Norway’s Sigurd Ressel. Although the new craftsmen surely would appreciate being brand wise self-supporting, they all have a lot of expectation to live up to – but also to benefit from.
Even though that most people look towards Scandinavia when scouting for design icons in furniture, Denmark is by far the most acknowledged for design creations from as example Mr. Kaare Klint, Mr. Mogens Koch, Mr. Poul Kjaerholm, Mr. Finn Juhl and many other Danish designer celebs.
The proud tradition is very much alive and kicking, and since the heritage is as proud and partly extra ordinary promising – many new talents surface with new breathtaking designs. The heritage and esteemed characters have plowed a route to success many years back. Making it easy for makers and startups in general to supply an extra strong voice in terms of perceived design recognition and branding in general.
Nobody looks like they are leaning back – perhaps more than ever Danish furniture design is celebrated around the world not just cashing in on heritage but giving truly giving back. Making sure that the Danish and Scandinavian heritage is as intact as possible for the generations of Danish and Scandinavian designers to come.
In your search for the new Nordic Design Icons, the old icons like the Swan, PK80 and the Egg – they all have got new Scandinavian competition by Cloud, Cora and Ice, just to name a few.

Waiting with anticipation for a new season

Skærmbillede 2014-09-05 kl. 14.35.28

In our day to day blog stories, we hope to thrill and inspire the readers with exiting news from Copenhagen craftsmen, about Scandinavian Design and present the products that truly deliver on heritage, expectations and quality all supplied from the Cold North.

Between seasons news doesn’t travel as fast as in the beginning of a new season. But today we are happy to announce that another season of great products in the living category is soon to be presented – the AW14 collections.

During the latest months we have been presented to what we see as very promising collections from our esteemed members and craftsmen, and we look forward to bring these on the blog as the season develops.

As a brief teaser we can reveal that Place de Bleu has decided to design a basic category below the already acknowledge tier 0 and 1 product range. Making the range wider and more affordable without loosing quality or story behind.

Look out for all the great products from Place de Bleu in a store near you or right here on our blog.

Skærmbillede 2014-09-05 kl. 14.35.10 Skærmbillede 2014-09-05 kl. 14.34.53



Place de Bleu at Galerie Mikael Andersen

If you don’t have any plans tomorrow, we’ve just been informed by our good friends from Place de Bleu that they are a part of a new art exhibition by the Danish artist Erik A. Frandsen. The exhibition is called “Whoever has the most things when we die wins”, and is being exhibited at “Galerie Mikael Andersen” from tomorrow the 23rd of August.

Erik A. Frandsen is an artist who is quite known for constantly seeking new techniques and materials to his art projects. This strive has led him to come across specially educated craftsmen, such as plasterers, mosaic artists etc., which have helped him out with other projects.
For his newest exhibition, Erik A. Frandsen kindly asked the hardworking women from Place de Bleu to contribute to his exhibition with their fantastic craftsmanship.
The women was asked to crochet 150 meters skid chains out of yarn, which is mounted on 20 car tyres crafted in all white porcelain. The whole exhibition centers on the obvious contrasts between man, woman and cultures.
Tomorrow, the exhibition will open up it’s doors, and you are all most welcome to join the festivities, and see the fantastic piece of craftsmanship Place de Bleu has provided.
If you can’t make it at tomorrow’s opening, you can attend the exhibition until the 28th of September.
Weekly Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 12-18, Saturday 11-15.

Exhibition Opening // Whoever has the most things when we die wins
Galerie Mikael Andersen,
Bredgade 63
1260 Copenhagen K.
FROM 17-21

Defining Scandinavia 2013

In less than 24 hours, the design fair Defining Scandinavia will open up their doors.
Tomorrow at 10.00, Defining Scandinavia is ready to open up their universe of home accessories and interior design, where you can experience and discover some of the very best Scandinavia has to offer at the moment. As CPHmade promote and distribute some of the finest craftsmen from Copenhagen, we’re pleased to inform you that three members of our network have found their way in to this exclusive design fair in Copenhagen.

For starters, you can meet the vibrant, socio economic project Place de Bleu on stand #87.
The company who is probably best known for their eye-catching pillow designs, the “Prima Bleu” collection, is ready to show you some of their other fantastic lines. From their stand on Designing Scandinavia, Place de Bleu is ready to introduce you to their collections “Belle Bleu” and “Petit Bleu”.
Belle Bleu is Place de Bleu’s accessory collection. In this collection, you’ll find the accessories like tablet and laptop covers, necklaces, tea and coffee cosies, tote bags and much more.
Petit Bleu is Place it the collection inclined for the “petites” ones. in the collection you’ll find accessories like knitted bonnets and socks, blankets and much more.
To give you an idea of what Place de Bleu is doing for this season,they have just finished up on their new catalogue for this season. You can see Place de Bleu’s new collection right HERE

Next, you should find your way to stand #35, where you will find the ceramist Tina Marie Bentsen.
Ms. Bentsen is known for her clean and minimal ceramics designs, with a twist.
In her range of products you’ll find indispensable home and kitchen accessories, with a twist to it.
Tina Marie Bentsen is also quite known for designing unusual ceramic products, like a three dimensional cloud used as a mobile.
At Designing Scandinavia, Ms. Bentsen have brought a lot of new products, which she very much are looking forward to showing you.

Finally, you should find you way to Ditte Fischer‘s stand.

Ceramics by Ditte Fischer need no further introduction.
Ms. Fischers ability to combine quirky shapes in ceramics with vibrant colours is absolutely second to none. This particular ability has made Ditte Fischer’s fantastic designs known all over the world. Besides a handful of shops in Denmark and Copenhagen, you can usually acquire Ms. Fischer’s designs in famous and renowned museum shops MoMa New York and Louvre in Paris. But tomorrow on you can find her designs at Defining Scandinavia.

What? Defining Scandinavia
When? August 8th – 11th // OPENING HOURS 10.00 – 18.00
Where? Øksnehallen – Halmtorvet 11 COPENHAGEN V

Member News monday

We’re back from the summer holidays, and of course we’re ready with some news from the CPHmade network.
This week we’ll come across an invitation to a Reception, High-end jewellery featured in Eurowoman and IN, Place de Bleu in Los Angeles and a NEW member of CPHmade.

INVITATION: Monomade Summer Reception


The hardworking architects from Monomade is celebrating the opening of their new creative office space on Rentemestervej.
This Friday, Monomade will host a reception on their rooftop terrace, and you’re all welcome to join the festivities from 16.00. We bet that drinks, food and a DJ will be the perfect way to start off your weekend!

Monomade // Reception – From 16.00
Rentemestervej 39, 1.st floor
2400 Copenhagen NV

Emquies Holstein – Features in Eurowoman and IN

The refined and contemporary goldsmith duo, Emquies-Holstein, has been featured in quite a lot of fashion magazines. You may recall that their astonishing “Whole” pendant was featured in Costume’s April issue. But it isn’t just Costume who have discovered the fantastic jewelry from Emquies-Holstein, and in the recent issue’s of EUROWOMAN and IN you’ll stumble upon some of the easily recognizable jewelry from the dynamic duo.

Place de Bleu – A Tale in the Promised is about to unfold

The fantastic home accessories from the socio-economic business Place de Bleu has teamed up with the shop Hurra-Hurra. The shop is based in Los Angeles, and we’re absolutely pleased to see Danish design being distributed to the Promised land! Stay tuned for more info on this interesting collaboration.

CPHmade Guided Tours featured in the Copenhagen Post

During the summer we’ve had quite the success with our initiative CPHmade Guided Tours. Collaborations with some of the best hotels in Copenhagen, and a strong support from customers has truly made CPHmade Guided Tours a success.
During the summer, we have made new friends at the Copenhagen Post. On a sunny day in May we invited a journalist from the Copenhagen Post to join us on one of our CPHmade Guided Tours, and now we’ve just realized that the initiative is featured in Copenhagen Post’s Summer Guide. We’d like to thank the Copenhagen Post for the kind words. The full article can be found right here in our “Press Department”.

DesignRitter to join CPHmade.

It’s been a while since we last had the opportunity of introducing you all to a new member of the CPHmade family. But today, we’re pleased to inform you that DesignRitter is now a part of our humble network.
DesignRitter is founded by the designer and interior architect David Ritter, which specializes in individual home solutions from a sustainable point of view.
From his small(!) workshop on Prinsesse Charlottes Gade, DesignRitter crafts and design a wide range of small furniture and accessories for the home.
The materials used for these designs are strictly chosen by their sustainable abilities, making materials like oriented strand board (OSB) and old europallets a DesignRitter favourite.
Stay tuned on the CPHmade blog for news about DesignRitter in the future.

Member News Monday

It’s time for another Member News Monday, with a short briefing of the latest news.

Make your one cream puffs, become a world-class barista and a new line of pillows from Place de Bleu, is what this edition of Member News Monday is about.

• RO Chokolade – Make your own “Flødebolle” (Translates as: Cream Puff)
The chocolatier from Jægersborggade, Mr. Rasmus Olsen, is hosting one of his popular courses where you can make your own batch of the scandinavian cakes “flødeboller”.
Every participant create a batch of ten delicious “flødeboller”, and the best looking batch win a special prize on the day.
Throughout the course, you are most welcome to ask any question you may have concerning chocolate.
The one-hour course takes place this thursday (4th of July) 18 o’clock in RO Chokolade’s workshop on Jægersborggade 25.
Admission is 200 DKK, and you can sign up via mail by sending RO-Chokolade an email.

• The hardworking interior designers from Place de Bleu is ready with yet a new line of stunning pillows. The new line has been titled “Gatsby”, and is the result of a recently held competition on Place de Bleu’s Facebook page. CPHmade would like to congratulate you on the little newborn!

Your Weekend Guide #2

Weekend is slowly approaching us, and of course we’re ready with possible ways to spend your weekend.

Black Coffee Brew Down at The Coffee Collective – 21/6 from 19.00 on Godthåbsvej 34B 2000 Frederiksberg

You’ll start the weekend off by attending a quite unusual contest on friday. The good friends of CPHmade, The Coffee Collective is hosting a Black Coffee Brew Down in their facilities on Godthåbsvej. The way towards success is pretty simple. You show up at The Coffee Collective on Godthåbsvej. You pay an entry fee of 20 DKK. You brew the best cup of coffee with the mystic sort of coffee provided, and run of with the prize.

Summer Bazar at Place de Bleu – 22/6 from 10.00 – 16.00, Blågårds Plads 4 2200 CPH N

After a rough night where you’ve been celebrating your title as the best black coffee brewer in town, you want to chillax and cure a possible hangover. You head to Blågårds Plads, enjoy a good kebab – and suddenly you discover a bunch of people around Blågårds Plads no. 4. You decide to check out, what all the fuzz is about. You are happy to discover that the ongoing event is a Summer Bazaar from one of you favorite interior design brands, Place de Bleu.
You quickly become aware why Place de Bleu is hosting a Summer Bazar. As it turns out the hardworking women from Place de Bleu are combining their third birthday as a social economic business with a stock sale of some of their fantastic products, with reductions up to 50 % off on samples and prototypes of pillows and bags. Further more, Place de Bleu offers 25 % off on all new goods in their charming shop, but also offers a 25% off their Prima Bleu Collection in their webshop.
You shop till you drop, you congratulate the kind women from Place de Bleu on their birthday, and head home to relax.

Henrik Vibskov – Neck Plus Ultra, GL. Strand – Gammel Strand 48 1202 CPH K

After grabbing yourself some bargains from Place de Bleu, you feel inspired and wish to be inspired by visual arts. You have heard from a friend’s friend that the new exhibition from the Danish multi artist Henrik Vibskov is one to watch, so you decide to head out to the gallery Gl. Strand, which currently exhibits Mr. Vibskov’s exhibition “Neck Plus Ultra”.
You are overwhelmed by the quirky and playful universe of Mr. Vibskov, and his impressive installations puts a smile on your face, making you ready for yet another week.

Have a good one everyone!

Place de Bleu @ the New Nordic Market

The hardworking women from Place de Bleu will be showing off their creations at the New Nordic Market hosted by KEA this friday.
At the new nordic market you can experience all kinds of sustainable and locally produced items such as gadgets, arts, interior designs etc. and one of our favorite interior-designers, Place de Bleu, is showcasing their vibrant designs this friday!
Make sure to pay Place de Bleu’s stand a visit at the market, and experience the highest quality of craftsmanship!

If you can’t make it to the New Nordic Market, have a look in our webshop to see our range of home accessories from Place de Bleu.

Place de Bleu POP-UP shop in Magasin

Good news from our friends from Place de Bleu!

Place de Bleu is a Danish socio-economic project, which produces astonishing home accessories and children’s clothing. The goods from Place de Bleu is crafted and designed by ethnical minority women, offering the minority women in Copenhagen a chance to enter the Danish job market.

With the unique purpose of uniting vibrant, ethnic crafts with classic and clean Scandinavian design, Place de Bleu is gaining quite a lot of attention, and has now teamed up with the Danish department store “Magasin du Nord” situated on Kongens Nytorv.
Place de Bleu has opened a POP-UP shop in Magasin du Nord’s interior department on the 3rd floor. Thus you are right now able to experience Place de Bleu’s unique talent of picking just the right materials, the colours and of course experience the high quality of Place de Bleu’s home accessories!
However, if you’re not in the area of Copenhagen, you can check out our selection, and buy Place de Bleu‘s colorful accessories

NEW – AW2012 design from Place de Bleu

NEW collection will over the next days be presented – nice new design in core product line and added to the collection this autumn are super cool covers for mac’s and iPad. A brand new element has been added – a blanket that display the ethics contributions to a very unique product.

We love laces…

These laces are incredible beautiful – all handmade! Place de Bleu supply these unique laces and it’s just to sample the entire spread. For more information pls. contact cphmade or Place de Bleu directly.

Pillow talk

Nice danish representation – design by Poul Kjærholm (PK80), Arne Jacobsen (Seven) and CPHmade member Place de Bleu (pillows). You can find the pillows in the webshop.

Place de Bleu now also in Germany

The social-economic company Place de Bleu – situated in the heart of the Nørrebro district – has now established a bridgehead into the German market.

Place de Bleu has managed to secure an order of 150 cushions and 20 morocco cushions which are now on their ways into German department stores.

We wish Place de Bleu the very best of luck with their new export adventure.

Place de Bleu employs and upgrades the qualifications of vulnerable immigrant women – helping them moving away from welfare and into the job market – and often also out of isolation.

Are you Nuts…for bracelets?

cathrinesaks braceletcathrinesaks bracelet 2





Young Cathrine Saks has gone nuts…designing a bracelet that turned into fashion over night – The bracelets is sold from Lot#29, a high-end fashion store on Gothersgade right here in the town center. We celebrate young Cathrine for her merits especially since she selected to let Place de Blue manufacture the full range of happy design.

Distinguished visit at Place de Bleu’s Spring exhibition

Wednesday last week Place de Bleu held the opening reception on the their spring exhibition – exhibiting the unique crafts produced by the many immigrant women coming in Place de Bleu’s combined sales office and work place.

The opening speech was held by Employment Minister Ms Mette Frederiksen.