First Friday of the Month at Niels Borch Jensen Editions

Flora Danica was a project back from the age of enlightenment that had the purpose of mapping the Danish plant life.

It all began with cloudberries, but later on thousands of different flowers, algae and mushrooms were depicted in a spectacular publication that portrayed the wild plant life in Denmark. In a recently opened exhibition, called Flora Danica, you can experience renowned Danish artists interpretations of the old publication.
The forthcoming Friday (5th of April) is the first friday in the new Month, which means that the Danish copperplate printer Niels Borch Jensen has an “open” workshop even, where you are able to experience the work of the old craftsmanship of copperplate printing.
This Friday Niels Borch Jensen welcomes you all in his showroom, Niels Borch Jensen Editions, and besides opening his workshop to the public, you will have the opportunity to experience new creations from renowned artists like Tal R, Marianne Grønnow and John Kørner who all interpreted the original Flora Danica publication.

First Fridays at Niels Borch Jensen Editions
Prags Boulevard 49 E11
DK 2300 Copenhagen S
From 17.00 – 20.00!

Read more about FLORA DANICA, and enjoy this video documentation on Tal R’s work with the old plant portraits from Flora Danica.

[youtubevideo url=KNxhlb8rGkk]

If you like the old craftsmanship of copperplate printing, make sure to check out our huge selection of prints in our webshop, where you can buy Tal R prints, John and many more.

Clay Ketter is all around us

Today is called 12:12:2012…and a truly a day to remember – how about making this Christmas one to remember. This limited art piece by Clay Ketter, from 2003, could just make this Christmas one to really remember.

First Friday at Niels Borch Jensen showroom Friday 7th Sep from 5-9pm

Etchings by the German artist Anton Henning.

Anton Henning’s artwork has a mysterious quality that escapes categorization. By fluidly shifting between abstract expression and figurative elements, he creates highly original imagery. Still lifes, landscapes, interiors and portraits in a style that is simultaneously playful, grandiose, and ironic.

Anton Henning and Niels Borch Jensen’s Print Shop have made 3 series of etchings since 2004. A selection will be at show in the Showroom.

First Friday at Niels Borch Jensen tomorrow

First Friday at Niels Borch Jensen:

Niels Borch Jensen’s print shop is open from 5-9 pm tomorrow July 6th.

The printers work with wood cuts by the Danish artist Tal R. and etchings by the German world-known artist Georg Baselitz.

Works by Clay Ketter (US); Joao Penalva (PT) og Danh Vo (DK) will be at show in the Showroom.

Work from Niels Borch Jensen’s print shop in Basel the next 4 days

Niels Borch Jensen Gallery and Edition, Berlin participates for the 9th time in Art|43|Basel, Switzerland, June 14 – 17.

This year the gallery present a selection of new and recent works by: Tacita Dean, Elmgreen & Dragset, Douglas Gordon, Tal R. Robin Rhode og Danh Vo.

All works are made in Niels Borch Jensen’s print shop in Copenhagen.

Open workshop at Niels Borch Jensen copperplate printer Friday 1st June 5-9pm.

Come and visit the workshop and see for yourself how art work is being printed using 5-600 year old printing techniques.

Niels Borch Jensen works with etchings by the German painter Georg Baselitz and new woodcut by Danish Tal R. We also exhibit John Kørner.

Niels Borch Jensen’s showroom is a part of First Fridays – a recurring event evening every first Friday in the month.

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