The right tools for job well done

Coming to you re-live from a visit to one of Copenhagen’s best tailors with a story about the importance of craftsmanship and having the right tools. It’s a rather breezy Tuesday morning in Copenhagen.I’m cold and looking forward to at nice morning interview with Copenhagen (men’s) Tailor Karina Mott.

Copenhagen taylor

After the first couple of sips of a well prepared cup of coffee, we started talking about how Karina juggle both the life of being in business for her self and the fact that she is pregnant with her second child expected to arrive in 6-8 weeks time. It’s an interesting conversation about having to admit that the two things doesn’t go hand in hand very well. And yet again offer renewed energy to drive a passionate and profitable business.

I’m here today to dig into the craft of tailoring and how important it is to have the right set of tools. The reason for me to choose to talk about tools with Karina is rather simple. Being a women I hoped to get a story about the true need, in comparisons if I was to ask a man the same question I believe that the answer perhaps was more about the ‘nice to have’ factor.

Yes we could have talked about needles and pins but we didn’t – we talked about scissors! Obviously having a scissor in the first place is rather important being a tailor, but from the selection of scissors it’s became obvious that this tool really was something special. We talked about ergonometry, weight, balance, lengths and overall size. And during this part of the conversation it stood absolutely clear how demanding this craftsman was when talking about the search and purchase. It also became clear how long this process can be, before finding the right pair of scissors.

skrædder saks (2 of 3)-2

Karina showed me the latest and greatest purchase – a truly monster! But a monster with a fantastic story behind both the purchase and the brand itself – and off course this pair of scissors was handcrafted in Italy.

skrædder saks (1 of 3)-2

On the web forum on Karina came about a conversations on scissors, and especially about a post and question about 13” scissors.


Months later after joining in on the bulk order Karina received this incredible masterpiece absolutely worth waiting for. It’s really a tremendous piece of handcrafted art with so much attention to detail. An even though Karina had to make some ergonomic customizations this shears has been the go to piece ever since.

scissors in the making shears in the making

skrædder saks (3 of 3)-2Taking into consideration how important this tool is, it is no wonder that a tailor want to go the extra mile to secure the right tools for the job.


And just like a tailored suit this pair of scissors will last a lifetime – it always pay to get the best, if not for any other reason then at least because it last longer.

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Choosing a tailor is a delicate matter

What to expect when choosing a tailor and a little about a tailor-made experience

Why would you ever choose a tailor, when so many great brands deliver contemporary designed quality suits to a fraction of the price?
Before I start explaining why more and more people decide choosing a tailor to visit a tailor, let me just admit that I’m going to reveal our choice of tailor even though that I know the saying – a true gentleman NEVER reveals his tailor! But for the good of all, I’m going to anyway!
Most men and women that visit a tailor and buy tailor-made, have the same experiences when it comes to standard suits and dresses – they learned over the years that there is no such thing as a perfect fit in standardized appearance. Most can sum up the key experience in 4 categories:

– not really being 100% satisfied with the product.
– an uncomfortable feel due to lack of fit.

– never got the real attention to detail when fitted in the retail store.
– you almost never get true value for the money.

Regardless of what brand you might choose as preferred label, can actually supply the same level of fit – nevertheless most consumers would rather buy two half fitted suits than one individual fitted – even though that the design is similar perhaps even more long term trendy and that the overall tailor-made process is so much more thrilling. 
It takes time and it’s worth the waiting. A typical two piece suit will be done in 8 weeks time. Over the 8 weeks you would have at least 5 sessions with the tailor:

– choise, recommendation and pricing.
– measuring.
– 2-4 fitting sessions
– final delivery 

Quality and life span – I don’t know whether I truly need to argue for making better and more sustainable choices. At least for now I will leave it out.
But I will talk a little about feel – the feeling of being in the center of focus for more than 5 minutes. 5 minutes being the average time spend for a fitting session, for a standard suit in any retail store. Obviously this is not sufficient to make the necessary attention to detail and to deliver perfect result and a confident fit.
The confident fit is another important issue. There are men in suits and there are men in suits. Most just see the suit as a uniform, a vital part of license to do business. To others it’s a confident statement of power and self-promotion. The perfect fit demands a thorough and highly skilled tailor to process 2-3-4 fittings with respect to individual shape and not to mention the respect for textiles and layers in the suit.
Waring tailor-made is always a joy – and the story that comes with such an experience and fit is a vital part of giving anybody the confidence of a true businessman.
Before your next buy – ask yourself whether you too might be worth spending a little extra on. I recommend that you at least give yourself the leisure of a visit to ‘your’ tailor, just to get a little more educated in the world of luxury.
We have selected one of Copenhagen’s obvious choices to be part of CPHmade – Ms. Karina Mott – Mott Skrædderi. For more information about Karina Mott or tailoring in general don’t hesitate to call us.

Karina Mott dresses singer and songwriter Medina for her summer tour

We don’t know whether this beautiful dress by CPHmade member Karina Mott will improve Medina’s performance on stage – but what the heck we still think that both Medina and Karina’s design look great.

Have a great tour Medina! /asger