Leather Projects x Close Up and Private


Fashion Week is upon us Copenhageners, and tomorrow one of our fantastic members, Leather Projects will be presenting the results of a very special collaboration with the ever so inspiring artist Sergei Sviatchenko.


The two creative minds have worked hard on designing and crafting a series of belts for the contemporary gentleman. From what the photo material tells us, these belts have instantly found their way to our wishlists.



If you are in the area, make sure to stop by for the Close Up and Private x Leather Projects launch from 21.30 – 2300 at Galleri Naboløs.
Free, cold beers are kindly sponsored by our good friends from Nørrebro Bryghus. See you there!

Close Up and Private x Leather Projects Launch Party
From 21.30 till 23.00

Galleri Naboløs,
Larsbjørnsstræde 10
1454, København K

Meet a craftsman: Jeppe Dencker from Leather Projects


Some while ago, we met up with three talented young men who came to us with a mission. Jeppe Vejlø, Stephen Haahr and Jimmy Knirk reached out to us, and simply wanted to spread the word and knowledge about unique makers and their craftsmanship through great, informative videos made for sharing on the social media platforms. The project had Copenhagen-based craftsmen in focus, this project was naturally right up our alley, so we quickly pointed the three gentlemen in the direction of three great CPHmade members. The results are in, and for the next three days days, you can watch great footage of some of the very best craftsmanship Copenhagen has to offer.

The premiere features our dear friend Jeppe Dencker from LeatherProjects.


Resistance – New collection from Leather Projects

Leather Projects-Jeppe-Dencker-leather-
Leather Projects is ready with a new collection of handmade leather goods. We usually see smaller leather goods from the hands of Jeppe Dencker, such as tablet and computer covers – but this time, Mr. Dencker is really outdone himself by launching the “Resistance” collection.


The new collection is inspired by the minimalistic and military aesthetics from the 1940’s. The Resistance collection features messenger bags, weekend bags, belts, key hangers and dopp bags all crafted from premium italian, vegetable tanned leather, which will develop an astonishing patina over time. Each piece is assembled by hand, and is sewn together with a thick and waxed Irish linen thread making these pieces as durable as they are beautiful.

The new collection is available Leather Projects’ webshop. Go make it yours!


My Creative Soundtrack – Leather Projects


Our good friend, Mr. Jeppe Dencker from Leather Projects recently passed more than 1000 likes on his Facebook page. To celebrate this happy event, Leather Projects are offering 15% off on all products in his cosy retail space in Nansensgade 7.
So to all of you out there who fancy fantastic leather goods crafted in an uncompromisingly high quality, may we suggest that you hurry down and secure yourself one of Mr. Jeppe Dencker’s fantastic products while this offer lasts.

This offers is only valid in Leather Project’s physical retail space, and is only available on the 13th, 19th and the 20th of September 2013.

While you’re browsing through the Leather Project’s product range, reading our interview with Leather Projects and deciding on which product to go get, we’ve asked Mr. Dencker to accompany to your choosing process by curating a playlist of songs he listens to in his workshop. Enjoy. Leather Project’s Creative Soundtrack is available right here.


Limited Edition iPad Cover from Leather Projects

Today is a very special day. Our hard working friend, Mr. Jeppe Dencker from Leather Projects is ready with a new amazing product – and this one is definetely one worth watching.
This month, and this month only – you’ll be able to get your hands on the amazing iPad Cover from Leather Projects crafted in a special camouflage edition.
When we last visited Leather Projects, we saw the prototype of this very iPad cover, and we can assure you that this cover is the real deal! The quality of the leather and the craftsmanship behind is absolutely second to none, and we would love to get our hands on one of fantastic covers. The leather used for this iPad cover is a crafted from exquisite durable, vegetable-tanned leather 4mm thick. Every part of the iPad cover is cut, sewn and assembled by Mr. Dencker’s hands in his cosy workshop in Nansensgade.

If you too have fallen in love with this fantastic cover, hurry up and get yours while stock last. Remember that this is a unique chance, as this iPad cover is ONLY available in August. You can buy iPad cover from Leather Projects HERE.

BONUS INFO: If you fancy the fantastic leather goods from Leather Projects, Mr. Dencker will be present at our Gentlemens Evening, where you can get a little chat with him and experience the high quality of leather goods for yourself. Tickets are available right here.

Interview with Jeppe Dencker from Leather Projects

jeppe dencker, leather projects copenhagen, cphmade, leather, camo ipad cover

Mr. Jeppe Dencker is the man and mind behind the company LEATHER PROJECTS.
As the name suggests, Mr. Dencker centers on projects made from leather.
In his recently opened combined shop and workshop, he crafts all sorts of leather accessories in the highest quality possible.
On a warm summer Tuesday in July, we met with Mr. Dencker in his charming workshop on Nansensgade for a chat about old military equipment, education and the lack of sketching skills.
Here’s the outcome.

What was your favorite subject in elementary school?

“History was definitely my great love in elementary school, and I believe that I’ve brought the love for this subject into my work. I’ve always had a thing for everything that happened in the past, and through my work I try to find my way back to the proud traditions that lie within my craftsmanship.”

What did you want to become while growing up?
“As a matter a fact, I’ve actually always believed that I was going to become an archeologist. I’ve always found this particular field very interesting, but somehow I got away from that thought. When I get to thinking, I actually never thought about becoming a craftsman of any kind, but I’ve always appreciated very much when people practiced something they were particular good at.”

Are you educated within your craftsmanship?

“No, I’m utterly and completely autodidact. I believe that my inner geek has led me to where I am today. I really love to dig deep, and I spend endless hours of finding just materials I want to work with. In the early beginning of Leather Projects i spent a vast number of hours deciding and defining my own way of sewing in leather. Everything down to every little detail is decided and defined by me. It was actually never my intention to create a company – I just wanted to create a great product.”

So, what made you found Leather Projects?

“Oh, that’s an easy one. Need.
The idea of Leather Projects actually took off when I needed a wallet for myself. I couldn’t really find a wallet out on the market that matched my needs and high expectations to quality, so I decided to start making my very own. The first results weren’t exactly a pleasure for the eye, so I kept on perfecting the wallet up until I reached a result I could find acceptable.
While perfecting this wallet, I developed a passion and an unlimited love for working with leather, which eventually culminated in the founding of Leather Projects.”

What was the last tool you’ve bought?

“Uhm, the last tool I bought was a pair of compasses to draw on leather, and I bought it on an antique market in Paris a couple of weeks ago. I actually already have three new ones, so I didn’t necessarily need another one in my tool selection, but I just fell hard for this particular one. It’s very beautiful, and the woman who sold it to me explained that it was from about the year 1890. Naturally it has a lot of history, and to continue working with such an old tool is just an honor for me. Honestly.”

Where do you mainly find your inspiration?

“Well, this might seem like a cliché for designers, but I find military equipment very inspiring. I especially find older military equipment very inspiring, and I buy up every old military bag I can get my hands on. Besides the minimalism in older military equipment, I like that everything has a function, and that a particular item serves just the purpose it was meant to.
I’m doing my best to incorporate this mindset in my products, where I seek elegance and simplicity. I’m not too happy about flashy details, no, I like that every little detail serves a purpose. If it’s not functional, it won’t be on my products.”

Which one of you own products are you proudest of?

“Oh, that’s a tough one, it’s hard to pick just one out, but I recently just came up with a travel wallet, which I’m quite fond of. The process of making this travel wallet was actually quite different from how I usually design my products. You see, normally, I don’t really put much thought into the design of a given product, I just start working with the material and then the design appears before me. However, this time was different and with a specific wish to design a travel wallet, I sought the combination of the wallet and the credit card holder in a new product. Though this process was quite unusual and rare for me, I found it great fun and definitely liked how it developed me as a craftsman and a designer.”

We’ve already talked a little about it, but could you shortly describe your creative work process – from idea to product?

“Yes…it might be slightly different from other designers, because I don’t master the art of sketching. But when I have an idea for a new product, I completely think out every little detail of the product. I know exactly how it should look and how every little detail should be presented. Then I need to work with the material right away to get a feeling of the possible new product. So if I were to craft a new wallet or an iPad cover, I know how it should look. Then I start to work with the material, get to the sewing process and first THEN I can start to see what works, and what doesn’t.
I guess you can say that my work process is a bit reversed if you compare it to other designers. My prototype is my sketch so to say.”

[vimeovideo url=59850276]