Fall is upon us

A/W 2014 interior trends

billede8Here at CPHmade we have been through some of this falls’ living magazines to find out the best trends for your home this season.


This fall the neon is out and instead the more dusty colors are sneaking into the scandinavian homes to make time for relaxing. While pastels are for spring these colors are darker but with a muted color tone.


Colors like blue or burgundy are especially gaining grounds this season. Calming yet stylish in the home, creating a comfortable focus for the eye this color palette makes a great stress-free atmosphere in the room. The cool tones blends in nicely with furniture in wood that will bring warmth to the room.


If you dare you could try to decorate an entire room in one color scheme, as if inspired by a Wes Anderson film. The trick here is to keep focus on the purpose of doing so – making a stylish room where the colors help quiet the place instead of making it messy and untidy. A tone in tone color palette will help ease the eye to a peaceful atmosphere inside while the fall-storms are raging outside.


We still see a lot of inspiration from the 30’s Art Deco with marble and metal. Elegant and luxurious like a fancy hotel with lots of gold, crystals and heavy fabrics like velvet. Creating small still lebens is popular and the combinations of the dusty darker color scheme goes really well with metals as well as pottery and glass in the hues. Marble is still popular but you can also substitute it with elements in concrete to gain a rough contrast to the soft fabrics and shiny metals.


Concrete is also a factor in the urban jungle and goes beautifully with all sorts of wood. These years we see a rise in urban gardening – getting nature into the city. Now people are taking it a step further and letting nature into their home.


Most people already have a few limp potted plants in the home, but a new trend is to give the plants more space new pottery and integrate them more in the home.

billede1Creating a little green corner in the homes and maybe to home-grow chillies or herbs is not only nursing to look at, it is also a possibility to take charge of some of the foods we eat. This is a trend as sustainable as they get.

Though plants might be more of a ‘spring-thing’ don’t forget that you can also grow a small Christmas tree in a pot inside prolonging the joy of the winter’s feast.
If you haven’t got green fingers also try incorporating nature into your home with soft shades of watercolor arts or prints for the walls.


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Kortkartellet – aestethic interpretations of city maps!

Kortkartellet is a small business that offers inviting and delicate maps of our beloved capital.

The owner Christina Holm Nielsen has a special thing for design, aestethics, typography and oh well, Denmark. Kortkartellet seeks to combine these parameters into maps of our beloved city. The maps from Kortkartellet are artistic and visually creative interpretations of the classic city maps, thus they are not ideal for for actual navigation in Copenhagen.

The designs are divided into the city areas of Copenhagen, and are of course produced right here in Copenhagen. The unique city maps from Kortkartellet comes in bright, neon colors that really reflects the vibrance of Copenhagen! If you have any relation to Copenhagen, and even if you haven’t,  make sure to check out the work from Kortkartellet at their website right here!


Kortkartellet is a newly founded company, which produces astonishing and modern interpretations of classic city maps.
Kortkartellet is founded by the talented designer Christina Holm Nielsen.

With plenty of experience as both a buyer and a designer, business and creativity has always been Christina’s centre of attention.
After several years of living abroad, Christina decided to move back to Copenhagen in 2010, and as an homage to her hometown Ms. Holm Nielsen decided to design a poster of Copenhagen, visualizing the different boroughs in the city.
Every poster from Kortkartellet is the result of hours and hours of research and hard work. Every little detail such as finding just the right font and colour for the posters are carefully chosen to present you with the best result possible. These details, combined with astonishing, ivory colored paper makes the posters from Kortkartellet amazing works of art.
Every poster from Kortkartellet is produced right here in Copenhagen, and today the posters of our beloved capital is a great success, thus Kortkartellet has now extended its business and now also offers map-inspired posters of other cities in Denmark.

Tel: +45 3048 0100
E-mail: hello@kortkartellet.dk.