Furniture Objects – An exhibition worth your visit


Denmark is just about surrounded by ocean, which have formed us through history, generations and handed us pure heritage. To some Danes the sea is about fishing, to others it’s about wind energy and oil – but to most of us it’s about leisure time and sweet memories.

To Per Schandorff the sea is about wooden shipwrecks or wood in general that has survived for decades beneath the surface.

A few years back Per decided to skip the daily routines for a future as artist, designer and storyteller.


The contemporary International interpretation of 2017 is dwelling on zero waste, minimalism and a signal about that things needs to change. Sustainability have long court the attention of this artist but the interpretation is so different from artist to artist.

Per is situated somewhere between the artist and the designer. Utilizing the aging wood with nature’s distinct imprint and limitation as backbone in a range of artistically handcrafted  furniture piece.


Not one piece come without craftsmanship or storytelling and not two pieces here are alike.

Since the organic lifestyle in general is aiming even more towards a conscious living this proud exhibition is spot on.

Having said exhibition, one must emphasise that all the beautiful furniture pieces exhibited here are for sale.


The exhibition is situated in the town centre next to the beautiful Kings Garden. Although a small demonstration it comes highly recommended by us at CPHmade.


So if you would like some diversity to shopping streets and the little mermaid, drop by Per Schandorff and enjoy the display as well as a nice talk with the artist about nature, charisma, emotions and aesthetics or perhaps even about the political aspect in every furniture piece.



The Exhibition is held here:

Kronprinsessegade 11
Copenhagen K

The Exhibition is running until end of April 2017

For more information about the artist, exhibition and opening hours – click here


Enjoy // On behalf of the CPHmade team – Brian

Photo – all rights reserved BPEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


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On the shoulders of the new Nordic kitchen…craftsmanship in it’s own right.


New Nordic kitchen is manmade craftsmanship to the bone!

Somewhere in Copenhagen a bunch of guys sad down, arguable because they knew a thing or two about what Copenhagen is offering when it comes to good food aesthetic and true gourmet experiences.

This day they met because they were getting a little fed up with the fact that the Nordic kitchen is all about the best of the best in exotic gourmet tasting – now known as the new Nordic style.

The world has come to appreciate the Nordic kitchen as one to watch and experience. In other words the Scandinavian countries have become all about ants and burning hay.


But the truth of it all… is much more – and it starts with having access to quality. Quality in all ingredients whether that being the best greens or meat, and on top of all this richness comes the craftsmanship and creative minds that dared to develop in the last decade or so.

JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_13 JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_5

Creative minds are all about disruption these days – kind of delivering the unexpected in a traditional context.

That day somewhere in Copenhagen the bunch of gourmet enthusiasts wanted to riot against a less enthusiastic part of the food culture – specifically the category with an overflow of concept chains, supplying a happy meal – though less proud and less in line with the new heritage fast food category.

The guys were kind of fed up with the burger culture – a culture with, if any, only little link to the Scandinavian food culture known to the world.

This day this bunch of guys, decided to make burgers an art. Not so much in presentation but in taste. They didn’t want the joint to stand out but to embrace the regular customer, delivering taste at a reasonable price.

A very clean concept was born, offering the best burger with a nice daiquiri on the side.

The boys in the hood knew what they wanted, but more important they knew how to get everything just right. This is far from the first restaurant they build from scratch.

The Burger joint is a must for all mankind visiting Copenhagen. Minimalistic and fresh concept with the coolest name: Jagger

JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_10 JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_9

The boys have not just eye for taste and simplicity, they also know a thing or two about the right gear. Don’t be shy to ask about the coolers making the daiquiris.


Jonas (photographer) and I visited the Jagger on a Friday – we managed to fit in an interview in just before lunch. This Friday was kind of special because the manager was watching the phone more regularly than normally, his wife could go into labor any hour soon. Nevertheless we got a great effortless and passionate presentation of the concept, food and gear.

On top of the tasting experience that I will return to shortly, we also took notice of something else.

Jagger is sustainable on so many levels, but since I already touched on quality in ingredients, I happily want to report about the selection of staff. We are not all born without abnormality, but in this kitchen there is room for the passionate and skilled whether they fit a common standard or not! We really embrace this, and if for no other reason we would recommend Jagger on that note.

JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_25 JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_27

But Jagger is just 100% – because the experience in taste made Jonas and I so happy that the bunch of guys set out to disrupt the burger industry. This was truly a lunch worth remembering.

Next time you are in town and want to dwell on Copenhagen craftsmanship and disruptive behavior – Jagger is absolutely worth a visit and don’t forget to try the manmade sauces on the table.

Brian (a returning customer) // for CPHmade

Photo by Jonas –

NOTE: we have been labeled getting paid for doing these kind of interviews. We are of course not – we paid for our own lunch, just like everybody else.

Focus on the man and his craft

November seems to be the month of the man (Movember, anyone?) – hence we decided to do a range of blogs finally focusing on THE MAN. We will dig in deeper, and look at some of the new male trends between our honoured craftsmen and “regular” cool men alike.




We will do a range of blogs the next couple of month, where we scratch the surface and risk our reputation as celebrators of craftsmanship, to bring credit to the male species living, breathing and creating from a base in Copenhagen.


Men are not quite what they used to be, men are changing, and sometimes you have to wonder what happened. The Stone Age is in the past and we’ve moved on, but it’s obvious to most that the male species has softened quite significantly over the last few decades. The man has had to adapt to a whole new role, and perhaps we act the part a little too well?






Being a man should be all about being a man, and not just what’s expected of the GF or wife. Cool male behaviour seems like the perfect ideal, something women love – at least in the beginning. Just the other day I saw an Instagram comment from a woman on a cool picture of Steve McQueen, full of dirt from a bike ride. The comment said ‘I want one of those, mine has softened and the t-shirt doesn’t fit any longer’. Although her own selfies showed me that her t-shirt didn’t fit either, I kind of liked her statement – Pointing to the fact that some men are getting sloppy, lazy, and simply forgetting about themselves.





Like everything else in life, we need to find the right balance.


Therefore we decided to dig up some cool brothers as an inspiration to all the men out there who actually want to make an effort. And since we are lucky enough to be surrounded by cool craftsmen, this is our focus in Movember – sorry, I meant November!


Let’s head to Østerbro, Copenhagen to visit a group of guys who take themselves very seriously, but also strive to bring new energy and inspiration to the man of 2016. Let’s talk about Carl’s Barber Shop, their staff and of course, their customers.





This is a third generation barbershop in Copenhagen, and visiting Carl’s Barber Shop is like stepping into a time machine and arrive back in the fifties – the cool fifties that is!


The staff is übercool, true to themselves and down to earth with a passion and dedication to take the man back to where he belongs. As the desired male – who is man enough to have his own opinions – also about his look.


Yes, we know that appearance is superficial, but we also know that all judgement starts here!


Whether it’s hair or grooming nothing is contemporary here, everything is done slowly with a skillset and extreme service level that do not apply to most experiences on retail level in Denmark. Carl’s Barber Shop delivers far beyond expectations and I haven’t even gotten a haircut or a trim of the beard yet!


Apart from the staff you are also met by a range of cool customers, waiting for the monthly upgrade of cool-factor. First question for a new customer is not: Do you have a reservation? But: How would you prefer to start out? – Meaning, would you like to have a whiskey, a cognac, a beer or a BLACK coffee.


The music frames the experience and not two minutes into the visit, you just know that you don’t want to leave; you just want to stay in this time capsule a little bit longer.




Customers from age 6 to 93 love to come here, not just because of the cartoons, gear level or social acceptance. They visit Carl’s Barber Shop because they have an opinion on their own appearance and they never leave without scheduling a new appointment.


The photographer (Jonas – and I met with Troels, partner and staff at Carl’s – I immediately felt in the hands of a real man, even though he is 20-30 years younger than yours truly.


Troels, who is a passionate craftsman and eager to promote his trade, is truly happy about the renewed focus on men’s hair and grooming. Although the passionate clan of customers is still fairly little, it’s growing from day to day. The profession is developing, and inspiration is no longer a US phenomenon. If you Google ‘barbershop’, you will see a very cool business starting to blossom.





Standing on the shoulders of cool vintage barbers from the past, Carl’s Barber Shop manages to integrade and mix the heritage through three generations with the new take on techniques and styling. The team at Carl’s might be a younger generation, but they deliver the proud story with a very steady hand.


Customers as well as staff present a variety of styles, but all very well thought out in every detail. Tattoos are telling the story of most of the customers and staff, a library of experiences between many generations – and there is a reason for each and every tattoo.


An older guy is getting his beard upgraded; he seems to enjoy every minute of his treatment. So did we – and so should you!


Carl’s Barber Shop really is worth a visit – not just to get your appearance upgraded, but also to be reminded what a real man’s world looks and smells like!


For more information visit:




for CPHmade // this is Brian Engblad


It takes craftsmanship to create a book too

Scandinavian craftsmanship is much more than just furniture. Creativity and craft comes in many forms and that is why we decided to take the pulse on the Danish literary scene at this year’s biggest national book fair, BogForum, in Bella Center Copenhagen.



Erlend Loe @ Erlend Loe


Stories are an essential part of human existence

Above all else, the ability to tell stories is the thing that separates mankind from animals.

Since the break of day, stories have been the thing that connects us to our humanity, the thing that helps us understand ourselves and make sense of the world we live in. From ancient cave drawings to modern-day Twitter novels – stories are all around us and stories will never die. Period.





Why do we read literature?

Okay, you get the picture, stories are important – but why do we still read literature, when today’s society offers so many other story world options?

There are many reasons for reading literature, the most common of course being the opportunity to learn, to escape everyday life and finally, to experience an alternative, fictional world, which will give us a new perspective and as a result hereof, let us see the real world in a different light. But literature can also be read for the pure aesthetic pleasure it gives us humans to surround ourselves with good, artful craftsmanship of any kind – be it furniture, clothing or books.


jens christian grøndahl

@ Jens Christian Grøndahl

jens christian grøndahl


The writer as a craftsman

As Aristotle said, “a good story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end” – but how to connect these three parts is actually a lot harder than it sounds. It is a difficult job that takes years to master fully. The key to success here is the author’s imagination, creativity, and his or hers ability to convey feelings and impressions into written words.

Of course everyone can write, but only the real craftsmen, or should we say artists, can put together words in such a way that it touches the readers and leaves them altered by the experience. The artist’s work is one of the only real forms of immortality, and that is why writing will never die.



danish book fair 2016

BogForum #25

However, if anyone still questions the relevance and ongoing popularity of the physical book, all they have to do is visit the annual BogForum in Bella Center Copenhagen. With the staggering number of visitors (more than 34.000 people!) this year’s fair was the most successful one to date, which just goes to show that the book is still very much alive.

This 25th edition of BogForum had a little something for everyone with a diverse and inclusive program spreading over three days from the 11th to the 13th of October.

Despite the widespread prejudice, BogForum is not only a place for literary connoisseurs that seek our niche literature and highbrow interviews. This year a whole new children’s scene, a new comic book area and an expanded self-publishing area was introduced – with great success.


Anders Matthesen_bogforum_2016

@Anders Matthesen



A celebration of the craft

BogForum is all about celebrating the written word, the genius of the authors and all the hard work that precedes a book’s publication. Sadly, many tend to forget the fact that the publishing world is actually filled with craftsmen such as agents, editors, printers, binders, booksellers, reviewers, audiobook narrators etc. who all help the book on its way from first draft to renown bestseller.



Jussi Adler Olsen

@Jussi Adler Olsen


What we saw

So, all this talk about literature, but what did we actually see? At BogForum you can either choose to browse around the different scenes and booths, or you can run to and fro to catch a glimpse of your favourite author. We chose a mix of these two and were fortunate enough to get front row seats to hear the always entertaining Norwegian author Erlend Loe talk about his newest book “The End of the World as We Know It”. We heard Ulla Terkelsen talk about her life on the road as a journalist for the Danish television station TV2, we entered in a classics’ quiz with king of Danish cultural life Adrian Lloyd Hughes, and we marveled at the long lines to see Jussi Adler Olsen and Stand-up comedian Anders Matthesen. No matter what you see, though, BogForum is an experience in itself, filled with people bustling around, excited voices, happy faces and last but not least, celebrities from both Denmark and the rest of the world.


Ulla Terkelsen

@ Ulla Terkelsen

Ulla Terkelsen



Very few events attract busses full of people for a whole weekend and very few events bring people of all ages and backgrounds together – but BogForum is one of them. Isn’t it marvellous how reading, such an introvert activity can bring so many people together in one big, social, book loving group?


Jussi Adler Olsen

@Jussi Adler Olsen



We definitely think it is – so to all those craftsmen out there, who help keep the book alive in 2016, we salute you!


On behalf of the CPHmade team // Caroline Vorsholt Danielsen


Photography by // BPEphotography


A new design era has begun!


In Denmark we are allowed to change professional direction hence a new design generation has developed.

– more than ever before people start living the dream, instead going for the usual ‘just a job’ focus!

We are so happy in Denmark – or at least that’s how we are known to most people visiting Denmark. I don’t know whether it’s really true, but from the reaction I’m getting when I tell the tourists visiting our store, about the possibilities we are given in Denmark they truly envy the Danes at large. To them we are not just happy, but lucky and rich in so many ways.

Our kids get a free education of own choice and should they reconsider during the studies or after. It’s possible to take another ‘prepaid’ education. Even later in life, it common that people makes a rather ambitious carrier change.

Between our more than 100 members we have lots of stories about huge carrier changes. Like when somebody quit the job in a law firm just to start a company making soap! Schoolteacher’s do-over, getting new educations to become furniture designers or jewelers rather late in life.

Or like Jacob from Fundi Furniture – from carpenter to rock solid furniture creator.

The story from all of them are alike – they all just took the giant and bold step risking everything.


Take the skilled and passionate owner of Fundi Furniture. I went for a visit just a few weeks back – I went to see the new workshop! First and foremost the shear size of the workshop and all the gear told a story about passionate believing in both product and skills. About being all in – playing with own money – taking the risk. Fundi Furniture was established in 2012, and Jacob never looked back since. And why should he, customers stand in line because they admire his design and craft – and in contrast to what most other furniture stores offers, here you also can visit and follow your own piece of furniture coming to life.

Attention to detail, respect for the traditional craft, new combinations in material and meticulous – are just some of the words people link to the work of Jacob Fundi.

The three pieces showcased here also show respect for the Scandinavian design heritage, and how to take a classical chair or bench into the twenty-first century. Enjoy also the combination of the classical 60’ties wooden cabinet with so much well thought detail inside the cabinet.

All Fundi furniture designs are made by order and ideas for customization is welcome.

You can find more about Fundi furniture here

Link to website here

Instagram @fundisnedkeri

CPHmade loves Scandinavian Design – Welcome

Welcome to – Scandinavian Design – our brand new webshop!

Scandinavian design webshop

For the last four years we have celebrated everything made in Copenhagen, because we are so proud of most of what is produced in our capital.

We have through the years proudly told all of you about all the products and in detail described the craftsmanship behind and about the passionate artisans living their dream. Everything on the CPHMADE site is truly Copenhagen made!

This we have been communicating to the best of our ability – but we just forgot one slightly important thing – Everything made in Copenhagen is a proud part of the Scandinavian Design label.

Hence we have decided to bring new life to our webshop – and boldly broaden our webshop perspective.

From our International customers we know how many appreciate Scandinavian products and Scandinavian Living in general. Hence the new offer in the all Scandinavian webshop. is a platform that embraces everything authentic from the Nordic countries. Northernmakers is first a foremost a webshop and presentation of an all popular range of Nordic and Scandinavian brands. Just like in the case of CPHmade all brands and products is locally made and have been audited and curated by us. We hope you will enjoy this new offer. Click here to go to the new webshop –

The rest of CPHmade remains the same – staying true to the passionate few in our capital. Supporting them individually in the aim of presentation and development in general.

We hope you can appreciate this new offer and will support our local heroes like you have done so far. We know that you will love our new shipping offer – everything up to 100€ is shipped for only 15€ – everything over 100€ is shipped free of charge.

Now go have a look and tell us what you think.


The right tools for job well done

Coming to you re-live from a visit to one of Copenhagen’s best tailors with a story about the importance of craftsmanship and having the right tools. It’s a rather breezy Tuesday morning in Copenhagen.I’m cold and looking forward to at nice morning interview with Copenhagen (men’s) Tailor Karina Mott.

Copenhagen taylor

After the first couple of sips of a well prepared cup of coffee, we started talking about how Karina juggle both the life of being in business for her self and the fact that she is pregnant with her second child expected to arrive in 6-8 weeks time. It’s an interesting conversation about having to admit that the two things doesn’t go hand in hand very well. And yet again offer renewed energy to drive a passionate and profitable business.

I’m here today to dig into the craft of tailoring and how important it is to have the right set of tools. The reason for me to choose to talk about tools with Karina is rather simple. Being a women I hoped to get a story about the true need, in comparisons if I was to ask a man the same question I believe that the answer perhaps was more about the ‘nice to have’ factor.

Yes we could have talked about needles and pins but we didn’t – we talked about scissors! Obviously having a scissor in the first place is rather important being a tailor, but from the selection of scissors it’s became obvious that this tool really was something special. We talked about ergonometry, weight, balance, lengths and overall size. And during this part of the conversation it stood absolutely clear how demanding this craftsman was when talking about the search and purchase. It also became clear how long this process can be, before finding the right pair of scissors.

skrædder saks (2 of 3)-2

Karina showed me the latest and greatest purchase – a truly monster! But a monster with a fantastic story behind both the purchase and the brand itself – and off course this pair of scissors was handcrafted in Italy.

skrædder saks (1 of 3)-2

On the web forum on Karina came about a conversations on scissors, and especially about a post and question about 13” scissors.


Months later after joining in on the bulk order Karina received this incredible masterpiece absolutely worth waiting for. It’s really a tremendous piece of handcrafted art with so much attention to detail. An even though Karina had to make some ergonomic customizations this shears has been the go to piece ever since.

scissors in the making shears in the making

skrædder saks (3 of 3)-2Taking into consideration how important this tool is, it is no wonder that a tailor want to go the extra mile to secure the right tools for the job.


And just like a tailored suit this pair of scissors will last a lifetime – it always pay to get the best, if not for any other reason then at least because it last longer.

For more about Copenhagen tailor Karina Mott – please visit

What is the right gift – Adding value to a nice present

cphmade artisan craftsmanship

What is the right gift? And what is a nice present anyway?

We have just been through the holiday season, where the number one biggest achievement is to get it right – meaning getting the right present for the one you love. Most of us struggle and many of us are through the full register of feelings both finding the right present and when giving away this special present. Is it going to be the right one?

To some it has to be well thought of, to others it has to be big and expensive – and to some – all of the above. But the trend point in the direction of ‘special’ – yet again, what does ‘special’ mean?

‘To us at CPHmade adding value to a product means that the product are  great design,well crafted, with a awesome story and made by a local artisan.’

The local hero in this feature is a vivid designer and a true craftsman. The story behind Jeweler Mads Heindorf is absolutely one to remember. As a young apprentice he did something rather creative – he simply hired one of the best Jewelers in town, to teach him the skill set as both designer and business man. As Mads’ is gifted creative skills master and apprentice got pr and accreditation from the very beginning.

Today Mads Heindorf Jewellery is well established and delivers creations to a huge range of incredible individuals within the general better establishment.

Even though most of his creations are solid, thick and heavy this latest range shows Mads Heindorf as the creator that meet the trends combining leather and petite. Not leaving out his perceived core brand element – RAW.


necklace by mads heindorf

The necklace comes in different price points – hence every wallet can click home a nice piece from the young master himself.

This hopefully point to the fact that it is possible to buy a well thought off gift that comes with an extraordinary and exciting story behind…

Want is the best gift you ever bought?



scandinavian jewelery design

Choosing a tailor is a delicate matter

What to expect when choosing a tailor and a little about a tailor-made experience

Why would you ever choose a tailor, when so many great brands deliver contemporary designed quality suits to a fraction of the price?
Before I start explaining why more and more people decide choosing a tailor to visit a tailor, let me just admit that I’m going to reveal our choice of tailor even though that I know the saying – a true gentleman NEVER reveals his tailor! But for the good of all, I’m going to anyway!
Most men and women that visit a tailor and buy tailor-made, have the same experiences when it comes to standard suits and dresses – they learned over the years that there is no such thing as a perfect fit in standardized appearance. Most can sum up the key experience in 4 categories:

– not really being 100% satisfied with the product.
– an uncomfortable feel due to lack of fit.

– never got the real attention to detail when fitted in the retail store.
– you almost never get true value for the money.

Regardless of what brand you might choose as preferred label, can actually supply the same level of fit – nevertheless most consumers would rather buy two half fitted suits than one individual fitted – even though that the design is similar perhaps even more long term trendy and that the overall tailor-made process is so much more thrilling. 
It takes time and it’s worth the waiting. A typical two piece suit will be done in 8 weeks time. Over the 8 weeks you would have at least 5 sessions with the tailor:

– choise, recommendation and pricing.
– measuring.
– 2-4 fitting sessions
– final delivery 

Quality and life span – I don’t know whether I truly need to argue for making better and more sustainable choices. At least for now I will leave it out.
But I will talk a little about feel – the feeling of being in the center of focus for more than 5 minutes. 5 minutes being the average time spend for a fitting session, for a standard suit in any retail store. Obviously this is not sufficient to make the necessary attention to detail and to deliver perfect result and a confident fit.
The confident fit is another important issue. There are men in suits and there are men in suits. Most just see the suit as a uniform, a vital part of license to do business. To others it’s a confident statement of power and self-promotion. The perfect fit demands a thorough and highly skilled tailor to process 2-3-4 fittings with respect to individual shape and not to mention the respect for textiles and layers in the suit.
Waring tailor-made is always a joy – and the story that comes with such an experience and fit is a vital part of giving anybody the confidence of a true businessman.
Before your next buy – ask yourself whether you too might be worth spending a little extra on. I recommend that you at least give yourself the leisure of a visit to ‘your’ tailor, just to get a little more educated in the world of luxury.
We have selected one of Copenhagen’s obvious choices to be part of CPHmade – Ms. Karina Mott – Mott Skrædderi. For more information about Karina Mott or tailoring in general don’t hesitate to call us.

Calendergirl 2016 – Toril Baekmark

victorian calender 2016

Everything these days are so digital – even you are sitting reading this! Digital is all around us!

We kind of forgot the great good old ways – who need it anyway? Well we all do!

The printed monthly calender have been a tradition for generations and it will keep being part of many homes in decades to come.

But we are past most of the traditional pages in the calender! Most of us would like the calender to complement our decor and colors – and we are not easy to please, because we take our home and decorations very serious.

Copenhagen and perhaps Denmarks best offer on a decorative wall calender 2016 is the comtempory calender made by Toril Baekmark. Her famous and icon work found the way to theather poster, porcelin and much more.

Toril Bækmark is Copenhagen-based creative design illustrator. Toril graduated from the Danish School of Art and Design in 1996, where she specialized in illustration and poster design. During her education Toril had the opportunity to study abroad, and travelled to Poland where she spent six months on the Warsaw Art Academy. Ever since, Toril Bækmark has been practicing her passion, illustrating!

Toril has composed this calender in tune with the seasons and present a calender full of beautiful handmade illustrations which excibit a flower full univers with just the right organic touch.

Taking the details into consideration Toril Baekmark made sure that the 2016 version of her calender would allow the owner to make small notes of their own, without moving focus from the lovely work.

The Calender is offset printet on thick quality paper, making the Calender illustrations last almost a lifetime. The wire make it easy to hang without damaging the calender pages.

size: 30X49cm

You can buy yours here.

Danish Design Heritage

Danish Design Heritage

A strong footprint in Scandinavian living.

Scandinavian design has through the last 50 years been gifted with numerous designers hence a vast number of Internationally recognized product designs that pride and caterpillar any living room and kitchen around the world.
Since back in the 1970’s Scandinavian design and living has been celebrated for clear lines and a true passion for a light color palette to match the dark month up north. Setting a standard for Scandinavian minimalism has been an aim for other International designers as well as architects. It seams like a vast majority on especially the Asian and Western markets have been embracing this phenomena for decades.
Today many new talents in the Northern region benefit from this design heritage whilst getting a proud education in more than just design and craft. In 2015 no designer nor maker would not benefit from being the next in line from Denmark’s Arne Jacobsen, Sweden’s Bruno Matsson, Finland’s Alva Alto or Norway’s Sigurd Ressel. Although the new craftsmen surely would appreciate being brand wise self-supporting, they all have a lot of expectation to live up to – but also to benefit from.
Even though that most people look towards Scandinavia when scouting for design icons in furniture, Denmark is by far the most acknowledged for design creations from as example Mr. Kaare Klint, Mr. Mogens Koch, Mr. Poul Kjaerholm, Mr. Finn Juhl and many other Danish designer celebs.
The proud tradition is very much alive and kicking, and since the heritage is as proud and partly extra ordinary promising – many new talents surface with new breathtaking designs. The heritage and esteemed characters have plowed a route to success many years back. Making it easy for makers and startups in general to supply an extra strong voice in terms of perceived design recognition and branding in general.
Nobody looks like they are leaning back – perhaps more than ever Danish furniture design is celebrated around the world not just cashing in on heritage but giving truly giving back. Making sure that the Danish and Scandinavian heritage is as intact as possible for the generations of Danish and Scandinavian designers to come.
In your search for the new Nordic Design Icons, the old icons like the Swan, PK80 and the Egg – they all have got new Scandinavian competition by Cloud, Cora and Ice, just to name a few.

Testing product quality


Some weeks back, I took part in a discussion about quality. Even though the discussion was between friends and family, it was a tough one and all we agreed on disagreeing. You see quality is not an easy subject to come around, especially if the money issue is brought up as part the hard-heated discussion. We are kind of the same audience, same buying power and equally same wish to be surrounded by good stuff. But right here the similarities ended! Some, like myself, wanted to buy into hand-made and solid craftsmanship others into super brands. Others didn’t see sound reason to go for anything but the cheap solution – the claim here was that ‘eventually it will somehow break anyway. In other words some of us bought in to a story, others into safety and the rest voted for the cheapest solution.

The truth is that there is a little of all 3 choices in most of us but the focus varies.

Now, one could argue that spending more was a wise solution. One could also argue from a sustainable point of view or from ‘everything grows out of fashion anyway’ and all desire is short lived.

Long-term arguments vs. short term!

As part of my argumentation I brought two product examples to the table from different categories. One bought from one of our members in the CPHmade network, and another one from a larger international brand. A chopping board from Monomade and a bow tie, from a brand that I will not mention since the brand itself is of no relevance here. Both products were ridiculously expensive compared to the cheap no-branded solutions around.


Was my extravaganza worth it? Yes and absolutely NO!

I love cooking and take pride in surrounding myself with quality in just about every category out in kitchenware. This means that something like a chopping board needs to be able to take quite a beating and survive the numerous washing and cleaning rituals, which by the way is why most professional chefs choose plastic boards instead of the wooden opponent. But I’m not a professional chef so I went for the wooden solution, also because you now and then need to put the board on the dinner table – so it needs to able to present itself beautifully too. I used it for almost a year, and yes some of the base colour has been washed off, but other than that I have nothing but positive recommendations for this chopping board. This board is among my favorites and will stay so for many years to come because as you can see it nearly hasn’t received any scratches or knife mark. To me this is a perfect example on how important it is to choose a craftsman’s handmade quality instead of you usual cheap chopping boards. In this case quality is secured through the craftsman and his passionate skill about wood. See for yourself!



On another note I’m kind of old fashioned, and I have a passion for the bow tie. These days I can’t call it a selfie any longer but in the old days that were what you would call the real bow tie – the one you had to tie yourself! I can just as well admit to the fetish since I over the years have collected more than 100 colourful versions. Here again you can buy a lot cheaper versions, but most of us learned quite quickly how difficult and how stiff and foolish they present themselves. If you buy one you will not have spend you money wisely. If you on the other hand found a good quality version it is a rather different experience all together – easy to tie not looking like a first timer! But it will cost you! I choose a safe pick – a high end brand! This is not the first time I stood disappointed. Because we all know that a superbrand spend a lot, to let us into believe that they supply the best quality – but what they spend on marketing and brand they don’t always spend on product! This bow tie is sadly a great example. Yes my beard certainly is also to blame – but this bow tie was used only twice!!! No way worth the money!



Product is king and quality does matter!

The safest way to make sure that you vote for product and quality? Find a craftsman and lean up against his or her skills and passion – and experience how much more you will gain from making a better choice.

Scandinavian Design and minimalism by Soeren Ulrich

bench - scandinavian design

As Scandinavian Design is back on the pintarest – Accredited Danish designer Søren Ulrich, Plain Crafts aims to provide solid hardwood furniture with quality a mix between contemporary and traditional design. In response to our throwaway culture, the series of hand-built barstoolsbenchestablescoat racks and display units take inspiration from traditional, hardwearing Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork. Bypassing trends and opting instead for a classic, timeless look, Ulrich’s quiet, minimal style should sit comfortably in any setting. With this in mind his latest “Made in Copenhagen” series uses plain solid oak and simple structures across a matching range brought to us by our friends at Copenhagen retailer GOODS.

GOODS – is a cool mens retailer in the Østerbro area, and absolutely worth a visit. This is how they present themselves – Since our humble beginnings around the birth of the global financial crisis in August of 2008, Goods has gone from being a local destination shop at an off beat basement location to become an established men’s clothing store on the main street of Copenhagen´s Østerbro neighborhood. At Østerbrogade 44 Goods tends to a broad range of clientele; servicing both locals, tourists and Copenhageners of many ages and social stature, but all with a common and vested interest in quality and design.

The combination between the two is extraordinary

For more about Soeren Ulrich

Ditte Fischer coming to town

One of CPHmade oldest members – Ditte Fischer Ceramics – situated in the Nørrebro district is now coming to central Cph. In April they will be opening a new retail shop in Læderstræde 14.

So in two month’s time much more people will be able to see, experience and purchase the beautiful products that Ditte Fischer is known for.

We shall be looking forward to pay Ditte Fischer a visit in Læderstræde when Spring comes. Until then we refer you all to Ditte Fischer’s workshop in Nørrebro – or to buy online. PS: CPHmade webshop also carries a a selection of their products.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 07.32.12

Kulturnatten 2015 – CPHmade recommendations

Friday night is Kulturnatten in Copenhagen. Here at CPHmade we have made a list with some of the events not to miss:

P. Hertz is Denmark’s oldest jewelry shop and at Kulturnatten they are opening the doors for a unique glimpse into the goldsmith’s work with the precious metals and to the 180 year old history of the business. Free entrance just show up between 18-21 this Friday.

P. Hertz
Købmagergade 34, 1150 Kbh K

SMK the National Gallery of Art is ready to welcome you to a night in the light of art. The temporary exhibition BIOGRAPHY by artists Elmgreen & Dragset will set the scene for the night. There will be 4 different art talks, children and adults can join in on building a huge art piece in the museum and Tomas Barfod from WhoMadeWho will perform a live soundtrack to the exhibition and much more..

Sølvgade 48-50, 1307 Kbh K

Nørrebro Bryghus invites you to a free tour of the brewery with two tastings included. No sign up just show up at 19 or 20 o’clock to experience the ambience of a modern brewery!

Nørrebros Bryghus
Ryesgade 3, 2200 Kbh N

This Friday is also the 6 years birthday of Mads Heindorf Jewellery. They celebrate by opening the goldsmith’s workshop up to the public for you to take a peak at the work process. Make sure to stop by as there’ll be special offers at the night and a competition to win a custommade ring with a brilliant cut diamond between the first 100 guests.

Mads Heindorf Jewellery
Göthersgade 105, 1123 Kbh K

No event in Copenhagen without celebrating our city’s favourite way of transportation – the bike! Experience the bike in new ways with a movie, city walk, ‘pimp-your-bike’ and more at VerdensKulturCentret!

Photo by:


See you out there!

Danish wine tasting Saturday 16th May

Come and taste a selection of Danish white, red and sparkling wines in our shop Saturday 16th May 2-4pm.

We promote and sell a wide range of Danish wine and liquors in our MiD shop. And we do so despite many people putting on a mocking smile on their face. But absolutely no need as Danish wine quality is actually quite good these days.

But now you have the chance to judge for yourself. So come and taste a selection of Danish wines, both white, red and sparkling wines. Then you tell us what you think.

We serve wines from Nyholmgaard, Kelleris Vingaard, Frederiksborg Vin and others. Everybody gets to taste a minimum of 5 different wines. We will also tell about Danish wine history, development and future.

Price per person is 125,00 kr. Binding registration by sending an email to Asger Daugbjerg at – 12th May latest.

Meet CPHmade members at Graphic Design NOW!

graphic design

This coming Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm

CPHmade members Toril Bækmark and Hamide will both be present:

Graphic Design NOW! is Trapholt’s new festival for graphic design. Here 30 of Denmark’s most talented graphic designers exhibit and sell their works.

Graphic Design NOW! originated from the idea that Denmark is missing a place that gathers and displays what is happening on the graphic design stage right now.

It will be a weekend filled with graphic activities and the opportunity to find that special design for your wall.

SS 2015 pencil trend

pencil design 2015
Something is going on in pencils in 2015 – it seams like a new focus is surfaced – We risk our reputation and point to a new contemporary trend in the furniture / living segment.
We are fund of new ideas, but even more curious when a designer integrate basic elements in new design. And since the good old pencil are no longer is use by most designers and people at large why not give it a new assignment in design – because it’s still a cool object whether used in a more traditional way or not!
Our Danish Craftsmen Tom Rossau joined the club of enthusiastic designers and craftsman who found a new use for this fantastic and more than 150 year old invention.
made in copenhagen, denmark
Tom is famous for another iconic lamp, but perhaps this new model can create even more brand buzz for Tom Rossau.
made in denmark
Other designers tipped in during the last 12 month and they are making a wide range of possible new pencil icons. Perhaps it’s just because they needed new ideas or source of inspiration. But it’s rather funny taking into consideration that most designers have had a pencil close by for many years.
For now I just enjoy the new take on an old object.
Evernote Camera Roll 20150226 153930 blog from Copenhagen
 Evernote Camera Roll 20150226 153932 Blog from Copenhagen
Last in this new trend, it seams like pencils has drawn the attention of not just designers but other creative minds as well – for them pencil lead is now used as a micro canvas. This is rather new to most but thanks to google picture search we found a range of this new art form – perhaps we all need to sharpen the pencil in a new way too.
Evernote Camera Roll 20150226 153933 pencil art
It seams like there is no turning back – SS 2015 pencil trend – How do you use your pencil?

Hey you Coffee affecionados!!

Hurry down to Coffee Collective and grab a bag of La Esmeralda…

Intense aromas of jasmine, citrus and bergamot. Honeylike sweetness, lingering acidity and light creamy mouthfeel

This is probably the wildest, most aromatic coffee in the world. At Hacienda La Esmeralda the Peterson’s grow the variety Geisha, which has an amazingly intense floral aroma. The coffee cherries are depulped and mechanically demucilaged.

This coffee was harvested in February 2014. CC roasted it very light in small batches, bringing out the freshness and vivid aromas as much as possible.


Talentet Fair Lady – Toril Baekmark

Toril Baekmark created yet another lovely poster – here to promote the theater piece My Fair Lady by Lerner and Loewe’s. During the latest 2-3 years Toril Baekmark really stepped into the scene of very creative artist taking old illustration techniques into kind hands and stepping up expression. We haven’t seen the play, but to us it looks more than promising just by looking at the poster. Beautiful work! As an extra bonus the colors and feel fits perfect with the sunny spring feeling that Copenhagen and Denmark provides right now.

made in denmark illustration

This week-end is for all you chocolate lovers

This week-end is for chocolate aficionados!

Saturday and Sunday in Tap 1 in the Carlsberg village, Copenhagen from 1am-5pm. And of course you can meet a range of CPHmade members who will all proudly present their ‘to-die-for’ chocolates.

So off you go to meet: Oialla, Chocolade-Hexen, RO Chocolate – and all the other companies who might not be CPHmade members, but will still make you crave for more chocolate.

Read more here:

Pencil trend…SS15

pencil design 2015Teaser:

Not all design process’ starts with notebook and pencil, but thats NOT to say that the pencil no longer goes hand in hand with design and design process. We have decided to scratch the surface about the pencil.

We will focus on the pencil trend in contemporary design SS 2015. Stay tuned.


Get your bike ready for a special ride

Again this year CPHmade and our dear member Recycles will arrange Classico bicycle event – this year in both Copenhagen, Aarhus and Elsinore. All three events will take place during the summer months.

The idea is quite simple: Dust off your old vintage/retro bike and dress up for the occasion. Put on your best smile, ride together with all other happy people, stop for a coffee break and a bit later a champagne break. And after 25 km cross the finish line – and everybody’s is a winner and deserve a solid lunch.

Read all about it on www.copenhagenclassico.comimage3


The modern Nordic homes in the year of 2015

modern nordic home cphmade

As we are about to exit the first month of 2015 it’s time to start looking to what the year will bring. This is a look at the modern Nordic homes and where it will evolve. What color is trendy? What decor style is popular? And what is the next big trend? Well, what is a modern Nordic home?

modern Nordic homes Marsala CPHmade

Modern Nordic colors

As with seasons – colors come and go. The favorite amongst the northerners right now is grey, the Nordic choice for the basics. But the hottest color to be will be a dark warm red. The world-renowned color company Pantone has just revealed the color of 2015 last month. It is called ‘Marsala’ named after a liquor. According to Pantone ‘Marsala’ will be the most trendy color world wide this year in both furniture and interior. Marsala is an earthy tone of wine red and is a grounded color of elegance on it’s own and with a satisfying richness to it. Both nature and earth are the inspirations for the color that origins from Sicily, Italy, where the wine liquor comes from. The color could be called the umami of the colors as it is a ‘fulfilling meal’ in a sophisticated and satiating way (Source: Pantone).

nordic modern homes 2015 droobski

In general we’ll se a lot more red and copper-orange as 2015 rolls out. The hues of the red scale will mix in well in those Scandinavian homes and make it more interesting than just the basic pale palette of white, beige and grey (Source: and

modern nordic home lokal handcrafted copenhagen

The deep dark greens and blues we saw this fall continues into the new year. It creates a calm and cosiness in the homes. The courage to change up the style more during the year comes as we see an economical prosperity. As the seasons will change so will our homes and as the white Scandinavian nights closes in the homes will transform with small changes (like bedspread, pillowcases, vases). So welcome the colors into your decor with a upholstered bright furniture or a painted wall in dark dusky color to break away from the norm.

Minimalistic Nordic Bauhaus

The trendy modern Nordic homes has been rather minimalistic for a long time and is still dominating. The new here is the contrast that is added with the arty and geometric Bauhaus-style. Decorative details or a dark color will be an element to contrast the otherwise clean peeled white walls. Minimalism is still a focus but added something extravagant to renew the look of the nature style with the Nordic woods to make it more elegant.


Marble and metals are strong elements from the Bauhaus period. Copper was the big thing in 2014 and we are far from done with it although brass is taking over as the number one metal. The warm glow matches very well with the otherwise rather cold tone Nordic style is know for.
White marble is clean and elegant and goes well to break a minimalistic Scandinavian home. The green and red marble is very ‘nature’ and together with brass it raises the stylish elegance of a room decorated with light or darker woods, leather and other nordic materials.

mordern nordic home marble

New trend – 3D printing

One of the new trends that clashes a little with the philosophy of CPHmade is the new possibilities the entry of 3D printing brings. This new modern technology will revolutionize the way we think of creation. As 3D printing will become more and more common it will be easier for the consumers to simply(fied) just print their furnitures in the future.


The chinese firm Yingchuang New Materials Inc. has gone all the way with printing entire houses. But the printers required to make this scale are huge (about 6 meters tall 40 meters long and 10 meters wide) so probably not for the everyday consumer (Source: To print something in it’s entirety will probably be a little demanding to do at home, and not as easy as the whole 3D printing may sound. At times less is more. As an example Keystones from studio Mina-Maeda in Milano has made a white plastic construction you can print at home. It will hold a table together without any further parts (Source: Bo Bedre).


For sure – we have not seen more than the first snowflake on the tip of the iceberg which 3D printing with accelerating haste will become. Although this is very smart we all know that a trend needs a countertrend. This is why 3D printing hardly will be the knock-out of handcrafted furniture. On the opposite it wouldn’t be unthinkable that 3D printing will be a factor in an increase in the demand of unique handmade quality furniture in organic materials as people grow tired of the ‘copy+paste’ trend. Check out one of the best in Copenhagen to make Nordic handmade furniture here.

modern nordic home ask emil

Photos from: Bobedre, Ferm Living, Monomade,, Lokal, Ask Emil, Droobski og Pantone.

To see our last trend report go here.

The adventures of an Englishman and a Sogreni bicycle

On her blog, Heathers husband Guy shares the story of his holiday romance with a Sogreni bicycle in Copenhagen this summer and how he returned there in December to bring his new bike home.

We bring the entire article her – and even CPHmade is being mentioned at the very end of the article:

“That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest”, wrote the American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau, a thought that could be written for those of us who have always been excited by cycling as a combination of transport, adventure and cutting edge design. Let us enter the rarified world of Sogreni bicycles in Copenhagen, where the artist’s materials are steel, brass and leather and where the wait for your new hand-built bicycle is part of the pleasure.

The week before Christmas, I found myself catching planes, trains and automobiles to Copenhagen, Denmark, to collect my bespoke Sogreni Young Shatterhand bicycle, a mere six months after my fitting with Soren Sogreni in his eclectic shop on Sankt Peders Stræde.

As everyone knows Copenhagen is truly a green city surrounded by water and parks, with climate-friendly citizens to match. Holding the title of European Green Capital of 2014, the city is not resting on its green credentials, but aims to become the world’s first CO2 neutral capital by 2025. In Copenhagen, sustainability and cycling are an integral part of the vibe and there is even a Cycling Embassy that advises the world on how cycling can be integrated into daily life.

Bikes are simply everywhere and used by all ages from the Royal Family downwards. Indeed Crown Prince Frederik is the only Royal to have completed an ironman triathlon, consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a 26.2-mile marathon, raced without a break. Useful but not essential preparation for taking one of the children out in a Christiana type cargo bike – a three wheeled design that can be configured in many combinations and is as popular with families as it is for delivering the post.

Having been to Copenhagen many times it was not long before I became aware of Soren Sogreni and his bicycles. Like a moth drawn to a candle I finally tracked him down to his shop when on holiday this August, finding myself chatting about engineering and Classic British cars and particularly the Bristol marque.  I immediately liked him as haute couture is not my thing and Soren is well known for his  T-shirt-and-shorts appearance. I had done my research and knew exactly what I wanted so the ordering process took very little time and soon I was back at our apartment dizzy with the caffine overload and the excitment of my purchase.

The months of waiting for my bike to be made was not a problem, indeed it was part of the excitement, given the time invested in deciding on the type and specification of the bicycle. A Sogreni hand-built bicycle is not something to be rushed or to rush on in an unseemly and sweaty manner. Like a Bentley motor car there is speed enough, but such a vehicle is not about writing or graphics and there certainly won’t be any lycra or writing on this rider.

If anything the delay helped me appreciate the skill and workmanship that went into the creation of this new and custom built machine. My new bicycle was the result of numerous manufacturing processes and logistics involving craftsmen from across Europe but with life, character and soul breathed into it by the Sogreni magician and mechanic, Peter, who I met on my return visit to the workshop in Copenhagen.

This Sogreni design is a build of distinction and rightly recognised by the luxury Danish brand, Georg Jensen who commissioned twenty identical bikes from Sogreni. The internationally renowned Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to the north of Copenhagen for many years displayed another Sogreni classic bicycle design, named the Louisiana, which you can still order.

So how did my bicycle get its name of Young Shatterhand? As Soren Sogreni explained to me, Old Shatterhand is a fictional character in the Western novels of German writer Karl May (1842–1912). He is the German friend and blood brother of Winnetou, the fictional chief of the Mescalero tribe of the Apache, a story that was made into a Euro-western of the same name in 1964, starring Lex Barker. The story of Old shatterhand entertained  Soren Sogreni as a youngster so he decided to name not one but two bicycles after this fictional character. They are the Old Shatterhand and Young Shatterhand. Quirky? You bet!

In Copenhagen you are as likely to see a very stylish lady or gent in the latest fashions riding their Sogreni bicycle through the Latin quarter as a mum cycling with her children in the ‘burbs. Being Copenhagen there is even a Cycle Chic website with an eclectic view on cycling and cyclists that promises to be lycra and granola free and promotes, amongst other things, the slow cycling movement. It also shows the amount of kilometres cycled by Copenhageners today. Incredible and for all you UK cyclists NOBODY jumps red lights … There really is no need people!

For visitors and residents alike, Copenhagen has recently introduced the Bycyklen smart bike for hire, which you will see in numerous public places around the city. It represents the latest generation of urban electric bikes, with no-puncture tyres, built in lights, touchscreen computing and GPS navigation, all in a stylish and durable design. Once you have set up your account, you can pay by the hour or have a monthly account and the web site will tell you how many bikes are available at the nearest docking station. Now how cool is that?

So back to my journey to collect my Sogreni bicycle. While some might ask why a bespoke bicycle is necessary I am hoping that my hand built machine will transform the everyday journey to work into a joyful progression. My Young Shatterhand includes leather handles, a carrying rack, an enclosed gearbox, a drum brake for the front wheel and painted rimmed mountain bike wheels – as well as a magestic brown leather sprung Brooks saddle. A bike beautifully designed by Soren Sogreni and lovingly constructed and fitted to me by Peter just in time for Christmas.

This is a bike that has kept me awake at nights, a bike I think is perfect for my today and my tomorrow and a bike that I will never sell. I believe that Henry David Thoreau would have approved.

If you go: Sogreni Bicycles, Sankt Peders Stræde 30A, 1453 Copenhagen K, Denmark. You can try out a Sogreni bike on the summer bike tours run by CPHMade – read about it on the Sogreni blog here.

The adventures of an Englishman and a Sogreni bicycle in Copenhagen

Ready to serve you in 2015 – Happy New Year

Now almost out of 2014 – but certainly already ready to serve you again in 2015.

We at CPHmade are so pleased and honoured that you have chosen to follow us and read our regular updates about craftsmanship and product innovation here in Copenhagen.

We will do our very best to keep you updated on new designs and product innovations by our 120+ members – all passionate and proud craftsmen. By telling their stories, sharing their news and supporting local manufacturing we hope that we can continue to counter soulless mass-production. Rather we hope that you and many others will cherish what is being produced by people who really care about what they do.

Manufacturing should not be about just making the bucks – it should be about offering quality products which consumers really need and crave for. Just as much because the product serves it primary function and purpose, but certainly also because it puts a smile of the consumer’s face.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!



Handcrafted bubbles

Bubbles are not only for new years eve.  Jeweler Lone Løvschal blows little bubbles for these gorgeous rings made in Copenhagen..

Løvshal handcrafted bubbles - CPHmade -made in DenmarkAlthough Løvschal is content with her path of work with metals she always dreamed of being a glassblower. So when she had the chance to try working with this other shiny but transparent material – she did. Practicing blowing tiny bubbles of vibrant and colorful glass in her workshop ended out as a poetic ring with a humorous twist. ‘In case of emergency – break the glass’ is the name of the rings that has a little diamond in the silver or gold ring with a protective bubble around it. Lone Løvschal is not mass producing her designs. As a customer she welcomes you to take part in the creating process choosing the materials and color to make it fit just right. She works with every piece with a respect for the material and the work process itself. That is the essence of what handcrafting is all about. Creating something unique that will last.. at least until a case of emergency!

Butterfly Christmas Hearts

Christmas butterfly hearts

Folding Christmas hearts is a popular December activity and now we see them in an updated version here as Butterfly Hearts is introduced by Claydies who have collaborated with Hagedornhagen. The Christmas heart holds a special place in our Danish Christmas preparations to this day however the tradition goes all the way back to a very well known Dane loved in all the world for his special fairy tales.. Christmas butterfly hearts

Once upon a Christmas Heart

Once upon a time the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Anderson folded the very first Christmas heart. Fifty years later the interlaced Christmas heart was woven in the Danish kindergardens as folding the hearts was said to stimulate the creative abilities in children. Thus the Christmas heart became commonly known. The folding of the hearts has become a Christmas tradition we cherish to do with the family ever since. The little secret of the Christmas heart is the woven basket. Not only for decoration but also for hiding little treats as you hang them on the tree.

butterfly  Christmas hearts

Butterfly Hearts are eight pretty butterfly motives woven into the traditional Christmas heart. The series combines the joy of making Christmas decorations with small symbols of the Danish summer.

The double handles are designed as the backdrop for the fragile feelers on the butterflies – a detail appreciated as you can hang the Christmas hearts both ways on the branches.

The Butterfly Hearts will make for a nice hostess gift or just a good time with the family fumbling the paerinto Butterfly Christmas hearts.

One sheet is eight templates with four different levels of difficulty so everyone can play along. And luckily for some of us instructions to follow are included if you are not a talented Christmas Hearts weaver already.

Christmas butterfly hearts

One sheet with 8 Butterfly Hearts is kr 125,- and you can get them here.

Made in Denmark retail shop now also open on Sundays

It is Christmas time – and we are now also ready to greet you on Sundays in December.

So no need to stress, no need to panic about what to buy to whom and no worries – we are here to serve you!

Our shop is still a little hidden gem – quite literally as our building is still covered by a really ugly scaffolding. But once you find your way to our store we promise you a war m and sincere welcome.images


Christmas is getting closer

Oh don’t we not all love Christmas, no fuss just happy days tucked in blankets and family. In Denmark we are tough to be happy and forgiving – especial around Christmas time.

We really strive to deliver on expectations and expectations are high! Fantastic food and marvelous bakery, prefect presents, tree and decoration just to name a few. We entertain our guests with near to overwhelming energy and the kids are nearly behaving.
We make lists and organize Christmas shopping – or at least I have heard than thats what we do. We compare and brag through our energetic behavior and for some odd reason we all carry round a bad conscience about being behind and ineffective.

This is why more and more retailers offer a wide range of services these days. Everything from shopping assistance to gift rapping. The other day I was even introduced to a Christmas delivery, by Santa on Christmas Night! Thats new to me.
Unfortunately we don’t really know Santa, but we too decided too offer some Christmas relief. In our newly open store in Copenhagen we have made it easy to buy the perfect present even for Granny that otherwise don’t really have any reel Christmas wishes other than sweet grandchildren.

We mixed from the wide variety of Scandinavian made products – thus made it possible to find the perfect gift from 100 danish kronerSo if you need to find something extraordinary for Christmas don’t hesitate to visit us in our store, or write to us for further information. And if you have the contact information to Santa please share.

Happy December

You can find all giftbags in our webshop – here

kaffe-honning-karamel-300kr magnet-karamel-honning-110kr julesalt-honning-110kr

We want to make sure that Nothing is Impossible

Kindergarden invite

Nothing is impossible – with passion and the right go-get mentality you can create your own business. Denmark has decided to focus on start-ups one week a year – this week. Hence we just launched our latest activity. This is a Danish offer only, but to thrill the curious mind we open our door one day every month to support and help mature the next creative idea into promising business’.
You can support this program by sharing our danish introduction and poster.
On behalf of the team and all the great ideas that will be develop in the years to come. Thank you!

Danish version.
Uge 47 er blevet iværksætternes uge – en uge om året sætter Danmark fokus på det vigtigste vi ved! Vi benytter lejligheden til at lancere vores nyeste tiltag – Kindergarden 2:0 væksthus for den gode ide. Den sidste torsdag i måneden, 10 gange om året, åbner vi døren for alle der har en god ide som de skal have lidt hjælp til at komme videre med. Læs mere og del gerne vores budskab.

Happiness on wheels – Worlds most healthy city

We hear it time and time again – the Copenhagen residents are among the happiest in the world – but why are we happy? A new question arises as Copenhagen now has been named the worlds most healthy city according to this list by CNN – Worlds most healthy city.
Now we ask ourselves: Is health happiness? Could there be a cohesion with the list of the top healthiest cities in the world and our happiness? Or will it all come down to Copenhagen’s love for bicycles?


Short work hours, relaxed atmosphere, lots of bicycles and trust among fellowmen – that seems to be the recipe for one of the worlds healthiest cities.

CNN has named Copenhagen as one of the worlds healthiest cities. Among the reasons CNN mentions that only 2 % of employees in Copenhagen work more than 40 hours a week. This means time for family, friends, voluntary work, sports and other hobbies. The city ripes with experiences and offers and it is easy to access the city. With restaurants and grocery shopping all in a bike- or walkable distance it contributes to a relaxed atmosphere and this all help keep stress levels low and the health on top.

Bicycles keep us healthy – the Copenhagen way

The government harvest praise from CNN for their effort to implement policies for the nature to be closer to the people of Copenhagen to raise the quality of life in the city.
So how far is it to the beach or park? In Copenhagen it will be less than 15 minutes on foot within 2015. And although that is a short walk and although the metro will take you directly to the beach Amager Strand there is one way of transportation there is truly unique (and as a bonus both healthy and environmentally friendly) to Copenhagen – the bicycle.

CNN highlights the Copenhagen bike-lanes and the fact that half the Copenhagen commuters bike to work or school on an every day basis. The bicycle lanes makes it easy for the residents to adopt a healthful lifestyle, simply because the bike is the easiest choice and the infrastructure of the city makes it easy and safe to go by bike – as opposed to many other cities.

Copenhagen made bicycles – handmade

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Staying active doesn’t have to be a chore and passionate enthusiasts in Copenhagen know this and keeps developing new methods to optimize the bike ride.

Butchers & Bicycles are already praised around the world for their cargo bike that has reinvented the classic cargo bike made for transportation. It is truly unique for the handling features and safety details and they bring the joy of biking into the cargo bikes that usually are rather heavy and unhandy to ride. Butchers & Bicycles’ cargo bike allows you to bring your children safely around without taking the joy of the bicycle ride out of the equation. The quality of this bike is exquisite and it is like happiness on wheels.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Meanwhile Copenhagen based Cykelmageren makes quality bikes built to meet every customers’ need. They aspire to make the joy of a new bicycle last longer with their custom-made bicycle to have long time happy customers.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

At Recycles they go all in on the making Copenhagen an environmentally healthy place while looking cool. They combine recycling with bicycles by reusing old quality frames and many other parts from old bicycles to make edgy vintage bicycles.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Biking is not considered a luxury many places. That’s because they haven’t seen the Sögreni bicycles. It oozes design and quality and it goes very well to a suit which in Copenhagen isn’t an obstacle to get to work by bike. The design is so perfectly tailored to the customer yet it is handmade and it is almost considered a piece of art.

Happiness on wheels - Worlds most healthy city -  Copenhagen handmade bicycles

Not only is biking healthy but Incita Bicycle Division is also a social-economic enterprise that also helps the people behind the bikes. This means that they employ and educate people who are on the edge of the labor market, through employment or development programs to bring people closer to getting back to the normal labour market.

In the end health is also about trust. Do you trust in people? 96 % of the Copenhagen residents states that they have someone they trust if they at one point will need it. Enterprises like Incita and others like them are a great factor in keeping people happy and the over all social conciseness among the Copenhagen residents adds to their health.


In the end we must conclude that the residents of Copenhagen loves their bicycles and whether they influence one another or not – the bicycle keeps the people here both happy and healthy.

The CNN list – Worlds most healthy city:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Okinawa, Japan
3. Monte Carlo, Monaco
4. Vancouver, Canada
5. Melbourne, Australia
6. New York, USA
7. Jonkoping, Sweden
8. Havana, Cuba
9. Singapore, Singapore
10. Napa, USA

The world is square

Now arTTiles are ready with a new special collection they made in collaboration with the Danish magazine Bolig Magasinet.

In the process of making this special collection, which also includes a chopping board, every tile has been in their hands while printing. The handmade tiles are printed in a limited number. Therefore you have to hurry if you want one of these small pieces of designs made in Denmark.

This collection can only be bought at Designfund and they are all produced in a very limited edition. Check out the whole special collection here.10410768_643774582399119_4001394533178259943_n10426896_643774579065786_5218444714980179365_n10628144_643774589065785_3176832903163469437_n

12 FLOWERS Calender

12 flowers

The neat line of Toril Bækmarks hand is on display in her poetic calendar 12 FLOWERS. And although we are nineteen days into 2015 it is not to late to get the calendar to go with the new year. We have yet to spend the remaining 95 % of the year – and with that enjoy her powerful yet delicate illustrations that adorn the calendar. Each month is a sensual depiction of a new flower that will set the mood throughout the year.

12 FLOWERS by Toril Bækmark has a price of kr 350,-  and you can get it right here in our webshop.


May you all walk in colors

Christmas idea

Meet the new square Kimono-scarf and the TARA COLLECTION from Emdal colorknit.

8b9c8c0c-c207-4bba-a635-b72b79431fb6The first Kimono-scarves are Inspired by TARA, the goddess of universal compassion and protection. TARA is a Tibetan buddhist goddess who represents the virtues of success in work and achievements. She is also known as the “mother of liberation” and “she who saves”. There are traditionally 21 different Tara´s with each their own color- and symbolic meanings.baa8cbe7-3116-4c69-ace6-f45c7a153d09

The scarfs are made in Denmark at Emdal´s studio located close to the Copenhagen beach on Amager. This is where all the magic knitted fabrics are carefully made by Signe Emdal’s hands with a vintage machinery.

e47152d2-ba39-44c6-8040-818eaa5210b0The TARA scarf is both a scarf and a kind of shawl. 
Especially suitable for meditation and yoga practices. The colors shown here is RED, LION, BLUE and GREEN TARA KIMONO-SCARF.

It is available from today at the Emdal onlineshop:

Fall is upon us

A/W 2014 interior trends

billede8Here at CPHmade we have been through some of this falls’ living magazines to find out the best trends for your home this season.


This fall the neon is out and instead the more dusty colors are sneaking into the scandinavian homes to make time for relaxing. While pastels are for spring these colors are darker but with a muted color tone.


Colors like blue or burgundy are especially gaining grounds this season. Calming yet stylish in the home, creating a comfortable focus for the eye this color palette makes a great stress-free atmosphere in the room. The cool tones blends in nicely with furniture in wood that will bring warmth to the room.


If you dare you could try to decorate an entire room in one color scheme, as if inspired by a Wes Anderson film. The trick here is to keep focus on the purpose of doing so – making a stylish room where the colors help quiet the place instead of making it messy and untidy. A tone in tone color palette will help ease the eye to a peaceful atmosphere inside while the fall-storms are raging outside.


We still see a lot of inspiration from the 30’s Art Deco with marble and metal. Elegant and luxurious like a fancy hotel with lots of gold, crystals and heavy fabrics like velvet. Creating small still lebens is popular and the combinations of the dusty darker color scheme goes really well with metals as well as pottery and glass in the hues. Marble is still popular but you can also substitute it with elements in concrete to gain a rough contrast to the soft fabrics and shiny metals.


Concrete is also a factor in the urban jungle and goes beautifully with all sorts of wood. These years we see a rise in urban gardening – getting nature into the city. Now people are taking it a step further and letting nature into their home.


Most people already have a few limp potted plants in the home, but a new trend is to give the plants more space new pottery and integrate them more in the home.

billede1Creating a little green corner in the homes and maybe to home-grow chillies or herbs is not only nursing to look at, it is also a possibility to take charge of some of the foods we eat. This is a trend as sustainable as they get.

Though plants might be more of a ‘spring-thing’ don’t forget that you can also grow a small Christmas tree in a pot inside prolonging the joy of the winter’s feast.
If you haven’t got green fingers also try incorporating nature into your home with soft shades of watercolor arts or prints for the walls.


Photos from BoBedre, Boligmagasinet, Vogue Living, Elle Decorations, BoligLiv,  Copenhanger, Kortkartellet, Ditte Fisher, Nygårds Maria Bengtsson, Toril Bækmark Illustration, Justina Blakeney, Shelterness, Drobski, Flügger and Sadolin.

A little something for for your everyday essentials

After many years of trying out different solutions for a place to put keys, wallet, phone etc. in the home TRAUM has now come up with a solution. The SKOK they call it and it is made in Spanish or South American ox hide.

TRAUM wanted to do something beautiful that can be on show in the home  and be respected by the users and won’t end up as another messy drawer or box filled with screws and other unidentified objects you don’t know where to put. The SKOK can also be used as a charging station to hide cord and plug.

The SKOK is named after an artichoke (in Danish ‘artiskok’) because the design resembles the form of one. The price for a SKOK is kr. 940,- and of course it is handmade.


Can I get the products in other colors?


Skærmbillede 2014-10-16 kl. 11.14.00
Yes, You Can!

Being small and independent most of our members value to service and deliver beyond the standard collection. Both because they love to be challenged but also because they like to understand consumer preference. Most of our customers values this opportunity, especially because most will be in direct contact with the craftsman.
So whether you prefer a jewelry in silver instead of black gold or getting a jugglers hat in a specific color to match an outfit, our members strive to deliver upon demand and expectation.


Therefore you are always welcome to contact us, if you so wish to change colors or quality before you final order of a handmade or manmade product.


The first contact will be directly to CPHmade and a little later in the process if needed you will be redirected contact with the specific member. contact us here:


This means that you at the end of the day can tell family and friends that you took part in development of a product made in Denmark. How great a story is that!


Featured picture (TOP)  in this blogpost
Hat named Akrobaten by – photo by Thomas Cato.
Buttom picture: Andersen&Berner jugglers hats

Andersen & Berner hats joggling

The cold season is coming….

..and it’s time to cosy up. Claydies’ new tealight holder will help you with that. The tealight holder is modeled in porcelain clay and then fired to 1280 degrees Celcius with a transparent

The fingerprint is the most important element in the tealight holder.  They started the development of the series “True feelings” after an experiment with dogma rules. One of the rules was to work blindfolded.

fyrfad 1

The naive and a bit clumsy expression of the result inspired the ‘Claydies’ to work more focused on the fingerprint as the leading element. “We like the rough working method in the fine and thin porcelain,- it works out as a nice contrast” they say. The finger modeling makes the tealight holder very thin somewhere and gives the candle holder a nice glow with a lit tealight in it.

fyrfad 4


Weekend Fair

Time to start making plans for the weekend!
We recommend you to go to Forum, Copenhagen the venue for the lifestyle fairs “Gør din bolig bedre” and “Liv & Stil” extending over the weekend.

Among many other merchants the CPHmade members Fundi Møbelsnedkeri, Droobski and SilleKnotte will be there to show you their latest news.

The fair will be from October 17th to the 19th

Opening hours:

Friday 13.00-18.00
Saturday and Sunday 10.00-17.00



A little education

Jeweler Mads Heindorf invites you to two Wednesdays with lectures on the world of pearls and gems.
First up is a night of Tahitian pearls, where Kira Kampmann from Marc’Harit will share the universe of the pearls all the way from the birth in the ocean to the completed jewellery.
The second night Nina Hald takes us on a memorable journey to a treasury of knowledge of jewellery, when she talks about rubies, sapphires and spinels.

It all takes place at Mads Heindorfs store at Gothersgade 105. The first lecture of the Tahiti peals is the  22nd of October and a week later the 29th you can hear about the gems. Both lectures will be at 19.00-20.00.
The entrance is kr 80,- and the doors will open 18.30 to 21.00


The new Coral Collection by Lone Løvschal

Inspired by the button of the ocean Lone Løvchal has made a new jewellery collection called the Coral Collection. Denmark and Copenhagen is surrounded by oceans so it wasn’t hard to find the inspiration for the jewellery which is reminiscent of undersea vegetations living wild at the buttom of the Danish seas.


The silversmith wanted to create something that sprung from a traditional diamond jewellery but with a more organic and rounded expression. Other rings are uniquely made as wild growing seaweed also very organic and with soft shapes. Each jewellery is special made and one of a kind.



Kulturnatten 2014 – recommendations


Friday night is Kulturnatten in Copenhagen. Here at CPHmade we have made a list with some of the events not to miss:

P. Hertz is Denmark’s oldest jewelry shop and at Kulturnatten they are opening the doors for a unique glimpse into the goldsmith’s work with the precious metals and to the 180 year old history of the business. Free entrance just show up between 18-21 this Friday.

P. Hertz
Købmagergade 34, 1150 Kbh K

SMK the National Gallery of Art is ready to welcome you to a night in the light of art. The temporary exhibition BIOGRAPHY by artists Elmgreen & Dragset will set the scene for the night. There will be 4 different art talks, children and adults can join in on building a huge art piece in the museum and Tomas Barfod from WhoMadeWho will perform a live soundtrack to the exhibition and much more..

Sølvgade 48-50, 1307 Kbh K

Nørrebro Bryghus invites you to a free tour of the brewery with two tastings included. No sign up just show up at 19 or 20 o’clock to experience the ambience of a modern brewery!

Nørrebro Bryghus
Ryesgade 3, 2200 Kbh N

This Friday is also the 6 years birthday of Mads Heindorf Jewellery. They celebrate by opening the goldsmith’s workshop up to the public for you to take a peak at the work process. Make sure to stop by as there’ll be special offers at the night and a competition to win a custommade ring with a brilliant cut diamond between the first 100 guests.

Mads Heindorf Jewellery
Göthersgade 105, 1123 Kbh K

No event in Copenhagen without celebrating our city’s favourite way of transportation – the bike! Experience the bike in new ways with a movie, city walk, ‘pimp-your-bike’ and more at VerdensKulturCentret!

See you out there!

Butchers & Bicycles’ cargo bike featured in Wallpaper

The internationally acknowledged magazine Wallpaper brings a feature about CPHmade member Butchers & Bicycles in their October issue.

Or rather a feature about B&B’s cargo bike which premiered only 10 months ago –  but because of its innovative design and features already has caused a lot of interest. And once you get the chance to test drive it, you are left with a burning desire to own it. Or in Walpaper’s case to allocate space to tell the world about it.


CPHmade in good hands

Earlier today CPHmade paid a visit to our dear member Tom Eltang on the very day where he celebrated his 40th year anniversary as a pipe maker. What an achievement.

Because Tom is both a very nice person and a famous pipe maker guests from all over the world came to celebrate. On this picture Tom is sandwiched between whom he himself describes as probably the world’s best pipe maker Mr. Kei Gotoh from Japan and yours truly. We had a blast.

CPHmade wishes Tom and Tom Eltang Pipes the very best for the next many years.


Waiting with anticipation for a new season

Skærmbillede 2014-09-05 kl. 14.35.28

In our day to day blog stories, we hope to thrill and inspire the readers with exiting news from Copenhagen craftsmen, about Scandinavian Design and present the products that truly deliver on heritage, expectations and quality all supplied from the Cold North.

Between seasons news doesn’t travel as fast as in the beginning of a new season. But today we are happy to announce that another season of great products in the living category is soon to be presented – the AW14 collections.

During the latest months we have been presented to what we see as very promising collections from our esteemed members and craftsmen, and we look forward to bring these on the blog as the season develops.

As a brief teaser we can reveal that Place de Bleu has decided to design a basic category below the already acknowledge tier 0 and 1 product range. Making the range wider and more affordable without loosing quality or story behind.

Look out for all the great products from Place de Bleu in a store near you or right here on our blog.

Skærmbillede 2014-09-05 kl. 14.35.10 Skærmbillede 2014-09-05 kl. 14.34.53



Copenhagen images. Designed and printed in Østerbro.

New member: Emma Sivell aka Sivellink has a huge Copenhagen crush.

The illustrations she has developed into prints are from her online sketchbook “An Icon a Day”. Images of Copenhagen architecture, iconic neon signs, Copenhagen animals and characters.

Emma says:

“I had been out of the design industry for more than 5 years. I had no portfolio and no client base. I started the “icon a day” project at the end of 2013 to build on both. I wanted to show myself and others what an ex textile print designer could do. When you start a project like this it needs to be something you love and the work needs to come from the heart. In the beginning it’s you alone in the evenings just working with the belief things can change…..if it isn’t something you enjoy, you have a passion for…you simply won’t keep going.

I love design rich, colourful, “drop-dead” gorgeous Copenhagen and she became my sketchbook subject.

The response was amazing, both from the new clients I had craved and from my followers on the sketchbook blog. 
Almost too good…..and as a result, sometimes the blog gets neglected.

It became apparent quite quickly that there was an interest in prints so I teamed up with a great local print company to produce the work. It’s perfect because not only do I get to see all my prints off the press, but I also get to support a family run local business. We have spent the last 6 months building my collection of Copenhagen prints and the start of Sivellink”.



Skifter ties in very good company!

In our Made in Denmark shop in the Tivoli Garden Skifter ties always draw a lot of attention. Hopefully also because of the superior quality and great design, but most certainly because of the beautiful girls keeping the ties company.

And all our customers who buy a tie get a girl as well – at least a paper version girl! So time for a new date for you?


Beautiful – classic – in love

This Motobecane 1976 bike from our good friends at Recycle ( epitomizes the very essence of biking.

Just by looking at it you instinctively want to ride it – immediately, come rain or snow.

Go check it out yourself – or any to the other vintage bikes which Recycles has out for grabs. But be prepared to fall in love!


Leather Projects x Close Up and Private


Fashion Week is upon us Copenhageners, and tomorrow one of our fantastic members, Leather Projects will be presenting the results of a very special collaboration with the ever so inspiring artist Sergei Sviatchenko.


The two creative minds have worked hard on designing and crafting a series of belts for the contemporary gentleman. From what the photo material tells us, these belts have instantly found their way to our wishlists.



If you are in the area, make sure to stop by for the Close Up and Private x Leather Projects launch from 21.30 – 2300 at Galleri Naboløs.
Free, cold beers are kindly sponsored by our good friends from Nørrebro Bryghus. See you there!

Close Up and Private x Leather Projects Launch Party
From 21.30 till 23.00

Galleri Naboløs,
Larsbjørnsstræde 10
1454, København K

CPHmade has opened a Made in Denmark shop

Next time you go to the Tivoli Gardens in central Copenhagen do pass by our new shop Made in Denmark.

As the name suggests we have fine products all manufactured in Denmark – from fine whisky to beautiful leather goods. You won’t fine any cheap crap, but only crafted goods by passionate craftsmen.

We are open 7 days a week – and all days to 11pm. So no excuse for not visiting :-)




Maybe you’re on a beach resort enjoying the free wifi and open bar and by some strike of fluke landed on this page. If so, hopefully this will serve as an informative link to the rest of the world. The July memo titled “Football & Fashion” will prolong world cup fever a few moments longer, as well as fill you in on the next best indie brands of this trade-show season. Here are a few instagrammers that caught our eye @cphmade.

@leomessi   A man that needs no introduction. Get a peek into the bedrock of Argentina post Brazil 2014. So humble he makes you feel just like him (minus the three Ballon d’Or).

@ronaldolima   From current legend to past. Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima or simply “R9”, reminds us of a simpler time, a time before underwear billboards globally dominated every public transit station. Interesting to see his reaction on the defeat(s).

@cscnyc   Creative people  +  Soccer  +  Chinatown, NYC  =  Chinatown Soccer Club

@breadandbutter   A fashion/lifestyle tradeshow that started in Berlin and have now expanded to Barcelona and Seoul. Take in the culture and the scenery.

@capsuleshow   When you’re done taking in the scenery, and your t-shirt line is ready, head over to Capsule to see what this high-end progressive trade event is all about.

Trepka Living new in CPHmade webshop

Textile designer Ms Malene Zapffe started Trepka Living in 2013. Trepka Living is a unique studio workshop with handmade, silkscreen print design and a textile workshop.

Malene works with old, textile craftsmanship skills like silkscreen printing and Japanese Shibori dying techniques combined with inspiration by Scandinavian mid-century handicraft. It is classic, colourful with a modern twist.All is made by hand in the workshop.

Now you can find a selected range of Trepka Living products in our webshop. Products like cushions, shopping bags, breadbaskets and pouches.

So go ahead and check out these great products and select you favourite at


Jewelry for children – by Lone Løvschal

Ms Lone Løvschal talking to CPHmade:

Designer and silversmith Lone Løvschal has developed a new series of fine jewelry for children and she has chosen to call the series MuMu-Land. The series consists of a number of small pendants that are shaped like animals. The animals can be used in a chain around the neck or in a colourful string around the wrist and so you can always have their pets with them.

‘My idea behind the creation of MuMu-land was to explore how little you want to add a stylish geometric shape so that it becomes recognizable and takes on the character. A muzzle and a pair of ears is enough for us to recognize the rabbit, dog, cat or any of the other lovable animals jewelry series comprises’, says Lone Løvschal about the making of MuMu-Land.

MuMu-Land is named after Lemuria or Mu who according to myth is a lost civilization in which people lived in harmonious peace with each other. MuMu-Land caters mainly for children, but adults, too, are delighted with the delicious line of jewelry. The jewelry comes in many different designs and sizes and the universe will continue to be expanded with new products.

The luxury jewelry in MuMu-Land series is manufactured in Denmark and contains no allergenic metals. The rabbit NiNi, cat LuLu, the bird KiKi, the dog NaNa and the cow MuMu is the beginning of the universe dedicated to the cute animals and their different personalities.

‘It has been great to make a unified concept where all elements and designs are well thought out and coordinated. And it’s been really fun to create characters and give them life and properties and get them to play together. I’ve put all my energy into making the characters soul and charm and hope they will be well received – and that others may recognize my enthusiasm in the products,’, says the Lone.

Despite the extensive work of the universe around small animals, it is still the quality is paramount and the lack of good children’s jewelry has been a big part of the driving force behind the project. ‘The stylish and thoughtful design, and in particular the quality of the finished product has always been the most important for me. All figures are cast in pure sterling silver and 18 karat gold and finally processed by hand. Some designs are made only in limited editions, some even only in one copy, so you have to check the site regularly’, concludes Lone Løvschal.


Emdal Colorknit Golden Scrap Sale 5.7.2014


SATURDAY 5th of july

Ved Amagerbanen 25, st tv (yard)
2300 Copenhagen S
(metro Øresund)

Our friends at Emdal Studio has decided to shear some of her10 year old knit scraps with you :)

Since Emdal colorknit never trashed any piece of knitted fabric during the last 10 years, I have tremendously a lot of material hiding in the studio.

Some people call the fabrics “GOLD” and magic.

Now is your chance to put the scraps together in your own way.

We have organized the small pieces in “goodie-bags” and we also have larger pieces.

For more info click here, or simple send Signe an email at:

5 Questions with Søren Skifter

Søren Skifter has been in the tie making industry for almost a century. His clients range from world renowned fashion houses to the Danish royal family. I recently paid Søren a visit to chat about his work.




What’s the history of Søren Skifter A/S?
My grandfather started the company in 1919. It was just ahead of the second industrial revolution and business boomed. It was easy to set up production lines and there were some important inventions in the weaving industry that made it possible to produce fabrics for ties. In the beginning my grandfather started the business with a small shop, then my father decided instead of paying rent to buy our own place so he bought the building which we are in today. I came on board in 1992 with an ongoing internship at the company. Originally my father and I did not plan for me to take over this business but I love it and I’m all about this.

How has the company changed since then?
Since those days, we trimmed the company to what we need today. It is very important to not be too stubborn and adapt with the times. For me small is beautiful. As we found out that marketing and sales is not necessarily the answer, but doing the right thing for our clients and focusing on quality.

Did the product also changed with time?
Production-wise we remain loyal to product quality and service. But what has changed is that before we were very retail orientated, we had salesmen in the field canvassing with suitcases; that was the main source of sales. Today the focus is more on the professional production market. Again, it is important to adapt to change.

What’s your relationship with Copenhagen?
We always wanted to stay in Copenhagen. A lot of people have moved their offices abroad, Hong Kong, Italy, etc. [But] we are Danish, the typical old-school Copenhagen company. It influence us in everything we do, the way we think, the way we approach business.

You mentioned earlier that you didn’t plan to be in the tie business; if you weren’t here, what would you be doing right now?
I would be a skipper on a boat, sailing around the world.




Copenhagen Classico vintage bike race a huge success

Last Sunday we gathered more than 150 enthusiastic people who all had polished their vintage/retro bike and dressed up for the occasion. We then set off for a 22km tour around the city with two stops – to drink coffee and champagne respectively. And of course to admire each others bikes and outfit.

In other words a very tough day which luckily came with good food & beverages at the finishing line.

See for yourself what a vintage race looks like.10403416_320259474795497_7576432751932315735_n


5 Instagram Accounts we’re Enjoying June’14

With a flick of a finger one can lose hours to the countless social media platforms. Here @CPHmade we’ve logged in our hours so you don’t have to. The following are five instagram accounts that we enjoyed this month. SPOILER: we are feeling artsy.

@natgeo The National Geographic has long been the source for breathtakingly epic photos from all corners of the planet. Blurring the line between humanity and art – a must see for the earth-lover inside all of us.

@nationalmuseet Stay up to date (and patriotic) with the Danish National Museum’s account featuring cultural history and local sceneries.

@themuseumofmodernart Save the flight, this is a sure shot way to take in the infamous MOMA without the guilt of a carbon footprint. This account will educate you in both the art and the people that surrounds it.

@LACMA Since we have the East Coast (of the US) represented, it’s only fair that we also mention the West. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a perfect example of how art grows under the Californian sun.

@sothebys Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to hang some “fine art” on your bedroom wall? Well, here is the ikea-catalogue of art. A quick tip, Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and Bust recently went for about $106 million – time to dust off that piggy bank.

Happy 180th Birthday from CPHmade!

We’d like to congratulate P. HERTZ on their 180th year anniversary. This family-owned business still remains the benchmark for quality jewelry in Copenhagen as well as Denmark, with clients ranging from everyday patrons to the royalties.



The store provides not only a wide selection of jewelry but also comprehensive repairs; so whatever your desires and needs, P. HERTZ has you covered.



Make sure you check out the official P. HERTZ website at: www. Or better yet, drop in their store at KØBMAGERGADE 34, to see their selection and celebrate one hundred and eighty years of tradition.


5 Questions with Stig Andersen

Hats have been around for a very long time. They can protect you from the elements, advertise your favorite sports franchise or even be a status symbol. In the era of mass production, most hats are replicated in the millions then carelessly distributed. Yet in a Copenhagen workshop, the craft of hat making survives and thrives.

I recently sat down with the second generation hat maker Stig Andersen to ask him a few questions about him trade.



Why hats?
I love hats. I made my first hat when I was five years old – it was a cowboy hat. When I got older, I went to school studying hat making. Ever since then I have worked with hats.

This may be hard but, do you have a favorite?
I like the old school top hat. To me it’s the most stylish.

What’s the history of Andersen and Berner?
My father started this company in 1946 with a friend Berner. After completing school in 1979 I started working here myself. Finally in 1985, I bought the company from my father.

Can you give us a glimpse of the hat making process?
Every hat comes from a form. There are lots of forms, we make about eighty new forms each year (we keep our old forms in storage). The forms are mostly made in Germany, crafted by hand in a workshop just like this one. But sometimes the old forms are the best, the styles from the old times are classics.

Where are your customers from?
These hats are sold to all over the world. USA, Germany, France, Japan – and lots more. I have been working with a customer in Japan for fifteen years. We have never met in real life, but we speak frequently on the phone and online. Someday I plan on visiting him in Japan.








A world without bees? Not in Copenhagen!


Our good friends from ByBi has moved in to the Town City Hall of Copenhagen.
As some of you may remember we mentioned last summer that our good friends from ByBI was about to participate in a quite interesting collaboration with the municipality of Copenhagen – and now, the project has been realized. 120.000 bees have found a new home on the roof of the Town City Hall in comfortable beehives, and are now ready to produce some great tasting honey.
The bees will pollinate the flowers and flora in some of the nearby situated parks and sites, including the Tivoli Gardens and the flowerbeds at the Town City Hall. The results are 100 % locally produced honey, as not only the making of the honey is made from locally grown flowers, but also harvested, extracted and bottled by skillful beekeepers in Copenhagen. At CPHmade, we can’t wait to taste the results!

Craftsmanship Abroad #13


Every now and then, we’re looking for craftsmanship in the wide world to inspire and give us a better understanding of the universal language of craftsmanship.
This edition of Craftsmanship Abroad takes us to Ireland. In a home build workshop, you’ll find a very skillful craftsman who goes by the name Garvan de Bruir. Mr. de Bruir works with leather, and through his work he constantly seeks to challenge the borders between aestaethics and durability. His hand crafted leather goods are the results of ideas, memories and a very meticulously study of structure.

The video below portraits a craftsman with a passion in the best possible way, and pretty much sums up what we have a great admiration for at CPHmade. Sit back and enjoy.

5 Questions with Jakob Munk

The landscape of the city changes over time to fulfill the needs of its people. There seems to be a global trend for meatpacking districts to evolve into creative and artistic zones – Copenhagen is no exception. Located in the middle of Kødbyen, ‘Butchers and Bicycles’ is a startup cargo bike company that perfectly sums up both location and product.

I recently sat down with the brand director of Butchers and Bicycles Jakob Munk to chat about the early days of the company and their design visions.


Who are the players at Butchers & Bicycles?
There are three of us, me (Jakob), Morten and Morten. The Mortens have a more technical approach to everything and they’ve been working with complex design for large companies like e.g. Vestas. I have a more interior design oriented background, I was the head of design for Menu A/S for seven years working with branding, design and marketing.

How did it all start?
Morten and Morten started the company three and a half years ago, they had a basic desire to make cargo bikes that were a joy to ride. The functionality of the traditional cargo bike sometimes compromises the way we ride it. They did this while working full-time jobs in Aarhus. Soon after they moved into the meatpacking district. It went from sketches to 3D models to complex 3D models (FEM calculations), once enough information was gathered they went into a small workshop and started prototyping. It was a real trial and error process in the beginning. I came on board soon after handling branding, communications and business strategies.

What’s it like designing in a group?
Teamwork is our backbone. I think at some point you have to chose whether you want to be an individual designer and face the consequences of that direction, or a group work type of designer that works in an environment with people using each other’s strength to create a better product. It’s really hard for a “group designer” to take on the individual role and vice versa. There’s no right or wrong, it’s simply a question of temperament and what type you are.

Can you take us through a part of the design process?
While making the frame for instance, we must look at every weld point. We study how e.g. welding bends the metal so we can take that into the next generation of our 3D [computer] model. Everything we learn from real life we reuse in the design process using [computer] simulated models, nothing is left to chance. That’s the only way to do it. I strongly believe that design isn’t purely aesthetic, it’s a fine balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Any words of wisdom for hatchling designers?
As a designer, one of the most important things is to get a basic understanding of a lot of different materials, constructions and components. But we don’t consider ourselves experts in anything; we have to call the experts. For example for [our] plastic parts we have a consultant who’s been working with that exact material and manufacturing process his whole life so we get a lot of expert knowledge from a guy like him. And that’s just just a few components. That being said it is very important to have a strong understanding of the basics such as construction and the physics behind it.


Be sure to drop by their workshop/showroom on Slagtehusgade 5A and take the MK1 out for a spin.

Orderly Disorder

Work spaces at different scales can be quite photogenic. When zoomed in close enough, even the most organized system will exhibit departures from order. The following is a collage of candid shots from CPHmade members: Butchers & Bicycles, SØREN SKIFTER, Andersen & Berner, Sort Slips Hvidt Slips, Emdal Colorknit and For Holding Up The Trousers.











Bicycles from the Butchers…



Named for its location in Copenhagen’s meat-packing district, Butchers & Bicycles is headed up by entrepreneurs Morten Wagener, Morten Mogensen and Jakob Munk.

In their stylish showroom and assembly shop, the three design-engineers hand build uncompromising cargo trikes with unique handling features and safety details.

Although there are many obvious benefits of cargo bikes, as we know them, they have so far lagged the joy of cycling. We have set out to change that”.

So says the team behind one of the most exciting new brands to represent the unique bicycling culture of Copenhagen.

The first cargo trike from Butchers & Bicycles — simply called the Mk I – is for anyone who loves cycling. It challenges the perception of how fun and easy riding a cargo bike can be without compromising usability.

You can meet the Butchers and their bicycle at the Copenhagen Classico event on June 22 – read more on


5 Questions with Inge Vincents

The notion of design is occasionally driven by a deeper curiosity for the elements. A main source of inspiration for Inge is light. Working with the highest quality of creamy white porcelain, her work underlines the powerful combination of organic contours and high translucency.

I recently sat down with Inge in her boutique/ studio space at Jægersborggade 27 to find out more about her.


Why ceramics?
I’ve always been creative, sewing costumes for myself as a kid. At that time it wasn’t about craftsmanship, just taking a piece of material and making it work. I began playing with clay about thirty-two years ago. Before I ever sold anything, I never thought I would make a living out of it – I just enjoyed creating. Also, my grandfather was a competent sculptor so maybe it’s in the genes.

You mentioned being creative, is there a distinction between what you do and art?
These two things are completely different. It’s really good when you can bring them together. There are many artists who are not very creative, they have big problems getting their work out there. Being creative is about transforming your ideas into something that others can relate to, not just for commercial success but also being appreciated. Creativity is about solving a lot of problems. Every single piece I do has its own timing, it’s difficult to find the “right” time so you really have to enjoy this iterative process of experimenting while making.

What is the expression of your work?
My work is organic, tactile, [plays with] light, structure and shape. It’s the idea of “being its own”, I’d hate for a piece to look like something else. Sometimes I do wonder why this as a profession. When people see my work that came out of long experimentation, they may not know what it is but they see my thought behind the piece then it all clicks.

Is there a favorite tool?
My hands.

What’s it like being based out of Copenhagen?
[Living in Copenhagen] is a really cool way of living. A small capital yet a very livable city and family-friendly. As opposed to larger capitals, you can bike everywhere, you can go swimming in the ocean, the people are environmentally conscious, there’s just fantastic quality of life here.

For our international readers, Inge delivers worldwide in very sturdy packaging. Please visit for more details.

Meet BA Handmade – newest member


BA Handmade has since 1929 specialized in making brushes and brooms covered with hair, plant fibers and other materials to achieve optimum performance and durability.

What is so particularly interesting about BA Handmade is their great products which are all made by blind people – or people who are visually impaired. BA is a social-economic company which only hires people with a visual impairment.

CPHmade is happy to welcome companies which are non-traditional in the sense that they serve a greater social purpose which is to help people who otherwise have difficulties finding a job. Besides BA Handmade CPHmade also hosts Place de Bleu and Bybi – you can read more about both companies here on this website.




Meet our new contributor Tian Chuy Liang


As some of you may know, we’re always looking for talented writers to join our blog team at CPHmade. Our newest contributor is Tian Chuy Liang from Canada.

Academically trained in economics then architecture, design has always been the inspiration of his curiosity. This particular curiosity has led him to traveling to places in the world that he could have neither imagined nor pronounced.  As a relative new-comer to Copenhagen and CPHmade, Tian’s contributions will be exploring how the local artistry of craft may enhance our lives. Give him a warm welcome!

Tian’s first post is already up on the blog, where you can find his latest feature 5 Instagram accounts we’re enjoying this month.




From celebrity selfies to breathtaking shots atop the Himalayas – Instagram’s got your fix. The following are five Instagram accounts that we at @CPHmade have taken a particular liking to this month.


Found by two brothers in the Big Apple, this is as badass as they come. Schottnyc gives us exclusive sneak peeks of their manufacturing and marketing process for their iconic leather jackets. Showing us how true quality can endure time.


Whether you’re looking for a weekend art project or the inspiration for a coffee shop logo, Typographyinspired has an array of styles and illustrations to serve your creative curiosities.


For most who arrive Copenhagen, this is the first point of contact. Intuitively Copenhagenairport should be equally symbolic in the cyber world. Filled with scenic shots from above, this account is sure arouse your travel envy.


Celebrating the finer moments in life, Skandinavisk gives a unique look behind their cheerful nature and outlook on the Scandinavian life.


For those who appreciate the craft of handmade jewelry, Handcraftedcph opens up their daily lives showing us the moments that inspire their design.

Get ready for CPHmade Guided Tours – now on bicycle!


Now last year we launched our CPHmade Guided Tours – all 20+ different tours are walking tours and we will keep on walking this year as well. No change!

But we now also offer a CPHmade Guided Tour on bicycles. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from May-August you have the chance to join a 2-hour ride around the city.

All you have to do is to show up by 10.00am latest at our member Sögreni Bikes in central Copenhagen. Sögreni will get your rental bike ready and CPHmade will then take you for a spin around the city. Whilst we are still about craftsmanship, this tour will also introduce you to a few of the city-s more traditional sights. So if you want a bit of everything, this is your tour.

Ticket price, incl rental bike is 40 Euros – or 299,00 kroner.Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 16.30.58

Connect the dots

Skærmbillede 2014-04-22 kl. 10.07.36

Most recently we passed a 100 members in the CPHmade network. We’re honored and proud to represent such a rich variety of premium craftsmen from the city.
When we initiated the CPHmade project, finding 100+ great craftsmen seemed like an almost impossible challenge to overcome – but we accepted the challenge, and at the time writing this we represent 103 craftsmen, whose products and work ethics are absolutely admirable.

The increasing of our network calls for an updated overview about our members. Our CPHmade member page is always updated, but as a relatively new thing we decided to make things a little more easy for you. If you don’t feel like scrolling around the members page, we’ve created a Google Map of CPHmade members where you can get the short info about any member.

cphmade members featured in COLD NORTH issue 1

10011436_1436275236617467_1278357784_nIf geographical challenges prevents you from visiting Copenhagen, and thereby become acquainted with some of the most skillful craftsmen this world has to offer, may we kindly remind you guys that some of our great members of CPHmade are featured in the debut issue of COLD NORTH Magazine. This means that you can get kind of a feeling of what kind of dedication and passion we experience everyday in the CPHmade network right from a confortable chair in your living room. The magazine puts craftsmanship in the pride of place, and invite their readers to become acquainted with some of the most talented artisans and craftsmen residing in the cold, Northern part of Europe. Thus, you’ll find features with the great bookbinder Klara K, the leathersmith Jeppe Dencker and the crowdfunding heroes Toke and Regner from Fingersurfers.

The magazine is actually sold out on their website, but selected stockists still have copies left of their debut issue. Find out where to get it by accessing the COLD NORTH Magazine stockist list.

Meet a craftsman: Signe Schjøth


The latest edition of “Meet a craftsman” features one of Copenhagen’s unique ceramists. Signe Schjøth is an award winning ceramist, honored for her experimental approach to the noble craft.

You’ll usually find Signe Schjøth working hard on new ceramic creations in her workshop on Vesterbro, and this was also where our good friends Jeppe Vejlø, Stephen Haahr and Jimmy Knirk met up with Signe for a chat about the creative process of shape making, and noticing all the small detail in everyday life.


Latest from Wrenchmonkees – Made in Copenhagen

Wrenchmonkees #68


#monkee68 is the name and it’s ready to find an owner that will treasure and cherish this iconic bike as if it was forever!



wrenchmonkees in CPH

The guys from Wrenchmonkees need no introduction nor does the cafe bike category or their contribution to the cool category.

They managed to put a very affordable bike together without compromising on monkees quality and coolness. This beast is even ready for the danish roads – which should tell you that the specifics are stamped with the highest level of quality assurance that the market offers.

This bike is an in between build meaning build between customer orders. I could call this a  very limited edition! There is only this one.

We have touched it, been giving it a test ride and truly hope to – at least – have the t-shirt very soon

If you like it, tell us – if you don’t try to tell them :-)

For more information contact us

Meet a craftsman: Søren Ulrich from Plain Crafts


We’re now ready to reveal the next craftsman featured in “Meet a craftsman”. This edition portraits the great Søren Ulrich from Plain Crafts.

As you will come to know, Mr. Søren Ulrich is an autodidact furniture designer with quite the keen eye for detailing, shaping and solid craftsmanship.


Fact: Copenhagen is part of Scandinavia


Some months back I wrote a piece that put much needed focus on the importance of protecting local production, the local heroes.

One way of doing so is making sure that these local makers are linked to a description that embrace everything that we are known for – We call that the Scandinavian legacy. Through generations our legacy and heritage has been build in a very strong way by people and brands that boldly stuck out their neck to make it on an international level. It turned out that their ability, creativity and motivation are still going strong, even after most of them have passed away.

2012-05-12_Eentileen-Print-House-Project_02Their passion and dedication was long ago embraced by hundreds of millions of people who turned to these artisans and brands for new inspiration and much more. They managed to build strong International brands started from a small, fragile platform. With these strong brands a new strong mutual platform emerged with extraordinary International influence. The kind of influence that since has left craftsmen and artisans with positive momentum long before they have managed to build a brand for themselves on International level. Today ‘Made in Scandinavia‘ is one of the strongest regional brand positions at international level.

This is a given platform for every new concept, brand and product that is made up here – and it comes absolutely free of charge. It would be a big mistake not to build from this strong position. Simply because consumers seem to be buying into origin and heritage.

What has happened to this Scandinavian influence over the years? Has it gone stronger? One could argue that ever since quality in general terms has been reduced and the true Scandinavian style more or less has been devalued – the eagerness to buy into the Scandinavian style would decrease as well – but this is not the case, in fact just the opposite!

More than 100 mill. people a year are looking for inspiration from us in the Scandinavian countries. The interest is still developing both in new and old categories. Why is that, when it’s documented that passion and dedication normally turns into other motivators?

From a consumer perspective the Scandinavian level of WOW is still worth striving fore. Scandinavian business are admired for skills in craftsmanship and creativity beyond competition, and of course for the ever so important distinct design element – minimalism.

But will these equities live on? Only if we support our local passionate craftsmen and artisans – and it doesn’t matter whether they are situated in Copenhagen or anywhere else in the Scandinavia. The strongest brands and craftsmen will come through and hereby support and retain the the Scandinavian heritage and legacy.

You can vote to support this prediction by making your next purchase – if not a Copenhagen one then at least a Scandinavian one!

Meet a craftsman: Jeppe Dencker from Leather Projects


Some while ago, we met up with three talented young men who came to us with a mission. Jeppe Vejlø, Stephen Haahr and Jimmy Knirk reached out to us, and simply wanted to spread the word and knowledge about unique makers and their craftsmanship through great, informative videos made for sharing on the social media platforms. The project had Copenhagen-based craftsmen in focus, this project was naturally right up our alley, so we quickly pointed the three gentlemen in the direction of three great CPHmade members. The results are in, and for the next three days days, you can watch great footage of some of the very best craftsmanship Copenhagen has to offer.

The premiere features our dear friend Jeppe Dencker from LeatherProjects.


Mikkeller’s beer disruption

In a world flooded with mass-produced beer Mikkeller stands out with their niche beers. Since Mikkel Borg started the Mikkeller brewery in 2006 he has become world-famous with his range of innovative beers.

Mikkeller’s uncompromising approach has led to being rated among the worlds’ top 50 micro breweries – ahead of more than 5700 other micro breweries around the globe. And Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Breakfast has been rated the world’s best stout by the beer site

The success has also led to the opening of three new Mikkeller beer bars in 2013 – San Francisco, Bangkok and Stockholm. In fact, so popular is Mikkeller today that Mikkel himself constantly travels the world to tell about his beers and give lectures on beer innovation.

CPHmade salutes Mikkeller with their success, and we see this as solid proof that craftsmanship matters.

Read interview with Mikkel Borg in latest issue of ‘Pleasure’ –





Craftsmanship Abroad #12


This week’s editions of Craftsmanship Abroad takes us behind the making of a product, who’s existence you may not really put a lot of thought into.

What was previously a vital object for exporting everything from food to fuel is now almost invisible in today’s society – but at the wine and spirit business Brown Forman Cooperage, they still use the barrel for making some of the best bottles of spirits and wines you can get.

At CPHmade we’re sort of suckers for old traditions and deeds, so naturally we were geeking out when we first saw the making of a barrel.

The footage below gives us a unique and almost hypnotizing look behind the making of barrel. What may come as a surprise, a solid, wooden barrel is not the product of a 100 % automated process. No, making a barrel require and demands skillful hands and a great understanding of the materials used.

Skærmbillede 2014-03-17 kl. 12.32.17

Skærmbillede 2014-03-17 kl. 12.30.03

Get by with a little help from your friends

We never get tired of people helping each other out, in fact that’s one of the main reasons why we founded CPHmade. So naturally, we were pleased to learn about two CPHmade members helping each other out.

Our good friend from Plain Crafts, Søren Ulrich has just finished up on building the new interior for one of Copenhagen’s most popular cafés; The Coffee Collective in Jægersborggade.
You can already see furniture by Plain Crafts, such as tables and stools at Coffee Collective’s café on Godthåbsvej, and now you can also find the creations of Søren Ulrich’s creations at the Coffee Collective’s cosy café in Jægersborggade. From what the photos reveals, you’re in for a treat. Go check it out for yourself, and get one of the best cups of coffee’s in Copenhagen.
The new, improved and updated café re-opened on the 8th of March.

Photos via Plain Crafts Instagram

Co-labs is the positive approach!


Paul Smith is doing it. Daniel Frost is doing it. Sergei Sviatchenko is too.

Riding on the back of other strong brands new names and constellation see the light of day. We are welcoming these cooperations like never before – perhaps because today it’s acceptable to tell about the fact that we grow stronger by working together. Everybody seams to benefit whether brand, designer or consumer. Movements has surfaced applauding that super brands step down and respectfully leave a presumably well-oiled brand platform to other artists and designers. As part of the formula to any success is acknowledgement, and by participating in collaborations partners can support each other in getting the message out. Co-labs are not the latest thing but a well-documented approach to aim for a certain perception and position.


Close to our passionate Copenhagen hearts, is Rasmus Leman, for whom the electronic music scene and business is familiar territory and core to his passion. Rasmus is not just MD of the Record Company Gartenhaus. He is becoming a business angel in the community. Lately Rasmus teamed up with another great personality – Thomas Dieckmann – together they recently started an alternative record company called Kompliké.

This latest invention by the two gents was build on getting the details right – ‘we are not just talking about the music – we are talking about 360 degree stewardship on both artist and consumer perception.


Vital part of the visual identity concept for Komplikè was to look upstream, going against the raw urban sound portrait, which over the last decade framed the electronic culture. Rasmus and Thomas wanted a softer and more sophisticated touch. After searching the wide Copenhagen art entourage they discovered Toril Bækmark. Toril was spot on and loyal to the same focus as Thomas and Rasmus – hence a partnership matured. Toril was found perfect because of both elegance in stroke and minimalistic compositions. The co-lab created a beautiful result! Today Komplikè can pride themselves with a one of the kind logo – sophisticated, esthetic and one striking nominator.


The final result talks for it self, and so does the striking road from first draft to final result. Rasmus and Thomas got more than just a Logo – they got a female touch full of sense and sensibility all thanks to Toril Bækmarks composition.


Resistance – New collection from Leather Projects

Leather Projects-Jeppe-Dencker-leather-
Leather Projects is ready with a new collection of handmade leather goods. We usually see smaller leather goods from the hands of Jeppe Dencker, such as tablet and computer covers – but this time, Mr. Dencker is really outdone himself by launching the “Resistance” collection.


The new collection is inspired by the minimalistic and military aesthetics from the 1940’s. The Resistance collection features messenger bags, weekend bags, belts, key hangers and dopp bags all crafted from premium italian, vegetable tanned leather, which will develop an astonishing patina over time. Each piece is assembled by hand, and is sewn together with a thick and waxed Irish linen thread making these pieces as durable as they are beautiful.

The new collection is available Leather Projects’ webshop. Go make it yours!



2014 is the year of CPHmade, and we’ve already introduced you to a couple of great collaborations in the future to come, including our co-hosting of a new vintage bike race in Copenhagen – Copenhagen Classico.


But we also have another eye-catching collaboration up our sleeves. We at CPHmade are proud to announce that we have provided some of the interviews and text for the new magazine, COLD NORTH.

COLD NORTH magazine is a biannual, printed magazine that collects ideas, interviews and products from the vast growing community of artists, designers, writers, and other artisans that resides the cold north. Putting great craftsmanship on a pedestal, COLD NORTH is filled with crisp photography, interviews, essays and various artworks paying homage to great craftsmanship in a modern world. In other words, a magazine that adores the same principles of craftsmanship, production and products as us.
The very first issue will be available from 1st of March, and features quite a few members of the CPHmade network. We are very excited about this release, and we’ll keep you updated on launch dates and stockists.

COLD NORTH Magazine – Issue 1 Launch Party – YOU ARE INVITED!

If you are in the area, COLD NORTH Magazine is celebrating the launch of issue 1 in Fritz Hansen’s Showroom in London the 20th of February. You are all welcome to join, just give COLD NORTH a heads up on

Craftsmanship Abroad #11

Fecht Design

It sure has been a while, but we’re ready with another edition of Craftsmanship Abroad.
This week, we’ve come across a great furniture designer and woodworker from Nashville. May we introduce you to Mr. Christian Fecht.
At first, Mr. Fecht originally made it to Nashville from Chicago to start a small contracting business, but always had a strong passion for creating art that might play a role in someone’s everyday life.
He found that possible in the noble art of furniture design. Fecht’s designs are very minimal, making the materials and shapes speak for themselves.

When it comes to actually picking out the right materials, Fecht is very fascinated with wood, and simply loves its ability to develop a life of its own through decades.
Solid craftsmanship and thoroughness is at the very heart of his work, and is the very cornerstone in his philosophy. You can definitely see that in the video below. Made by Joe Gomez, this video offers an exclusive peak into Christian Fecht Design’s workshop, and what a delight that is.
Sit back, and enjoy.

Start at the Beginning: Fecht Design from Joe Gomez on Vimeo.

Copenhagen Classico

We sort of got exciting new to share with all of you. As you all know, Copenhagen has quite a good reputation in the wide world for being one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. In fact, Copenhagen is aiming to be the world’s best bicycle city in 2015.


At the CPHmade office we embrace the goal of becoming the world’s best bicycle city in 2015, and of course we want to help out. However, we believe that it is about time we brought something different to the table. Politicians are constantly seeking to enhance the infrastructure of the city, making the city more suitable for the growing number of bicycles in Copenhagen. We can’t really help out on this sort of level, so instead we’ve decided to establish a project that definitely put fun into bicycling. May we introduce you to our latest initiative: Copenhagen Classico 2014.


The 22nd of June 2014 we are paying homage to classic bicycling by hosting a vintage bike race in Copenhagen.
You are all most welcome to join us for a sunny day, where the virtues of classic bicycling are put in the pride of place.
With its 22 kilometres, this year’s Copenhagen Classico route takes you on a nice stroll around Copenhagen escorted by 35 vintage motorbikes. We’ll almost have the city to ourselves, and like bike races in the good old days we’ll stop two times during the route. Here we’ll enjoy a glass of bubbles, espresso and a delightful serving of cold cuts. Preferably, your trusty steed should be before the year of 2000.

You can get more info, buy your ticket and follow the preparations at Copenhagen Classico (Danish only – but If you have questions, shoot us a mail at: mh(at)


Ministry of Architecture


By Asger D

When companies have a mission beyond just selling we want to share to inspire!

Our newest CPHmade member Ministry of Architecture started and run by CEO Mr. Bo Benzon has set their mission to ‘enrich and in some way change the world and the cities to become more worthwhile dwelling in’.

Now not only is this mission interesting and noteworthy, but it is actually also very clearly being translated into really products from Bo and his team. Take the hippopotamus for instance: It is at the very same time a very colourful hippo and a great book shelf case, or a room divider. In our view this is indeed both enriching and worthwhile.

Same goes for a number of Ministry of Achitecture’s other products like the Battleship board game, the giraffe storage or the coffee tables where you can easily flip the top – depending on which colour you’d prefer today.

Bo’s products are more than just physical and functional – they build bridges to different dimensions and perspectives.

So more great missions from more companies please!




The 20/20 Experience

Plain Crafts Søren Soren Ulrich RÅW

Passion and quality goes hand in hand

words by Brian Engblad

Just two days ago the Danish government announced a new tourist focus in 2020. The politicians want us Danes to focus and hereby level up on service, quality and the entire experiences economy as it was intended many years back. And even though politicians normally aim wide and blurred, they actually hit bull’s eye this time: If there is somewhere where we truly are stocked behind the Eight ball as the American would put it. It has a lot to do with service, quality and experience. Denmark simply disappoints in these parameters!

Taking into consideration that we the last 3 to 4 centuries has developed a cultural mishap of impoliteness and lack of motivation the task is quite immense. Changes do not come easy, nor cheap. Having said that, we absolutely applaud the fact that
Tourism finally has been linked with service, quality and better experiences – and we sure hope that the renewed focus on great tourism will turn out to be beneficial for the Danish consumers as well.
At the CPHmade office we are eagerly following these newly added focus to tourism, because we too believe that things has to change around here. Not that we do not find Copenhagen worth exploring but because we believe that this focus will start new, relevant discussions on what service, quality and better experience really comes down to.

From my cosy chair, the newly added tourism focus needs to stick to a fundamental feeling that we people tend to forget: Passion.
You see, quality, good service and great experiences do not just come out of education – it comes from passion!.

Plain Crafts Søren Soren Ulrich RÅW

Passion in everything you do!

At CPHmade, we experience every day what that passion in everything you do means. Not just from our own doing, but also through daily observations in our member’s companies. These proud craftsmen do not just strive for making the best product; they also strive for being the best in all processes in making the best product. It all comes down to materials, tools, workflow, and presentations. Just lately we were benched, and blown away during a product presentation at one of our members workshop. Not only because of the beautiful products he presented us, but simply because you could see the passion in his eyes when he very, very thoroughly explained his choices of tools and materials. Allow me to let you in on a little secret: a wood chisel is not just a wood chisel! It is all about the metal it is made from, which supplier you can trust and whom would be able to deliver the brand and a specific chisel. The chisel presentation went on and captured us like any story about craftsmanship would. Half an hour later we realized that all this time spend was on one chisel alone – the entire workshop carried more than a thousand pieces of tools and more or less every piece came with a fascinating story.

Plain Crafts Søren Soren Ulrich RÅW

Service, quality and new experiences are not something you get an advertising agency to communicate – actually if they got the chance, they would probably drain the experience for any distinctiveness. These interesting parameters will only come across when visiting the skilled people with loads of experience in person – craftsmen or not. Because there is so much more to a great experience than just the experience!

So back to the focus Denmark aims for in 2020. Much to do and much to learn. But do not hesitate to visit wonderful Copenhagen anyway – the little mermaid is still standing. When you are done seeing that, we stand by with our curated members already fulfill the government’s goal for 2020 – actually we can do even better!

Plain Crafts Søren Soren Ulrich RÅW

David & Goliath – a lesson learned

In his most recent book ’David and Goliath’ English-Canadian author Malcolm Gladwell conveys a number of examples on how against all odds some people and companies outsmart awesome opponents. The best known example of this being the tale of how the shepherd boy David killed the giant warrior Goliath some 3000 years ago.

Gladwell’s book came to my mind as just the right answer to all those politicians, experts and opinion leaders who for years have been advocating that all manufacturing in the Western World will inevitably move to low-cost countries, primarily in Asia. European companies simply cannot compete with the cost base that Asia offers. Hence, manufacturing is dead in our part of the world. Instead – the mantra goes – Europe needs to find new alternative business opportunities and revenue streams.

But in my opinion all these fine people make the same basic mistake. They automatically assume that only costs define the role of where manufacturing takes place. And of course here Europe will lose. We cannot compete with China or Bangladesh on labour costs. But to base the discussion of manufacturing on costs only is a huge mistake.

Many people make the mistake of putting their money on what seems to be the strongest part. But the very same people will be surprised when they learn how often the weakest part actually wins – simply by changing the game.

CPHmade has changed the game. Our mission is to support and help develop local manufacturing in Copenhagen and we fully acknowledge that in a head-to-head competition on costs we will always loose to Asia. So we play a different game. We try to build and market a completely different story which consumers will buy into.

To be more specific: Unlike an anonymous factory in the China hinterlands CPHmade member manufacturers offer a genuine story of authenticity, local anchoring, passionate craftsmen and quality products which will often outlive its owners. Yes, the products are premium priced, but then again is it expensive when you leave the store with a product that is not only a quality product on a physical dimension, but which is also puts a smile on your face? We think not – and certainly this tale seem to resonate very well with more and more consumers who are growing increasingly tired of mass-produced products.

Coming to back to ‘David and Goliath’ I personally love the story from The Old Testament on how the small boy David beats the giant Goliath in a one-to-one fight. Instead of being depressed about his diminutive physical size, David decides to change the game and fight on his own terms – using his speed, agility and ability to find Goliath’s weakest point. We all know what this meant to Goliath. The giant fell down dead before he even knew what had happened.

We too can win our war – in this case the manufacturing war.  The way forward for European manufacturing is to get out of the cost-trap and instead support an alternative tale. In all modesty, I think we have succeeded with this in CPHmade. Craftsmanship, authenticity and passion will beat the Asian Goliath.


Asger Daugbjerg, Partner, CPHmade

Asger Daugbjerg

Weekend suggestion: Coast to Coast KYST TIL KYST
If you haven’t yet made plans this weekend, Our good friends from DesignRitter is hosting an exhibition of the German artist Birgit Rautenberg-Sturm.

So if you find yourself in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen this Saturday, and even if you don’t, you should make your way down to DesignRitter’s workshop for a glass of wine, a talk about art and design and maybe even for a expansion of your personal art collection.

The whole exhibition starts off at Saturday the 11th of January 2014, and RitterDesign is ready to invite you in from 15.30 to 20.30. If you already made plans this weekend, don’t worry. The exhibition runs from 11.01.14 – 01.03.14.

More is always merrier – bring a friend, or tell a friend!

Kyst til Kyst [Coast to Coast] exhbition opening
Prinsesse Charlottes Gade 41, 2200 Copenhagen N.
11.01.14 from 15.30 – 20.30

And a Happy New Year

Christmas is finally here, and at CPHmade we are quite sure that most of you guys have been caught in the usual Christmas-shopping-tide. We sure hope you made it through to the other side, and ended out buying some great presents for your loved ones.
Christmas is also a great opportunity to reflect upon quality in products, stocking fillers and presents in general. As for yours truly, I’ve caught myself being swept away on a crazy buying frenzy – picking up way to many presents. Not because they were very special, nor unique, but simply just to pile presents up under a beautifully decorated tree. What a shame that was
I mean don’t we like the idea of giving intentional gifts that leave us with memories, rather than just leaving us with more stuff?
Just about everything is available on the Internet, and can be bought within seconds just with the single action of a mouse click. It sure is making shopping a lot easier, but we could all find goodness in being reminded that there is actually ways to put a but more thought into the you choose for dear friends and family.
As December is slowly fading, we at CPHmade, have been extremely pleased to see that people are still going that extra mile, when it comes to finding just the right present.
Our boutique experiences in Tivoli has given us strong indications that, great (hand)crafted and (wo)man made products still have a future!

Thank you to all you guys who have visited us in Tivoli!

See you right after Christmas.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the CPHmade team.

Tie Girls

foto (27)

If you are among the many who visited us in our Tivoli SHOP, these lovely girls have probably caught your eye. Covered only by the fantastic ties by Søren Skifter, the lovely “tie-girls” are actually strongly inspired by one of Copenhagen’s biggest tourist attraction, the Little Mermaid. Instead of The Little Mermaid’s fishy tail, the tie-girls are elegantly dressed in ties by Søren Skifter.

As the photo reveals, one of the girls are wearing a woolen tie, and particular the woolen ties we carry in our SHOP has a great story to tell. The woolen ties are actually an exact remake of some of the very first designs by Søren Skifter in 1919. Designed more than 94 years ago, the pattern design the shapes and the choice of material is still the same in this fantastic re-make. Subtle colours and a timeless cut.

The ties, shirts and bow ties are running fast as Christmas is slowly approaching, so make sure to swing by our shop and secure yourselves a piece of local production history!

Right now, we have some great deals for the man who has everything. GO GO GO!



A relatively new member of the CPHmade family, Plain Crafts, recently popped his head into our office with a bunch of fantastic photos. The photos are snapped in Søren Ulrich’s workshop on Esromgade, Nørrebro, and truly defines Mr. Ulrich as a first class furniture designer.

Furniture and wooden accessories by Søren Ulrich are crafted with utmost respect for materials and designed with a keen eye on minimalistic details.

As for now, you can experience Søren Ulrich’s products in the CPHmade SHOP in the Tivoli Gardens. Find a wide selection of stools, cutting boards, candlesticks and much more.

Let the inspiration begin:












“Sjakket” (”The Gang”) is a former printing factory located in the North Western area of Copenhagen. Since 1996, Sjakket has been housing crime threatened and socially disadvantaged children and young people. In these facilities, Sjakket’s users were able to receive help and support, with the sole purpose of bringing them back on the “right” track of life.
Sjakket offer their users an inspiring environment, where they can just hang out, play music, practice sport, meet up with friends etc. But in 2005 a total renovation initiated, because the old printing factory was found unhealthy to be in. After two years of massive renovation, the new and improved Sjakket was ready to open its doors for the children, the young people and the city of Copenhagen. Hereby the new building opened a dynamic and colourful appearance.


Today, Sjakket is one of Copenhagen’s raw urban oases. The building’s many features and facilities provide the old factory with an exciting and active expression. Sjakket’s “inside” is equipped with modern facilities, and on the outside of the building it looks like a classical industrial complex with gigantic stained-glass windows in different colored laminate folls.


The old factory building consists of two large, arched halls, connected by a central section. One part holds school, kitchen, administration, music studio and a Thai boxing hall. The other part has been designed as a flexible multipurpose hall, which can be used by Mjølnerparken, other institutions and of course by Sjakket and its users. This part of the two halls can be opened up, so the building and the urban space can get in contact with each other. The old building have been found worthy of preservation, so therefore it was difficult for the architects, PLOT (BIG/JDS) to change the design of the building.


The buildings form retained its original design, but with a red beam across the two halls and the rooftop terrace. A combination of something industrially and new in its expression gives an attractive architecture. The expression gives a sense of activity, social interaction and stimulating for the young people.

My Creative Soundtrack – CPHmade


Weekend is just around the corner – so why not kick it off by listening to some great music? Our MD, Brian Engblad has curated this edition of “My Creative Soundtrack”.
The playlist ranges from smooth jazz to more “rebellious” – there is just about something for everyone in this playlist!
The playlist have been extremely useful for us the last couple of months, where we have been working very hard on a lot of new interesting projects.
As of now, you can listen to the playlist in the Spotify-player below, or you can swing by our CPHmade SHOP in the Tivoli Gardens’ Christmas market and listen to some nice tunes, while buying your presents!

CPHmade in Tivoli: Meet the goldsmiths!


Meet goldsmiths from the CPHmade network!
When? 1st of December – 16.00-18.00.
Where? CPHmade SHOP in the Tivoli Garden (just opposite to “Glassalen”)

If you haven’t payed us a visit in our CPHmade SHOP in Tivoli yet, may we suggest you popped your head in at Tivoli the 1st Sunday in December, where we have kindly asked three of the very best goldsmiths in Copenhagen to come and enlighten us in their work.  From 16.00 – 18.00, the three goldsmiths will throughly introduce you to their designs, and the ideas behind. So swing by this event, and have any questions you might have to the goldsmiths answered!

The goldsmiths you can meet are: Mette Nordby Thomsen, Mads Heindorf and Tine Lindhard.

Mette Nordy Thomsen is a talented goldsmith, who works with a wide selection of materials in her production of astonishing jewelry. Expect materials like lace, wood, gems, plastic, diamonds, gold and silver coming to life in simple, yet complex pieces of jewelry.

"Moon Rabbit" - Oxidized silver ring by Mette Nordby Thomsen.

“Moon Rabbit” – Oxidized silver ring by Mette Nordby Thomsen.

Mads Heindorf is the alchemist of today. Mr. Heindorf masters the very noble art of transforming precious memories into fantastic jewelry. A piece of jewelry by Mads Heindorf is a handmade symbol of what is most important to the individual. To emphasize the individuality in his jewelry, Mr. Heindorf’s is well-known for melting down customer’s own old gold and silver and turning them into new pieces of jewelry. We highly doubt that it gets more personal than that!

Angel necklace  by Mads Heindorf

Angel necklace by Mads Heindorf

– Tine Lindhard is the name of very skillful goldsmith. Tine Lindhard’s designs are characterized by having a specific functional purpose as well as being elegant. The functionality enables the customer to apply the jewellery in different ways, which makes the jewellery more than just a decorating piece; it becomes a personal statement.

Petal Ring by Tine Lindhard

Petal Ring by Tine Lindhard

Needless to say, the three goldsmiths are of course based in Copenhagen! So make sure to pay us a visit, and support local craftsmanship!

Craftsmanship Abroad #10

Skærmbillede 2013-11-24 kl. 14.21.23

This week’s edition of Craftsmanship Abroad takes us to the the small town Flimby in England.
Flimby houses a well-known factory of the iconic sneaker brand New Balance.
Founded back in 1983, the New Balance factory in Flimby occupies more than 210 skillful craftsmen who puts the manufacturing of sneakers in the pride of place. Forget about mass-produced sneakers with no soul or quality assurance. The Flimby factory only distributes sneakers of the highest quality. All the sneakers crafted at Flimby are treated with utmost care and attention to detail. The video below gives us an exclusive view behind the scenes of sneaker manufacturing, offering the viewer a step-by-step process of the production of New Balance’s iconic 577 model.
After watching the the video, you will easily why the quality of New Balance sneakers are considered state of the art.

[vimeovideo url=55765754]

Photo recap: CPHmade Market Day 2013

THANK YOU all for making CPHmade Market Day 2013 a great success!
On a beautiful sunny Sunday, we hosted our annual Market Day in astonishing Axelborg.

We had a great turn up, and we saw a lot of early Christmas gifts being bought. We bet these will be source of great joy out there!


If you couldn’t make it to this year’s market day, don’t worry – we’ve already decided the date for CPHmade Market Day 2014. You should find time for us on the 15th of November 2014, and join us for yet another day, where local manufacturing and Copenhagen-based craftsmen is in the pride of place. More info will be available as we’re moving closer to the date.







Photo series: Graae Copenhagen

Workshop - 7

The never-not-working leather smith Klavs Graae just released a set of stunning photos of his products and production process. With more than 40 years of experience, Klavs Graae is considered one of the very best within his field. Klavs Graae is respected for taking an outmost pride in manufacturing minimalistic and clean products made in an uncompromisingly high quality. The photo series below elaborate on Mr. Graae’s no-nonsense approach to the noble art of leathersmithing.

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves.