CPHmade in good hands

Earlier today CPHmade paid a visit to our dear member Tom Eltang on the very day where he celebrated his 40th year anniversary as a pipe maker. What an achievement.

Because Tom is both a very nice person and a famous pipe maker guests from all over the world came to celebrate. On this picture Tom is sandwiched between whom he himself describes as probably the world’s best pipe maker Mr. Kei Gotoh from Japan and yours truly. We had a blast.

CPHmade wishes Tom and Tom Eltang Pipes the very best for the next many years.


New member cooperation

Pipe maker Tom Eltang has teamed up with Elvo. Elvo has created new card board boxes for Tom’s pipes – so that his pipes can be suitably presented.


Launch of the CPHmade pibe by Tom Eltang

From the launch of the new CPHmade pipe last week – from left the owner and CEO of The Danish Pipeshop Nikolaj Nielsen, yours truly and the pipe maker himself Tom Eltang. All of us with our own example of Tom’s pipe.



The CPHmade pipes – by Tom Eltang

We have really been looking forward to be able to share this:

CPhmade member Tom Eltang, one of the world’s most famous and esteemed pipe makers, has created two different CPHmade pipes – one sandblasted and one smooth – both horn.

Both pipes are the two first genuinely named CPHmade products.

Tom Eltang himself will be showing the CPHmade pipes in The Danish Pipeshop in Copenhagen this coming Saturday.


Tom Eltang among the world’s best pipe makers

Denmark hosts some of the world’s very best pipe makers. This is actually a bit of a paradox as it was the Swedish pipe maker Sixten Ivarsson who lived in Copenhagen in the 1950s.

Sixten Ivarsson invented a method where you fit the individual pipe to a piece of wood instead of the traditional method where each pipe was an exact copy the the previous one. Hence, pipe makers went from being workers to artists. At least in Denmark.

One of Sixten Ivarsson’s heirs is Tom Eltang who today ranks among the world’s most acknowledged and well-known pipe makers. And who contributes to positioning Denmark as a world leader in pipes.

And when you see examples of Tom’s pipes who understand why – they are pure art! /asger


Launch of new book on pipes in Tom Eltangs workshop

Scandinavian Pipemakers Friday 13 April several of the best pipemakers in Denmark and Sweden were gathered in Tom Eltang’s workshop in Charlottenlund to celebrate the launch of the book Scandinavian Pipemakers – written by Jan Andersson.


CPHmade was there to attend.


Jan Anderssons book is a beautiful and very comprehensive presentation of the most influental pipemakers in Scandinavia since the mid 2000th century.


Eltang Pipes – a world favorite

Tom Eltang is now also a CPHmade member. Our first pipe maker – but not just any pipe maker!

Eltang’s pipes are acknowledged all over the world, and is being sold from Taiwan to the US. And one understands why when reading the blog comments at eltang.com; the quality is unique.