These boots were made for walking

Elsgaard has done it again! Hademade for your feet!

This time a pair of semi-brogue derby boots in black box-calf. Happy walking!


Style or contemporary art?

Maybe this is the latest trend for some, but for Elsgaard Håndskomageri this is craftsmanship made like it has been for generations.

Elsgaard Håndskomageri sponsors the Danish Freestyle Team

Danish Freestyle Team (DFT) is the national team for Freestyle Unicycling (one wheel bicycle) and here the very best from around the country get together. The overall aim is to show unicycling  in Denmark and put Denmark on the unicycle world map.

DFT is world champions in the discipline Group Freestyle for the second time in a row. Therefore, the goal of the season 2012/13 is to be working on an even higher technical level, in order to defend the gold medal for UNICON 17 in Montreal in 2014

Elsgaard Håndskomageri sponsors the DFT – and hence has had a hand (or should we rather side ‘foot’?) in the DFT’s World Championship.



Not a CPHmade member – but only because The Left Shoe Company isn’t residing in our city


We love all our members – they all make a difference and are great ambassadors of our city.

But we are not blind from the fact that there are other great local companies out there – full of history, authenticity and dedication.

The Left Shoe Company is one such company. Almost as fantastic as Elsgaard Shoes – naturally a CPHmade member /Asger