Furniture Objects – An exhibition worth your visit


Denmark is just about surrounded by ocean, which have formed us through history, generations and handed us pure heritage. To some Danes the sea is about fishing, to others it’s about wind energy and oil – but to most of us it’s about leisure time and sweet memories.

To Per Schandorff the sea is about wooden shipwrecks or wood in general that has survived for decades beneath the surface.

A few years back Per decided to skip the daily routines for a future as artist, designer and storyteller.


The contemporary International interpretation of 2017 is dwelling on zero waste, minimalism and a signal about that things needs to change. Sustainability have long court the attention of this artist but the interpretation is so different from artist to artist.

Per is situated somewhere between the artist and the designer. Utilizing the aging wood with nature’s distinct imprint and limitation as backbone in a range of artistically handcrafted  furniture piece.


Not one piece come without craftsmanship or storytelling and not two pieces here are alike.

Since the organic lifestyle in general is aiming even more towards a conscious living this proud exhibition is spot on.

Having said exhibition, one must emphasise that all the beautiful furniture pieces exhibited here are for sale.


The exhibition is situated in the town centre next to the beautiful Kings Garden. Although a small demonstration it comes highly recommended by us at CPHmade.


So if you would like some diversity to shopping streets and the little mermaid, drop by Per Schandorff and enjoy the display as well as a nice talk with the artist about nature, charisma, emotions and aesthetics or perhaps even about the political aspect in every furniture piece.



The Exhibition is held here:

Kronprinsessegade 11
Copenhagen K

The Exhibition is running until end of April 2017

For more information about the artist, exhibition and opening hours – click here


Enjoy // On behalf of the CPHmade team – Brian

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SS 2015 pencil trend

pencil design 2015
Something is going on in pencils in 2015 – it seams like a new focus is surfaced – We risk our reputation and point to a new contemporary trend in the furniture / living segment.
We are fund of new ideas, but even more curious when a designer integrate basic elements in new design. And since the good old pencil are no longer is use by most designers and people at large why not give it a new assignment in design – because it’s still a cool object whether used in a more traditional way or not!
Our Danish Craftsmen Tom Rossau joined the club of enthusiastic designers and craftsman who found a new use for this fantastic and more than 150 year old invention.
made in copenhagen, denmark
Tom is famous for another iconic lamp, but perhaps this new model can create even more brand buzz for Tom Rossau.
made in denmark
Other designers tipped in during the last 12 month and they are making a wide range of possible new pencil icons. Perhaps it’s just because they needed new ideas or source of inspiration. But it’s rather funny taking into consideration that most designers have had a pencil close by for many years.
For now I just enjoy the new take on an old object.
Evernote Camera Roll 20150226 153930 blog from Copenhagen
 Evernote Camera Roll 20150226 153932 Blog from Copenhagen
Last in this new trend, it seams like pencils has drawn the attention of not just designers but other creative minds as well – for them pencil lead is now used as a micro canvas. This is rather new to most but thanks to google picture search we found a range of this new art form – perhaps we all need to sharpen the pencil in a new way too.
Evernote Camera Roll 20150226 153933 pencil art
It seams like there is no turning back – SS 2015 pencil trend – How do you use your pencil?

Pencil trend…SS15

pencil design 2015Teaser:

Not all design process’ starts with notebook and pencil, but thats NOT to say that the pencil no longer goes hand in hand with design and design process. We have decided to scratch the surface about the pencil.

We will focus on the pencil trend in contemporary design SS 2015. Stay tuned.


Christmas is getting closer

Oh don’t we not all love Christmas, no fuss just happy days tucked in blankets and family. In Denmark we are tough to be happy and forgiving – especial around Christmas time.

We really strive to deliver on expectations and expectations are high! Fantastic food and marvelous bakery, prefect presents, tree and decoration just to name a few. We entertain our guests with near to overwhelming energy and the kids are nearly behaving.
We make lists and organize Christmas shopping – or at least I have heard than thats what we do. We compare and brag through our energetic behavior and for some odd reason we all carry round a bad conscience about being behind and ineffective.

This is why more and more retailers offer a wide range of services these days. Everything from shopping assistance to gift rapping. The other day I was even introduced to a Christmas delivery, by Santa on Christmas Night! Thats new to me.
Unfortunately we don’t really know Santa, but we too decided too offer some Christmas relief. In our newly open store in Copenhagen we have made it easy to buy the perfect present even for Granny that otherwise don’t really have any reel Christmas wishes other than sweet grandchildren.

We mixed from the wide variety of Scandinavian made products – thus made it possible to find the perfect gift from 100 danish kronerSo if you need to find something extraordinary for Christmas don’t hesitate to visit us in our store, or write to us for further information. And if you have the contact information to Santa please share.

Happy December

You can find all giftbags in our webshop – here

kaffe-honning-karamel-300kr magnet-karamel-honning-110kr julesalt-honning-110kr

We want to make sure that Nothing is Impossible

Kindergarden invite

Nothing is impossible – with passion and the right go-get mentality you can create your own business. Denmark has decided to focus on start-ups one week a year – this week. Hence we just launched our latest activity. This is a Danish offer only, but to thrill the curious mind we open our door one day every month to support and help mature the next creative idea into promising business’.
You can support this program by sharing our danish introduction and poster.
On behalf of the team and all the great ideas that will be develop in the years to come. Thank you!

Danish version.
Uge 47 er blevet iværksætternes uge – en uge om året sætter Danmark fokus på det vigtigste vi ved! Vi benytter lejligheden til at lancere vores nyeste tiltag – Kindergarden 2:0 væksthus for den gode ide. Den sidste torsdag i måneden, 10 gange om året, åbner vi døren for alle der har en god ide som de skal have lidt hjælp til at komme videre med. Læs mere og del gerne vores budskab.

Can I get the products in other colors?


Skærmbillede 2014-10-16 kl. 11.14.00
Yes, You Can!

Being small and independent most of our members value to service and deliver beyond the standard collection. Both because they love to be challenged but also because they like to understand consumer preference. Most of our customers values this opportunity, especially because most will be in direct contact with the craftsman.
So whether you prefer a jewelry in silver instead of black gold or getting a jugglers hat in a specific color to match an outfit, our members strive to deliver upon demand and expectation.


Therefore you are always welcome to contact us, if you so wish to change colors or quality before you final order of a handmade or manmade product.


The first contact will be directly to CPHmade and a little later in the process if needed you will be redirected contact with the specific member. contact us here:


This means that you at the end of the day can tell family and friends that you took part in development of a product made in Denmark. How great a story is that!


Featured picture (TOP)  in this blogpost
Hat named Akrobaten by – photo by Thomas Cato.
Buttom picture: Andersen&Berner jugglers hats

Andersen & Berner hats joggling

CPHmade has opened a Made in Denmark shop

Next time you go to the Tivoli Gardens in central Copenhagen do pass by our new shop Made in Denmark.

As the name suggests we have fine products all manufactured in Denmark – from fine whisky to beautiful leather goods. You won’t fine any cheap crap, but only crafted goods by passionate craftsmen.

We are open 7 days a week – and all days to 11pm. So no excuse for not visiting :-)