Colibri Bookbindery x KUJON

When you’re strolling around the inner city area of Copenhagen, you’ll quickly realize that the main shopping street “Strøget” is not the only area where you can satisfy your shopping needs. If you look closely, you’ll discover that Copenhagen is all about small, crooked and quirky streets with the most charming shops.

In the narrow street Klosterstræde, you’ll find a quite quirky and odd collection on some of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen. If you pop in and say hi in no.16, you’ll find a quite amazing bookbindery called Co’libri. The old bookbindery has a traditional approach to the art of bookbinding, but is constantly seeking to expand and adapt the proud craftsmanship of bookbinding into a modern world.
This particular wish, is one of the reasons why Ms. Lerager agreed on crafting the LP-cover from a new Danish Band “Kujon”. The results are in, and we quite like the idea of crafting an LP-cover from a bookbinders point of view.
To get you an idea of Ms. Lerager’s work process, We managed to get our hands on some footage of the LP-cover in the making. To accompany the photos, we suggest that you take a listen at Co’libri’s Creative Soundtrack.
Stay tuned for more interesting news from Colibri Bookbindery in the future!

My Creative Soundtrack – Malene Maria Lerager

Once again, we’ve kindly asked our talented members in our humble network to share their creative soundtrack with us.
This week’s playlist is curated by the gifted bookbinder Malene Maria Lerager from the bookbindery Co’libri.

Ms. Lergager does oldskool bookbinding with contemporary twists.
Foodies may know recognize Ms. Leragers high quality of work, as she previously did the binding of the wine card for Copenhagen’s gastronomic flagship Noma.
From her charming workshop in Klosterstræde, Ms. Lerager does all kinds of bookbinding. Whether you need restorations of older books, a new binding for a book, or Co’libri is the place to go.

Listen to Malene Maria Leragers Creative Soundtrack on Spotify, and start a midweek party.


Children of the Sun – Dead Can Dance

Mary of Silence – Mazzy Star

Teenage Lust – Jesus and Mary Chain

Only Shallow – My Bloody Valentine

Space For Rent – WhoMadeWho

Mannequin – When Saints Go Machine

Default – Atoms For Peace

Hell is Round The Corner – Tricky

2013 – Primal Scream

River of Pain – Primal Scream

Walkin on a pretty Day – Kurt Vile

Make It With Chu – Queens of The Stoneage


The wine actually tastes better…

Colibri Bookbindery in Klosterstræde has designed and created new wine cards for the worlds best restaurant – Restaurant Noma here in Copenhagen.

So now you can find pleasure in both finding, deciding and drinking the right wine for you  dishes at Noma – that is if you can get a table.

Colibri Bookbindery

Co’libri in distinguished company

When late Queen Ingrid’s ruby-set was adapted to Crown Princess Mary, jewelry designer Marianne Dulong created some fine barrettes and a ruby ring of the excess rubies.

For this bookbinder Malene Lerager, Co’libri, has built this fine jewelery, bound in red goatskin embossed with gold. The whole thing can also be seen in the recently published book by Nina Hald: Fairytale Rubies.

Did you know that Colibri also makes your portfolio ….

This is how your portfolio might look like when crafted by Malene Lerager at Colibri.

Photographer Jens Juul is certainly well prepared to present his photos.

New beautifully hand crafted book from Co’libri

The book is designed for and purchased by the Art Association of 14 August, which annually distributes ‘works of art’ to their members.

It is a book about ceramist Gertrud Vasegaard where the ceramic plates that are placed outside as decoration are made of CPHmade member Tina Marie Bendtsen.

Full skin binding in undyed goatskin with blind embossing and ceramic plates. The book case is included.

Latest news from Colibri Bookbindery

Document tubes and medal boxes made for the annual Honered Craftmanship prize. Both are handmade by back mottled paper and goat skin with gold touch.

nice work / asger

World literature beautifully presented

In 1956 French Nobel Prize Winner Albert Camus wrote ‘The Fall’ – a fantastic and disturbing novel about a Parisian lawyer’s fall from grace.

In 2012 Colibri Bookbindery presented the book in a way that gives Albert Camus’ book full credit as a corner stone in world literature.

Co’libri is much more than just a bookbinder

How can you take you core business to the next level. Co’libri found a brillant way development business in a positive way. Why not subscribe to limited editions of special sellected books where every binding is handcraftet and different from the original – only available for member. Next available limited edition is famous writer Albert Camus and his book –  The Fall (La Chute) – from 1956. As you can see above the owner of Co’libri is these days putting the final touch on the bookbinding. For more information on how to subscribe to these beautiful editions, don’t hessite to contact us at CPHmade or Co’libri directly, or even better go visit the royal selected bookbinder herself.