A world without bees? Not in Copenhagen!


Our good friends from ByBi has moved in to the Town City Hall of Copenhagen.
As some of you may remember we mentioned last summer that our good friends from ByBI was about to participate in a quite interesting collaboration with the municipality of Copenhagen – and now, the project has been realized. 120.000 bees have found a new home on the roof of the Town City Hall in comfortable beehives, and are now ready to produce some great tasting honey.
The bees will pollinate the flowers and flora in some of the nearby situated parks and sites, including the Tivoli Gardens and the flowerbeds at the Town City Hall. The results are 100 % locally produced honey, as not only the making of the honey is made from locally grown flowers, but also harvested, extracted and bottled by skillful beekeepers in Copenhagen. At CPHmade, we can’t wait to taste the results!

Honey, check our webshop


WEBSHOP News: Our good friends from the honey harvesting socio-economic project Bybi is soon to be found on the shelves of our virtual shop.
Ever since their start in 2010 Bybi [translates City bee] have brought millions of honeybees to Copenhagen. The bees live on the roof tops of iconic buildings and businesses around town, where they are looked after by long term unemployed, formerly homeless and refugees.
The project is a social enterprise, where all profits are re-invested in social and environmental activities, and Bybi’s products are based on the highest quality of honey.
As it turns out, every part of the city has a slightly different taste to it because of the different vegetations in the city.

Even though the honeys is produced in a large city like Copenhagen, urban honey is a 100 % natural product. No pesticides, no GM, no unnatural treatment of the bees, and unaffected by air pollution.
Bybi has now started a production of interesting products, where the great tasting honey is the hero, including honey brewed beer and delicious honey hard candy!
Stay tuned, and make sure to look for Bybi products in our CPHmade webshop in the nearest future!

Are bees taking over the Copenhagen City Hall?

bybi bees copenhagen, locally produced honey

The old City Hall in Copenhagen might increase their number of employees significantly this summer

Actually 140.000 new employees are ready to offer their services in the Copenhagen City Hall. On the roof, that is. We’re talking about 140.000 bees here, offering their production skills within honey production.

The politicians in Copenhagen are keen on the idea of hosting beehives on the roofs of the City Hall.
CPHmade member ByBi has kindly requested the Copenhagen City Hall of the possibilities to install beehives on the rooftops of the old City Hall.
As some of you may remember ByBi is a socio-economically enterprise that sells locally produced honey. ByBi is, at the time of writing, represented in ten locations all over Copenhagen and have beehives on the rooftops of Bella Center, Carlsberg and Lundbeck Pharma.
As mentioned earlier ByBi is a socio-economically enterprise, and focuses on activating vulnerable people. ByBi provides jobs within managing the beehives, and helps vulnerable people getting back on track.
The profits from the honey production are put in social projects that takes former homeless people into account.
At CPHmade we’re absolutely pleased to experience that the politicians in Copenhagen have taken a socio-economically, sustainable project like ByBi into consideration.

Stay tuned for more info on the interesting collaboration!

Copenhagen Food Fair 2013 is here!

Copenhagen Food Fair 2013

This week, between the 24th and the 27th February, takes place the Copenhagen Food Fair 2013. The fair is providing a framework for an extremely popular food culture, with exhibitions from hundreds of producers and companies that are centering their work on food and taste.
We’re pleased to announce that three of our members are also taking part in this enriching activity. The members represented are: Oialla, Karamelleriet and ByBi.
Oialla is represented with their uncompromising quality of chocolate, and is part of the Organic association.
Karamelleriet is exhibiting their traditional, yet experimental varieties of caramels.
ByBi is proudly presenting their social-economic project on honey produced in Copenhagen, and is taking part in the Urban garden sector.

Practical information
Location of the fair: Bella Center, Center Boulevard 5-2300 København
Period: 24 – 27 February
Website: http://www.copenhagenfoodfair.dk

CPHmade members locations on the fair
Oialla: Hall: C2 / Stand no: C2-006
Karamelleriet: Hall: C1 / Stand no: C1-011C
ByBi: Hall: B3 / Stand no: B4-020

CityBee at the Copenhagen Food Fair


CityBee is present at the upcoming COPENHAGEN FOOD FAIR. This year COPENHAGEN FOOD FAIR has more than 400 sqm to show what is happening within urban agriculture and local food production.

At the CityBee exhibition stand you can can learn more about Copenhagen locally produced honey – and of course you can also buy the honeys.

Meet CityBee on Feb 24-25 from 10-5.


City Bee Christmas Market on 15 December


City Bee Christmas Market at Danish Red Cross, Rosenørns Alle 31, Frederiksberg.

You can read the entire program at http://bybi.dk/2012/12/07/bybi-julemarked/

– but it is in Danish only.


SuperBrugsen now selling ByBi honey in Copenhagen


Now you can buy ByBi honey in 10 selected SuperBrugsen supermarkets in Copenhagen.

So the city’s honey in the city’s shops. How nice!

(see the entire list of supermarket addresses under ‘Craftsmen/ByBi)

Taste Copenhagen – honey from 5 different districts


Can you taste the difference between Valyby and Vesterbro? ”Taste Copenhagen’ contains 5 glasses of honey from 5 different districts as well as the story on the bee keepers behind and the significance of bees in the city.