The modern Nordic homes in the year of 2015

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As we are about to exit the first month of 2015 it’s time to start looking to what the year will bring. This is a look at the modern Nordic homes and where it will evolve. What color is trendy? What decor style is popular? And what is the next big trend? Well, what is a modern Nordic home?

modern Nordic homes Marsala CPHmade

Modern Nordic colors

As with seasons – colors come and go. The favorite amongst the northerners right now is grey, the Nordic choice for the basics. But the hottest color to be will be a dark warm red. The world-renowned color company Pantone has just revealed the color of 2015 last month. It is called ‘Marsala’ named after a liquor. According to Pantone ‘Marsala’ will be the most trendy color world wide this year in both furniture and interior. Marsala is an earthy tone of wine red and is a grounded color of elegance on it’s own and with a satisfying richness to it. Both nature and earth are the inspirations for the color that origins from Sicily, Italy, where the wine liquor comes from. The color could be called the umami of the colors as it is a ‘fulfilling meal’ in a sophisticated and satiating way (Source: Pantone).

nordic modern homes 2015 droobski

In general we’ll se a lot more red and copper-orange as 2015 rolls out. The hues of the red scale will mix in well in those Scandinavian homes and make it more interesting than just the basic pale palette of white, beige and grey (Source: and

modern nordic home lokal handcrafted copenhagen

The deep dark greens and blues we saw this fall continues into the new year. It creates a calm and cosiness in the homes. The courage to change up the style more during the year comes as we see an economical prosperity. As the seasons will change so will our homes and as the white Scandinavian nights closes in the homes will transform with small changes (like bedspread, pillowcases, vases). So welcome the colors into your decor with a upholstered bright furniture or a painted wall in dark dusky color to break away from the norm.

Minimalistic Nordic Bauhaus

The trendy modern Nordic homes has been rather minimalistic for a long time and is still dominating. The new here is the contrast that is added with the arty and geometric Bauhaus-style. Decorative details or a dark color will be an element to contrast the otherwise clean peeled white walls. Minimalism is still a focus but added something extravagant to renew the look of the nature style with the Nordic woods to make it more elegant.


Marble and metals are strong elements from the Bauhaus period. Copper was the big thing in 2014 and we are far from done with it although brass is taking over as the number one metal. The warm glow matches very well with the otherwise rather cold tone Nordic style is know for.
White marble is clean and elegant and goes well to break a minimalistic Scandinavian home. The green and red marble is very ‘nature’ and together with brass it raises the stylish elegance of a room decorated with light or darker woods, leather and other nordic materials.

mordern nordic home marble

New trend – 3D printing

One of the new trends that clashes a little with the philosophy of CPHmade is the new possibilities the entry of 3D printing brings. This new modern technology will revolutionize the way we think of creation. As 3D printing will become more and more common it will be easier for the consumers to simply(fied) just print their furnitures in the future.


The chinese firm Yingchuang New Materials Inc. has gone all the way with printing entire houses. But the printers required to make this scale are huge (about 6 meters tall 40 meters long and 10 meters wide) so probably not for the everyday consumer (Source: To print something in it’s entirety will probably be a little demanding to do at home, and not as easy as the whole 3D printing may sound. At times less is more. As an example Keystones from studio Mina-Maeda in Milano has made a white plastic construction you can print at home. It will hold a table together without any further parts (Source: Bo Bedre).


For sure – we have not seen more than the first snowflake on the tip of the iceberg which 3D printing with accelerating haste will become. Although this is very smart we all know that a trend needs a countertrend. This is why 3D printing hardly will be the knock-out of handcrafted furniture. On the opposite it wouldn’t be unthinkable that 3D printing will be a factor in an increase in the demand of unique handmade quality furniture in organic materials as people grow tired of the ‘copy+paste’ trend. Check out one of the best in Copenhagen to make Nordic handmade furniture here.

modern nordic home ask emil

Photos from: Bobedre, Ferm Living, Monomade,, Lokal, Ask Emil, Droobski og Pantone.

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3 sustainable furniture designers in CPHmade

sustainable furniture designers in CPHmade Copenhagen

In Denmark we are very proud of our traditions within furniture design. Great designers like Børge Mogensen, Finn Juhl, Arne Jacobsen and Hans Jørgen Wegner made Danish furniture design famous by its clean, minimalistic and simple design.

For a very long time Danish furniture design has been recognized by these heroes, and made it difficult for upcoming furniture designers to break through. But for the last couple of years the Danish furniture design has developed, and is now concentrated on long-living traditions, crafted in a contemporary world. Furniture design is of course primary an aesthetical experience, but the craftsmanship behind furniture design is really in focus these days. The increased focus on global warming, and green environment has indeed spread into all kinds of business and craftsmanship. Furniture design is no exception, and today we see an enlarged focus on sustainability in the crafting process. At CPHmade, we are very pleased to have members on board that are concerned about the environment, and craft furniture designs from a sustainable point of view.

Jonas Herman Pedersen

Jonas does custom-made furniture designs, and has been working freelance for brands as Bolia and TripTrap. Jonas Herman Pedersen really cares of sustainable furniture design, and designed a series of furniture crafted in Nicaragua from a sustainable point of view.

Ask Emil Skovgaard

Ask Emil is a critically acclaimed furniture designer that crafts furniture, particularly recognized for its beautiful, simple, organic design that Denmark is internationally known for. Ask Emil’s furniture designs belong in the high-end of the market, and are crafted with passion, respect and love to wood as a material. 

Griffen Shop

Griffen Shop is run by the architect Lotte Nørregaard, and distributes small furniture designs such as coffee tables, cupboards etc. Furthermore the shop specializes in custom-made interior designs, made from a CNC-cutter.

Ask Emil article in national newspaper (in Danish)

Here’s the chance to practice and improve your Danish skills – and read a great story about a young man from a hippie background now delivering outstanding furniture to a global clientele.

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 3.09.09 PM

When great furniture meets great lamps

Furniture designer and producer Ask Emil has started his exhibition together with lamp designer Tom Rossau at Tom’s showroom and boutique.

Ask Emil and Tom will be co-displaying their beautiful designs until Dec 29.  Go see.

Architonic celebrates Soul Man Ask Emil Skovgaard

Fantastic article about Ask Emil Skovgaard – read more here!

Uncompromising design by Ask Emil Skovgaard and Tom Rossau

Two of Copenhagen’s most iconic designers joint forces and exhibit organic furniture and lamps in combinations not seen before – all designs pointing to a beautiful and uncompromising direction. The two present handmade icons at Vesterbro from November to end December. The exhibit takes place in a satellite workshop, to understate craftsmanship, the process and unique importance of local production.

The exhibition is situated at Frederiksberg Alle 5 at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. Open daily from the 1st of November until 29th of December 2012 – between 11am – 6pm.


Hammer and art

Enjoy this picture? The hammer will soon be available in our webshop – The hammer is designed and crafted by Ask Emil Skovgaard

Astonishing beauty…

Such elegance and true craftsmanship made by the designer himself – Ask Emil Skovgaard

Craftmanship and true passion

[youtubevideo url=E4jMWETjM4o]

Allow us to introduce the finest craftsmanship can offer. Ask Emil is truly a fine example of how production can survive in Copenhagen/Denmark. You gotta love his effort and work