5 Questions with Stig Andersen

Hats have been around for a very long time. They can protect you from the elements, advertise your favorite sports franchise or even be a status symbol. In the era of mass production, most hats are replicated in the millions then carelessly distributed. Yet in a Copenhagen workshop, the craft of hat making survives and thrives.

I recently sat down with the second generation hat maker Stig Andersen to ask him a few questions about him trade.



Why hats?
I love hats. I made my first hat when I was five years old – it was a cowboy hat. When I got older, I went to school studying hat making. Ever since then I have worked with hats.

This may be hard but, do you have a favorite?
I like the old school top hat. To me it’s the most stylish.

What’s the history of Andersen and Berner?
My father started this company in 1946 with a friend Berner. After completing school in 1979 I started working here myself. Finally in 1985, I bought the company from my father.

Can you give us a glimpse of the hat making process?
Every hat comes from a form. There are lots of forms, we make about eighty new forms each year (we keep our old forms in storage). The forms are mostly made in Germany, crafted by hand in a workshop just like this one. But sometimes the old forms are the best, the styles from the old times are classics.

Where are your customers from?
These hats are sold to all over the world. USA, Germany, France, Japan – and lots more. I have been working with a customer in Japan for fifteen years. We have never met in real life, but we speak frequently on the phone and online. Someday I plan on visiting him in Japan.








Orderly Disorder

Work spaces at different scales can be quite photogenic. When zoomed in close enough, even the most organized system will exhibit departures from order. The following is a collage of candid shots from CPHmade members: Butchers & Bicycles, SØREN SKIFTER, Andersen & Berner, Sort Slips Hvidt Slips, Emdal Colorknit and For Holding Up The Trousers.











Henrik Vibskov & Friends from Copenhagen


In the CPHmade network we’re blessed with all sorts of talent, spread out on a wide range of proud craftsmen. The talent these craftsmen are representing has led them to produce exciting products and participate in quirky and interesting collaborations. In the forthcoming weeks, we’ll look into some of these collaborations, where CPHmade members have been involved.
This week we’ve kept our eyes peeled on 3 local craftsmen who all have been creatively involved with one of the most acknowledged and awarded Danish designers.
Known for collections like “The Land of the Black Carrots”, “Big Wet Shiny Boobies” and “The Human Laundry Service”, Mr. Vibskov has been known for his sharp attention to details and craftsmanship for over a decade now, and is definitely one of the best-known Danish designers around the globe.

He is probably one of the best-known designers on the Danish fashion and art scene. Known for his unique, sculptural and avant-gardistic approach to art and fashion, Mr. Henrik Vibskov has produced more than twenty (!) collections for men, since he graduated from the renowned art-collage Central Saint Martins in 2001. His clothes and art installations are exhibited and distributed in thoroughly selected stores and galleries around the globe.
Mr. Henrik Vibskov’s unique style and quirky mindset has gained great, international recognition and today, Henrik Vibskov is the only Scandinavian designer represented at Men’s Fashion Week in the fashion capital, Paris.
His shows are notoriously known to be quite a different experience, than you’d usually expect from a fashion show, presenting the audience with an explosion of colors, asymmetrical objects and quirky show pieces.
As it turns out, some of the members the CPHmade network have contributed to Mr. Vibskov’s unique universe, and we’re about to reveal whom.

Emdal Colorknit

The talented Ms. Emdal has helped out Henrik Vibskov numerous times. Her signature, the ultra fine knitting of the finest wool materials have contributed to a strong definition and profiling of Mr. Vibskov’s vibrant knit designs.
Ms. Emdal herself is also well known for working with a quite colorful palette in her fantastic knit designs.
PSST. If you like the works of Emdal Colorknt, we actually just managed to get our hands on some of Emdal Colorknit’s eye-catching scarves. Hurry up, and get yours while they’re still available in our Emdal Colorknit Section of our Web-shop.

Andersen & Berner

The proud hatter, Mr. Stig Andersen, is usually known to be quite a busy man during fashion week, and on several occasions, Mr. Stig Andersen has helped Mr. Vibskov on crafting unique showpieces for his collections, and this summer’s Copenhagen Fashion Week was no different, and you can see some Mr. Vibskov’s designs hand crafted by Andersen & Berner.
The quite quirky, unusual and eye-catching hats are crafted from the proudest traditions of craftsmanship. If you don’t quite find the hats matching your particular taste, may we suggest that you sneaked a peek in our web-shop, where you can find a more “ordinary” selection, and Buy Andersen & Berner Hats.


Mr.diverse mana man of many talents, and besides fashion he is also strongly involved in art. He has been involved in several art projects, i.e. The Fringe Project, which he established in collaboration with the artist Andreas Emenius.
His approach to art is synonymous with his approach to fashion; quirky, sculpturous.
In one of his art exhbitions, Basic Instincts, our good friends from WoodCouture helped out Mr. Vibskov by doing what they do best: creating astonishing shapes and silhouettes in all sorts of wood.

Entertainment with Mat Ricardo and Andersen & Berner hats

Mat Ricardo hat spin Andersen Berner

We believe that Andersen & Berner’s hats are always making great things happen and we have the arguments to convince you!

It is probably nothing new that the hats from the Andersen & Berner are very popular worldwide, but we just came across a very interesting figure to look out for – and HE is wearing hats from our great Copenhagen-based hat-manufacturer!

His name is Mat Ricardo, and despite the latin-feel given by his name, he is a joggler from London. Also known as ”the Derren Brown of juggling”, title given by LoveFringe, Mat Ricardo is one of the most entertaining performers that Europe has. He started off in the late 1980s, but ever since he became a big name on the international variety and comedy festivals and he has performed in several famous venues and stages all over the world.

Interesting fact: Mat Ricardo has also ”entertained” – ta na na na! – members of the Royal Family! Not to mention that he is the proud winner of London Cabaret Awards’ ”Best Specialty Act” and The Herald Angel Award for ”Excellence in Theatre”. Definitely one to look out for!

If you want to read more about Mat, check out his website and watch the video below to get a hint of his awesome performances:

[youtubevideo url=Z7xTenIaP5o]

A hat is made (danish vo. only)

[vimeovideo url=49468027]

Follow a hatters process in the workshop

Juggling hats – 2, 3, 5 or more!

andersen & berner joggling hatWhen juggling hats – balance in the hat is essential. The Hatter Andersen & Berner has made quality juggling hats for 2 generations and the hatter is Internationally famous in juggling circles for best product. This great piece is made in Copenhagen and will very soon be available in our webshop. Stay tuned

The youth in great surroundings

[youtubevideo url=ruKb6UkS6xs]

This video is made in the Andersen & Berner (Hatter) workshop. Do you like the music?

Circus Catwalk & Casanova

Andersen & Berner’s client list in the fashion industry has grown quite long during the past few years. But besides making creations for the catwalk, the workshop also delivers hats for several opera houses, theatres, circuses, movies and TV.

The workshop biggest order to the film industry was 80 triangular hats for the Hollywood movie ‘Casanova’ staring Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller.

Andersen & Berner back-stage at last weeks Copenhagen Fashion Week

As always the past few August days have been extremely busy for Andersen & Berner – as they have created and delivered hats for 6 fashion shows for last weeks Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Here is an exclusive close-up on one of the show pieces from Stine Goya’s show last Thursday.


The Hat World: A world of possibilities

Every inch is utilized by Andersen & Berner, and the many hats shapes are packed from floor to ceiling.  Hat maker Mr. Stig Andersen estiamets that the workshop hosts somewhere in between 1200-1500 hats and shades. It permits a world of different combinations, and virtually anything is possible. The challenge lies in finding the perfect match to crown and shadow in harmony.

Here is a selection of the collection of gentlemen shapes – several of them with the characteristic gentleman bulges on the sides, best known from the Trilby and cowboy hat.

Andersen & Berner hats all over the world

Summertime is dedicated for the winter collection at Andersen & Berner. Now is the time to finish all collections for the several of the leading Danish fashion brands.

Here it is the bowler hat for Henrik Vibskov – soon in shops all over the world.


Another tease


Latest from Andersen & Berner – will be available in our webshop from June 1. 2012. If you are in town, go visit and get the grand tour in the workshop. I’m sure Bruno Mars, would want one :) – Take care and come back soon for more. B)

Good oldfashion Inspiration

Andersen & Berner Hats have been an essential element of fashion during all times. At Andersen & Berner in Copenhagen your can visit an International famuos producer of all sorts of hats. As Andersen & Berner have been around the block for generations I can recommend a visit just to get a glimpse of the good old days. Enjoy, br. Brian/CPHmade

Joggling with hats

If it takes time to learn joggling hats – it takes time to find the right balanced model. Andersen & Berner in Copenhagen is world famous for developing and producing the true jogglers hats.


Soulland hat made by Andersen & Berner in the middle of Copenhagen

[vimeovideo url=11159061]

International fashion icon Soulland use Copenhagen Design and production hat maker to produce the iconic Adler Fedora.