Orient Plads 1
2100 København

Since 1980 Audiovector has been producing some of the world’s most acknowledged and rewarded speaker and sub woofers.

Founder and CEO Mr. Ole Klifoth says:

‘I founded Audiovector in 1979, at that time under the name of F3/LYD. At that time I had been in this business for 8 years, selling different brands of speakers. I was frustrated by the fact that some of the speakers I had sold, were able to reproduce some aspects of musical reproduction perfectly, but not all. Others were perfect at other aspects. But I could not find a speaker, which did everything to perfection, so I decided to build it myself’.

‘From the start, it has been our wish, that our products would last a lifetime. Audiovector has been manufacturing speakers since 1979, and it is a fact that more than 85% of all speakers ever made, are still in service. So when people ask us “How long will an Audiovector last”, the answer is: “We don’t know yet!”.

Orient Plads 1
DK- 2100 Copenhagen Ø
Tel: +45 3539 6060

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Sounds like a dream…

But is much more that a dream – It’s reality and available from the web shop. For further information about Audiovector and the ground breaking technologies click below.

Audiovector – the coolest speakers in town

Audiovector resides in a studio in an old warehouse at the harbor side here in Copenhagen. Here the founder Mr. Ole Klifoth and his dedicated team produce and supply HiFi affectionados all over the world with the finest speakers ever seen. Audiovector produces speakers in a feinschmecker quality rarely seen – but the sound reveals a truly superior product quality.

Check the Audiovector website – here you can also study the fine reviews Audiovector has received from around the world.