ARTTILES – the art of storytelling!

ARTTILES is an art and design company based in Copenhagen and started by Ms. Anette Nørmark and Ms. Trine Galschiøt.

ARTTILES’ story is rooted in our deep fascination with old patterns, Mediterranean facades, snapshots, quirky finds, cool photographs and amazing characters. Told in fragments of 15 x 15 cm handmade tiles – individually or in combination – provides the freedom to create personal expression and unique stories where ever they are placed.

ARTTILES are also available as ceramic tiles for more permanent solutions to be able to withstand it all. And as canvas tiles, as small tableaux, are easy to hang up and move around.

Ceramics, canvas or art? We call it ARTTILES – stories told in fragments, so you can create your own story.

Oehlenschlægersgade 30, st.
DK – 1663 Copenhagen V.
Tel: +45 2063 1404