Æskefabrikken Elvo A/S

Uplandsgade 68
2300 København S

Since the beginning in 1923 the paper products from Æskefabrikken Elvo has been synonymous with the very best quality.

Our craftsmanship, traditions and experience from production of various storage boxes we use today when we design and sell all kinds of products made of paper and fiber, including binders, folders, gift boxes and sale displays.

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Æskefabrikken Elvo A/S
Uplandsgade 68
Dk – 2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 3295 0030

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Elvo since 1923

Æskefabrikken Elvo was started in 1923 by Valdemar Gabrielsen, and Elvo stands for the first letter in his childrens’ names: Ellen, Leo, Villy and Orla.

Orla worked at Elvo for almost 71 years – from he was 14 to he turned 85!

Sustainability at Elvo

Not only are Elvo’s assortment of cardboard boxes well-designed – they are also produced by only environmentally certified raw materials. As one of the very few producers, Elvo only purchases environmentally certified cardboard. Not always easy to find, but still a mandatory if you want to become a supplier.

One of the fine examples of the diversity in Elvo’s assortment: CD-boxes in different colors.

Elvo Packaging since 1932 – and still going strong

Elvo Packaging in Uplandsgade has been in business since 1932 and is still producing an amazing range of fine packaging.

Elvo produces packaging in all sizes, all colors and for just about any purpose – for archive, presentations, coins, spare parts…..

A great place – check their website www.elvo.dk