On a Sunny Wednesday in April, we hosted a small event for our friends from South Tyrol on Nørrebro Bryghus. South Tyrol Marketing sent a group of tour operators to Copenhagen to experience what our capital has to offer, and after visits at renowned restaurants like NOMA and Geranium, the busy delegation from South Tyrol paid CPHmade a visit on Nørrebro Bryghus.
Right after spending some time on telling about the CPHmade project, Casper from Nørrebro bryghus showed the delegation around in their charming facilities.

After a small, delicious tasting of what the well-known brewery has to offer, our friends from South Tyrol was about to become acquainted with craftsmanship they did not think they would experience in Copenhagen: handmade SKIS.
We introduced the delegation to Petter and Sigurd from our member WoodCouture, and they held a small presentation about their angle on craftsmanship. Furthermore the two wood-architects presented an intrigued audience to the “Telemark Sticks”, which is a handcrafted pair of skis – build for speed and fun. Go see for your selves!
[youtubevideo url=Ep8trxnhBL0]

Shortly after, we wished our friends from Italy a safe trip home and accompanied them to their bus.

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