Hvalsøe was founded in February 2017, and is a small company with a feel for design and a focus on quality. The drive behind Hvalsøe is a desire to challenge traditional design of everyday products, through handpicked quality materials. The design is minimalistic, nordic, and refined so the material is in focus.

Hvalsøe is currently producing clocks in wood, clocks in marble, knife magnets in wood and cutting boards in wood, but new ideas are already on the drawingboard.

Furniture Objects – An exhibition worth your visit


Denmark is just about surrounded by ocean, which have formed us through history, generations and handed us pure heritage. To some Danes the sea is about fishing, to others it’s about wind energy and oil – but to most of us it’s about leisure time and sweet memories.

To Per Schandorff the sea is about wooden shipwrecks or wood in general that has survived for decades beneath the surface.


A few years back Per decided to skip the daily routines for a future as artist, designer and storyteller.


The contemporary International interpretation of 2017 is dwelling on zero waste, minimalism and a signal about that things needs to change. Sustainability have long court the attention of this artist but the interpretation is so different from artist to artist.

Per is situated somewhere between the artist and the designer. Utilizing the aging wood with nature’s distinct imprint and limitation as backbone in a range of artistically handcrafted  furniture piece.


Not one piece come without craftsmanship or storytelling and not two pieces here are alike.

Since the organic lifestyle in general is aiming even more towards a conscious living this proud exhibition is spot on.

Having said exhibition, one must emphasise that all the beautiful furniture pieces exhibited here are for sale.


The exhibition is situated in the town centre next to the beautiful Kings Garden. Although a small demonstration it comes highly recommended by us at CPHmade.


So if you would like some diversity to shopping streets and the little mermaid, drop by Per Schandorff and enjoy the display as well as a nice talk with the artist about nature, charisma, emotions and aesthetics or perhaps even about the political aspect in every furniture piece.



The Exhibition is held here:

Kronprinsessegade 11
Copenhagen K

The Exhibition is running until end of April 2017

For more information about the artist, exhibition and opening hours – click here


Enjoy // On behalf of the CPHmade team – Brian

Photo – all rights reserved BPEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM


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On the shoulders of the new Nordic kitchen…craftsmanship in it’s own right.


New Nordic kitchen is manmade craftsmanship to the bone!

Somewhere in Copenhagen a bunch of guys sad down, arguable because they knew a thing or two about what Copenhagen is offering when it comes to good food aesthetic and true gourmet experiences.

This day they met because they were getting a little fed up with the fact that the Nordic kitchen is all about the best of the best in exotic gourmet tasting – now known as the new Nordic style.

The world has come to appreciate the Nordic kitchen as one to watch and experience. In other words the Scandinavian countries have become all about ants and burning hay.


But the truth of it all… is much more – and it starts with having access to quality. Quality in all ingredients whether that being the best greens or meat, and on top of all this richness comes the craftsmanship and creative minds that dared to develop in the last decade or so.

JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_13 JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_5

Creative minds are all about disruption these days – kind of delivering the unexpected in a traditional context.

That day somewhere in Copenhagen the bunch of gourmet enthusiasts wanted to riot against a less enthusiastic part of the food culture – specifically the category with an overflow of concept chains, supplying a happy meal – though less proud and less in line with the new heritage fast food category.

The guys were kind of fed up with the burger culture – a culture with, if any, only little link to the Scandinavian food culture known to the world.

This day this bunch of guys, decided to make burgers an art. Not so much in presentation but in taste. They didn’t want the joint to stand out but to embrace the regular customer, delivering taste at a reasonable price.

A very clean concept was born, offering the best burger with a nice daiquiri on the side.

The boys in the hood knew what they wanted, but more important they knew how to get everything just right. This is far from the first restaurant they build from scratch.

The Burger joint is a must for all mankind visiting Copenhagen. Minimalistic and fresh concept with the coolest name: Jagger

JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_10 JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_9

The boys have not just eye for taste and simplicity, they also know a thing or two about the right gear. Don’t be shy to ask about the coolers making the daiquiris.


Jonas (photographer) and I visited the Jagger on a Friday – we managed to fit in an interview in just before lunch. This Friday was kind of special because the manager was watching the phone more regularly than normally, his wife could go into labor any hour soon. Nevertheless we got a great effortless and passionate presentation of the concept, food and gear.

On top of the tasting experience that I will return to shortly, we also took notice of something else.

Jagger is sustainable on so many levels, but since I already touched on quality in ingredients, I happily want to report about the selection of staff. We are not all born without abnormality, but in this kitchen there is room for the passionate and skilled whether they fit a common standard or not! We really embrace this, and if for no other reason we would recommend Jagger on that note.

JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_25 JJ_Xmas_article_Jagger_27

But Jagger is just 100% – because the experience in taste made Jonas and I so happy that the bunch of guys set out to disrupt the burger industry. This was truly a lunch worth remembering.

Next time you are in town and want to dwell on Copenhagen craftsmanship and disruptive behavior – Jagger is absolutely worth a visit and don’t forget to try the manmade sauces on the table.

Brian (a returning customer) // for CPHmade

Photo by Jonas – Jonasdanholt.com

NOTE: we have been labeled getting paid for doing these kind of interviews. We are of course not – we paid for our own lunch, just like everybody else.

Focus on the man and his craft

November seems to be the month of the man (Movember, anyone?) – hence we decided to do a range of blogs finally focusing on THE MAN. We will dig in deeper, and look at some of the new male trends between our honoured craftsmen and “regular” cool men alike.




We will do a range of blogs the next couple of month, where we scratch the surface and risk our reputation as celebrators of craftsmanship, to bring credit to the male species living, breathing and creating from a base in Copenhagen.


Men are not quite what they used to be, men are changing, and sometimes you have to wonder what happened. The Stone Age is in the past and we’ve moved on, but it’s obvious to most that the male species has softened quite significantly over the last few decades. The man has had to adapt to a whole new role, and perhaps we act the part a little too well?






Being a man should be all about being a man, and not just what’s expected of the GF or wife. Cool male behaviour seems like the perfect ideal, something women love – at least in the beginning. Just the other day I saw an Instagram comment from a woman on a cool picture of Steve McQueen, full of dirt from a bike ride. The comment said ‘I want one of those, mine has softened and the t-shirt doesn’t fit any longer’. Although her own selfies showed me that her t-shirt didn’t fit either, I kind of liked her statement – Pointing to the fact that some men are getting sloppy, lazy, and simply forgetting about themselves.





Like everything else in life, we need to find the right balance.


Therefore we decided to dig up some cool brothers as an inspiration to all the men out there who actually want to make an effort. And since we are lucky enough to be surrounded by cool craftsmen, this is our focus in Movember – sorry, I meant November!


Let’s head to Østerbro, Copenhagen to visit a group of guys who take themselves very seriously, but also strive to bring new energy and inspiration to the man of 2016. Let’s talk about Carl’s Barber Shop, their staff and of course, their customers.





This is a third generation barbershop in Copenhagen, and visiting Carl’s Barber Shop is like stepping into a time machine and arrive back in the fifties – the cool fifties that is!


The staff is übercool, true to themselves and down to earth with a passion and dedication to take the man back to where he belongs. As the desired male – who is man enough to have his own opinions – also about his look.


Yes, we know that appearance is superficial, but we also know that all judgement starts here!


Whether it’s hair or grooming nothing is contemporary here, everything is done slowly with a skillset and extreme service level that do not apply to most experiences on retail level in Denmark. Carl’s Barber Shop delivers far beyond expectations and I haven’t even gotten a haircut or a trim of the beard yet!


Apart from the staff you are also met by a range of cool customers, waiting for the monthly upgrade of cool-factor. First question for a new customer is not: Do you have a reservation? But: How would you prefer to start out? – Meaning, would you like to have a whiskey, a cognac, a beer or a BLACK coffee.


The music frames the experience and not two minutes into the visit, you just know that you don’t want to leave; you just want to stay in this time capsule a little bit longer.




Customers from age 6 to 93 love to come here, not just because of the cartoons, gear level or social acceptance. They visit Carl’s Barber Shop because they have an opinion on their own appearance and they never leave without scheduling a new appointment.


The photographer (Jonas – Jonasdanholt.com) and I met with Troels, partner and staff at Carl’s – I immediately felt in the hands of a real man, even though he is 20-30 years younger than yours truly.


Troels, who is a passionate craftsman and eager to promote his trade, is truly happy about the renewed focus on men’s hair and grooming. Although the passionate clan of customers is still fairly little, it’s growing from day to day. The profession is developing, and inspiration is no longer a US phenomenon. If you Google ‘barbershop’, you will see a very cool business starting to blossom.





Standing on the shoulders of cool vintage barbers from the past, Carl’s Barber Shop manages to integrade and mix the heritage through three generations with the new take on techniques and styling. The team at Carl’s might be a younger generation, but they deliver the proud story with a very steady hand.


Customers as well as staff present a variety of styles, but all very well thought out in every detail. Tattoos are telling the story of most of the customers and staff, a library of experiences between many generations – and there is a reason for each and every tattoo.


An older guy is getting his beard upgraded; he seems to enjoy every minute of his treatment. So did we – and so should you!


Carl’s Barber Shop really is worth a visit – not just to get your appearance upgraded, but also to be reminded what a real man’s world looks and smells like!


For more information visit: carlsbarbershop.dk




for CPHmade // this is Brian Engblad


It takes craftsmanship to create a book too

Scandinavian craftsmanship is much more than just furniture. Creativity and craft comes in many forms and that is why we decided to take the pulse on the Danish literary scene at this year’s biggest national book fair, BogForum, in Bella Center Copenhagen.



Erlend Loe @ Erlend Loe


Stories are an essential part of human existence

Above all else, the ability to tell stories is the thing that separates mankind from animals.

Since the break of day, stories have been the thing that connects us to our humanity, the thing that helps us understand ourselves and make sense of the world we live in. From ancient cave drawings to modern-day Twitter novels – stories are all around us and stories will never die. Period.





Why do we read literature?

Okay, you get the picture, stories are important – but why do we still read literature, when today’s society offers so many other story world options?

There are many reasons for reading literature, the most common of course being the opportunity to learn, to escape everyday life and finally, to experience an alternative, fictional world, which will give us a new perspective and as a result hereof, let us see the real world in a different light. But literature can also be read for the pure aesthetic pleasure it gives us humans to surround ourselves with good, artful craftsmanship of any kind – be it furniture, clothing or books.


jens christian grøndahl

@ Jens Christian Grøndahl

jens christian grøndahl


The writer as a craftsman

As Aristotle said, “a good story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end” – but how to connect these three parts is actually a lot harder than it sounds. It is a difficult job that takes years to master fully. The key to success here is the author’s imagination, creativity, and his or hers ability to convey feelings and impressions into written words.

Of course everyone can write, but only the real craftsmen, or should we say artists, can put together words in such a way that it touches the readers and leaves them altered by the experience. The artist’s work is one of the only real forms of immortality, and that is why writing will never die.



danish book fair 2016

BogForum #25

However, if anyone still questions the relevance and ongoing popularity of the physical book, all they have to do is visit the annual BogForum in Bella Center Copenhagen. With the staggering number of visitors (more than 34.000 people!) this year’s fair was the most successful one to date, which just goes to show that the book is still very much alive.

This 25th edition of BogForum had a little something for everyone with a diverse and inclusive program spreading over three days from the 11th to the 13th of October.

Despite the widespread prejudice, BogForum is not only a place for literary connoisseurs that seek our niche literature and highbrow interviews. This year a whole new children’s scene, a new comic book area and an expanded self-publishing area was introduced – with great success.


Anders Matthesen_bogforum_2016

@Anders Matthesen



A celebration of the craft

BogForum is all about celebrating the written word, the genius of the authors and all the hard work that precedes a book’s publication. Sadly, many tend to forget the fact that the publishing world is actually filled with craftsmen such as agents, editors, printers, binders, booksellers, reviewers, audiobook narrators etc. who all help the book on its way from first draft to renown bestseller.



Jussi Adler Olsen

@Jussi Adler Olsen


What we saw

So, all this talk about literature, but what did we actually see? At BogForum you can either choose to browse around the different scenes and booths, or you can run to and fro to catch a glimpse of your favourite author. We chose a mix of these two and were fortunate enough to get front row seats to hear the always entertaining Norwegian author Erlend Loe talk about his newest book “The End of the World as We Know It”. We heard Ulla Terkelsen talk about her life on the road as a journalist for the Danish television station TV2, we entered in a classics’ quiz with king of Danish cultural life Adrian Lloyd Hughes, and we marveled at the long lines to see Jussi Adler Olsen and Stand-up comedian Anders Matthesen. No matter what you see, though, BogForum is an experience in itself, filled with people bustling around, excited voices, happy faces and last but not least, celebrities from both Denmark and the rest of the world.


Ulla Terkelsen

@ Ulla Terkelsen

Ulla Terkelsen



Very few events attract busses full of people for a whole weekend and very few events bring people of all ages and backgrounds together – but BogForum is one of them. Isn’t it marvellous how reading, such an introvert activity can bring so many people together in one big, social, book loving group?


Jussi Adler Olsen

@Jussi Adler Olsen



We definitely think it is – so to all those craftsmen out there, who help keep the book alive in 2016, we salute you!


On behalf of the CPHmade team // Caroline Vorsholt Danielsen


Photography by // BPEphotography


A new design era has begun!


In Denmark we are allowed to change professional direction hence a new design generation has developed.

– more than ever before people start living the dream, instead going for the usual ‘just a job’ focus!

We are so happy in Denmark – or at least that’s how we are known to most people visiting Denmark. I don’t know whether it’s really true, but from the reaction I’m getting when I tell the tourists visiting our store, about the possibilities we are given in Denmark they truly envy the Danes at large. To them we are not just happy, but lucky and rich in so many ways.

Our kids get a free education of own choice and should they reconsider during the studies or after. It’s possible to take another ‘prepaid’ education. Even later in life, it common that people makes a rather ambitious carrier change.

Between our more than 100 members we have lots of stories about huge carrier changes. Like when somebody quit the job in a law firm just to start a company making soap! Schoolteacher’s do-over, getting new educations to become furniture designers or jewelers rather late in life.

Or like Jacob from Fundi Furniture – from carpenter to rock solid furniture creator.

The story from all of them are alike – they all just took the giant and bold step risking everything.


Take the skilled and passionate owner of Fundi Furniture. I went for a visit just a few weeks back – I went to see the new workshop! First and foremost the shear size of the workshop and all the gear told a story about passionate believing in both product and skills. About being all in – playing with own money – taking the risk. Fundi Furniture was established in 2012, and Jacob never looked back since. And why should he, customers stand in line because they admire his design and craft – and in contrast to what most other furniture stores offers, here you also can visit and follow your own piece of furniture coming to life.

Attention to detail, respect for the traditional craft, new combinations in material and meticulous – are just some of the words people link to the work of Jacob Fundi.

The three pieces showcased here also show respect for the Scandinavian design heritage, and how to take a classical chair or bench into the twenty-first century. Enjoy also the combination of the classical 60’ties wooden cabinet with so much well thought detail inside the cabinet.

All Fundi furniture designs are made by order and ideas for customization is welcome.

You can find more about Fundi furniture here

Link to website here

Instagram @fundisnedkeri

CPHmade loves Scandinavian Design – Welcome Northernmakers.com

Welcome to Northernmakers.com – Scandinavian Design – our brand new webshop!

Scandinavian design webshop

For the last four years we have celebrated everything made in Copenhagen, because we are so proud of most of what is produced in our capital.

We have through the years proudly told all of you about all the products and in detail described the craftsmanship behind and about the passionate artisans living their dream. Everything on the CPHMADE site is truly Copenhagen made!

This we have been communicating to the best of our ability – but we just forgot one slightly important thing – Everything made in Copenhagen is a proud part of the Scandinavian Design label.

Hence we have decided to bring new life to our webshop – and boldly broaden our webshop perspective.

From our International customers we know how many appreciate Scandinavian products and Scandinavian Living in general. Hence the new offer in the all Scandinavian webshop.

Northernmakers.com is a platform that embraces everything authentic from the Nordic countries. Northernmakers is first a foremost a webshop and presentation of an all popular range of Nordic and Scandinavian brands. Just like in the case of CPHmade all brands and products is locally made and have been audited and curated by us. We hope you will enjoy this new offer. Click here to go to the new webshop – www.northernmakers.com

The rest of CPHmade remains the same – staying true to the passionate few in our capital. Supporting them individually in the aim of presentation and development in general.

We hope you can appreciate this new offer and will support our local heroes like you have done so far. We know that you will love our new shipping offer – everything up to 100€ is shipped for only 15€ – everything over 100€ is shipped free of charge.

Now go have a look and tell us what you think.

Visit Northernmakers.com

The right tools for job well done

Coming to you re-live from a visit to one of Copenhagen’s best tailors with a story about the importance of craftsmanship and having the right tools. It’s a rather breezy Tuesday morning in Copenhagen.I’m cold and looking forward to at nice morning interview with Copenhagen (men’s) Tailor Karina Mott.

Copenhagen taylor

After the first couple of sips of a well prepared cup of coffee, we started talking about how Karina juggle both the life of being in business for her self and the fact that she is pregnant with her second child expected to arrive in 6-8 weeks time. It’s an interesting conversation about having to admit that the two things doesn’t go hand in hand very well. And yet again offer renewed energy to drive a passionate and profitable business.

I’m here today to dig into the craft of tailoring and how important it is to have the right set of tools. The reason for me to choose to talk about tools with Karina is rather simple. Being a women I hoped to get a story about the true need, in comparisons if I was to ask a man the same question I believe that the answer perhaps was more about the ‘nice to have’ factor.

Yes we could have talked about needles and pins but we didn’t – we talked about scissors! Obviously having a scissor in the first place is rather important being a tailor, but from the selection of scissors it’s became obvious that this tool really was something special. We talked about ergonometry, weight, balance, lengths and overall size. And during this part of the conversation it stood absolutely clear how demanding this craftsman was when talking about the search and purchase. It also became clear how long this process can be, before finding the right pair of scissors.

skrædder saks (2 of 3)-2

Karina showed me the latest and greatest purchase – a truly monster! But a monster with a fantastic story behind both the purchase and the brand itself – and off course this pair of scissors was handcrafted in Italy.

skrædder saks (1 of 3)-2

On the web forum on styleforum.net Karina came about a conversations on scissors, and especially about a post and question about 13” scissors.


Months later after joining in on the bulk order Karina received this incredible masterpiece absolutely worth waiting for. It’s really a tremendous piece of handcrafted art with so much attention to detail. An even though Karina had to make some ergonomic customizations this shears has been the go to piece ever since.

scissors in the making shears in the making

skrædder saks (3 of 3)-2Taking into consideration how important this tool is, it is no wonder that a tailor want to go the extra mile to secure the right tools for the job.


And just like a tailored suit this pair of scissors will last a lifetime – it always pay to get the best, if not for any other reason then at least because it last longer.

For more about Copenhagen tailor Karina Mott – please visit www.mott.dk

What is the right gift – Adding value to a nice present

cphmade artisan craftsmanship

What is the right gift? And what is a nice present anyway?

We have just been through the holiday season, where the number one biggest achievement is to get it right – meaning getting the right present for the one you love. Most of us struggle and many of us are through the full register of feelings both finding the right present and when giving away this special present. Is it going to be the right one?

To some it has to be well thought of, to others it has to be big and expensive – and to some – all of the above. But the trend point in the direction of ‘special’ – yet again, what does ‘special’ mean?

‘To us at CPHmade adding value to a product means that the product are  great design,well crafted, with a awesome story and made by a local artisan.’

The local hero in this feature is a vivid designer and a true craftsman. The story behind Jeweler Mads Heindorf is absolutely one to remember. As a young apprentice he did something rather creative – he simply hired one of the best Jewelers in town, to teach him the skill set as both designer and business man. As Mads’ is gifted creative skills master and apprentice got pr and accreditation from the very beginning.

Today Mads Heindorf Jewellery is well established and delivers creations to a huge range of incredible individuals within the general better establishment.

Even though most of his creations are solid, thick and heavy this latest range shows Mads Heindorf as the creator that meet the trends combining leather and petite. Not leaving out his perceived core brand element – RAW.


necklace by mads heindorf

The necklace comes in different price points – hence every wallet can click home a nice piece from the young master himself.

This hopefully point to the fact that it is possible to buy a well thought off gift that comes with an extraordinary and exciting story behind…

Want is the best gift you ever bought?



scandinavian jewelery design